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2005 Jeep GC not starting

- Jeep-Grand Cherokee

Forum Post
04/08/09 09:41

2005 Jeep GC not starting

When you turn the key on my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, nothing happens. Battery is good, starter works. Intermittent problem. After several tries, for no reason, it starts and runs just fine. Is it the solenoid, a relay, or ignition switch? Anybody had this happen?
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This post has a total of 256 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: 2005 Jeep GC not starting archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 04/08/09 through 08/20/12, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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Just read all 231 posts and its seems if you have the no start with clicking Brigada's fix could be your solution. Search brigada on this page for the fix. If you have the no start WITHOUT clicking it could be neutral safety switch, FOB, alarm system, etc., no fix has really been verified for the no start WITHOUT clicking. I have fixed many of the no starts WITH clicking using Brigada's method but have not found a cure for the no starts WITHOUT clicking(you turn the key to the start position and the engine does not even try to crank, no click, no nothing. Come back later and it starts fine) Does anyone have any other information on the no starts WITHOUT clicking?


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I have the same problem but with an 02, i turn the key and nothing happens as if im not turning the key all the way but i am. The electrical units all come on and thats it, it seems to be worse as the teperature rises. has anyone found out what needs to be replaced?
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I have the same issues as well. I have been told that the problem is the powertrain module a.k.a. "the main brain" computer. It costs between $700 & $1, 000 to have fixed depending on where you go. I also was told that these modules are failing at a high rate & are currently on back order. I wonder at what point a recall will occur & what triggers the need for a recall by the government.
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I have had the same problem with my jeep, started with having to replace the key and now the no start problem happens standard every two months. Took it to the jeep dealership and they themselfs cannot locate the problem. Last time this happend was on New Years Eve. Left the car at the location, went back a couple of days later and it started no problem. Here we are again with a car that does not start. EASTER WEEKEND. I am just wondering if so many people are having the same problem why not take it a step further and launch a complaint with crysler to recall this piece of crap. Really who is helping us with this problem???? Nobody! We work so hard and should not have to pay out of pocket every two months for our cars to work. I will never buy a chrysler again but am willing to do something with all your help and get this issue looked after by chrysler...any suggestions????
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I have a 2005 Jeep GC 5.7 Hemi that had the click but no start problem last week. I spent some time under the car trying to get at the starter motor but could barely see it let alone get access to it to check the connections. The starter on the 5.7L is on the other side of the engine to the 4.7L and is tucked way down at the back surrounded by the engine, bodywork and a large plate bolted under trhe engine compartment. I took the drivers wheel off and tried to get in from the side but no luck. It is definately inaccessible without removing the driveshaft (well that's what t he dealership told me).

Without some decent instructions on removing the driveshaft I decided to take it to my dealership. They checked the starter connections and the starter itself and concluded that I needed a new starter motor. This they replaced, along with a later design heat shield (the heat shield alone was $45)! I wonder if the old design heat shield was inadequate and as such the starter windings were being damaged over time - I asked the dealership but they denied any knowledge. Cost around $480.

A day later the common MIL light started to light for a while and then later would turn off. Took it to the dealership and they cleared the MIL alarm log which was full of low voltage warnings (no charge). Since then the MIL has stayed off. May have been related to the original starter problem but not sure.

It's been two weeks now and the car is starting fine. Let's hope it lasts more than two months which seems to be a problem some are having.

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Amber Rockefeller

I have a 2005 JGC with the same exact problems many times as everyone else. No pattern, just all of a sudden (hot or cold) won't start, only 1 click. Wait and then whoolah, maybe it will start 1 hour or 1 day later. Replaced the starter. Worked for a bit, and then a months later same problem. The dealerships and Jeep Manufacturer both "claim" they haven't heard of this issue. I find that very hard to believe after reading all of these forums. OK - So called Jeep and talked to a very nice gentlemen. He said there are no recalls on this problem. I asked him how to get a recall. Here is what he said and what all of you and others NEED to do. The ONLY way Jeep will do a recall is if the dealerships AND NHTSA (National Highway Traffic & Safety Administation) file claims to Jeep. The consumer complaints will not be recognized AT ALL. Everyone needs to call NHTSA at 888-327-4236 Option"1" and file a safety complaint. You will need your VIN and mileage. NHTSA will investigate and file a safety issue to Jeep. Also have your dealership file a complaint to Jeep as well. With enough of these files, Jeep will have to issue a RECALL eventually. So please call today. Maybe we can all work together to get Jeep to fix this problem once an for all. CAll, CALL, CAll
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The dealerships may not know about this problem but Chrysler certainly does. It's been 2 weeks & I am still waiting for a new ECU "main" computer to replace the defective one. The computer is on back order because there are so many people needing to have this replaced. Chrysler is unable to produce these computers to keep up with the demand of replacements. I am surprised that a recall hasn't occurred yet, but following Amber's instructions should help speed up that process. I'll let you know if this new ECU fixes the problem.
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ans.1 only cleck cable to starter no contact cheap part try to upgrade to copper part. ans.2.fuel pump not doing job right bad contact under relay sometimes cut bad wireing or just a bad pump some times the dealer parts not the best or work
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I talked to the parts guy at a Jeep dealership today. He said that no dealership in the whole country has an ECU to replace the defective ones. There at 200+ ECU orders per week being sent to Chrysler. He told me that Chrysler has stopped making the ECUs. He said that most likely meant that Chrysler is looking for a new vendor to make the new ECUs. He said that it could take as quickly as 1 1/2 weeks to as long as 6 months to find a new vendor. So it's been 3 weeks without my Jeep & who knows when I will get it back. I am just going to replace the defective one with a remanufactured one which will also not work at some point. However, I just need it to start so I can trade it in to the dealer so it becomes their problem. You may want to consider doing the same thing while your Jeep still starts because my problem was also intermitent until now.
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I have same issues. Vehicle is now at reputable and trusted mechanice this morning. Couldn't start, wouldn't jump for me, but AAA tow truck jumped it this morning. Drove to mechanics, after 40 minutes of being on, shut off, wouldn't start again. Sent this forum to mechanic for review. I will follow up with results.
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I also have a 2005 JGC and it just started doing the no start thing. The is no rime or reason as to when it is going to happen.

I don't have the money to replace everything under the hood to see what might or might not work. I plan to wiggle wires and try the shift idea before I do anything costly. I have 115000 miles on my baby and I am very sad that she is having issues.

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Dave Alan, Park Hills, MO

Hello to ALL that posted here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to post your sagas/stories and solutions. I have a 2000 JGC and hit the top of my frustration meter when I got the "one click and no start. I only have 87K on my little moon unit (it looks like the old moon unit video game vehicles; one of the reasons I love the styling ofthe 2000 model) and it's been one reliable truck in all kinds of weather. Of course, I can no longer claim that "my Jeep always starts and goes anywhere!"

The solution for me was swapping the horn and starter relays ...and ZOOM; off I went--to the AutoZone for a new $9 relay. Oddly, the horn worked (I think it's an amperage issue there). I am going to my mechanic to have him clean or replace the starter motor connections as well this coming week.

Again, THANK YOU ALL for posting here.



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First off let me say I am occasionally experiencing same no start click, click problems with my 95 Jeep GC. However, I am finding that my problem leads to the rear hatch not being latched shut. I always thought the electrical system shut itself down after a period but not always seems to be the case.

I was employed at the Chrysler plant making starters prior to it's shutdown in late 80's and can tell you it took a min. of 9 volts out of the battery to pull in the starter solenoid prior to any voltage/current going into the starter field. Do not know what todays specs are but being sure the rear hatch is closed tight and a charged battery cures my ills.

**/**/** **:**

Sorry, made typo in model year. Should have been 05 rather than 95
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Ontario Canada
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 JGC"

I have same issue with starting as many of you.

We both this 2005 Jeep GC Ltd, 4.7 from MN for our son. On 1st week it left him in the work place and movies.

The relays are getting hot. By pulling one out and replacing it with the other ...helped. Other night we towed the Jeep home and I changing the stater. I noticed that the starter shaft had play.With previous experience, when starting up with slack shaft, the rotor is pulled to one side and causing short circuit the system and possibly heats up the relay.In the morning when all wre cooled off, started fine.

The connectors/wires were good at starter end.

When driving the distance or lot of city driving, it heats up and causing starting problems.

I found out that some one is selling heat shield wrap apound. This is what I try next after installing new starter. The starter is right beside the exhaust pipe and gets hot, I believe this is what causing the starter failing, either electronically or burning the bearing grease and causing wear.

I have 1994 JGC and nothing has done to it, and were getting other "good" JGC, but it failed us.

Possibly has to back to GM products, unless Chrysler or one of you find the answer.

Thanks to all great comments.

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New York, Earth
Thank author of this post/comment"2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Not Starting"

I too had similar problem with my 2006 Jeep Cherokee. I went to start it I heard a click, dash board lite up and no turnover. I am on my 2nd new starter and still experiencing the same intermittent problem. Dealer has no clue on the cause. I called Chrysler directly (800-853-1403), they were useless.

I read it could be the anti theft system. When using your key, if signals due to a weak battery for example are not be interpreted properly, the car shuts down thinking there is a theft in progress. It makes sense but still not a solution.

**/**/** **:**
South Carolina
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee not starting-only click"

HEY HEY HEY! After reading pages of this problem from all the years past and trying the other remedies here.....nothing! So I took it to a great honest local shop they found the problem....The switch in the plastic part around the gear shift that acts like a safety neutral switch to keep the car from being able to be cranked while in gear is the problem. They bypassed it with a ground wire and works great. You have to buy the part as an assembly from the dealer or salvage yard (could be bad too), I've not checked online yet-may find something there. From dealer part is.....$900!! We will leave bypass in place for now. Only issue is that it can be cranked in gear, probably never ever happen, would start pulling off as being cranked like cranking a straight drive in gear. Hope this late post saves other people all the frustration the rest of us have dealt with!

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Thank author of this post/comment"2005 JGC does not start unless I first leave ignition on for a few seconds"

If I insert the key and turn all the way to start I just get a single click sound. Anyone know the solution? Thanks. Rob
**/**/** **:**
Hertfordshire England
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 Jeep GC not starting"

Hi Everyone. I have just found this forum after searching what turns out to be the title of this thread.

My JGC was one of the first 2005 models and is the 5.7L Hemi. It has only just begun ding this since new.

The AA man diagnosed problems with the starter motor. He went under the car, removed a large plate/pan under the fontof the engine and gave the starter motor a smack. It then worked but won't now.

Need to get a replacement and will report back after that.

**/**/** **:**
United States
Thank author of this post/comment"Mine Too- Might Have Finally Gotten a Diagnosis"

My 05 Larado has had the exact same problem for the past year and a half -- it starts sometimes, sometimes it doesn't and it is never consistent-- it might not start after I stop at the store or it might be when I go to start it in the morning. So I never know when it won't work. All of the interior lights work when this problem occurs but it won't even attempt to turn over. It is like turning the key on a toy because nothing will happen with the engine even trying to start. Then, just as random as it not starting, it will start again. This could take 15 minutes or 2 days. The shop could never diagnose this since it always works when they get it but that didn't stop them from replacing the starter and the battery-- only for the problem to happen again a few months later.


They just called and said I have a corroded solenoid wire! They said this WILL take care of the problem. It is only $116 for them to replace too (no need to burst my bubble if I am getting ripped off- compared to the new Mazda I was eyeing, this is cheap).

I am really excited as I didn't want to get rid of this- I just paid it off! I hope this helps someone else too, I know what an awful feeling having an unreliable car that no one knows how to fix is.

I will re-post if my car experiences this same issue again, so hopefully, this will be my only post. Good luck to you all.

**/**/** **:**
Hertfordshire England
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 JGC n / s"

On the next day (Sunday 15th)it started fine 5 times. Monday morning again fine. Booked at dealer for Wednesday and it started fine. Still at dealer starting everytime like some spoilt child shouting Ya Ya Ya, YaYa!

Starter motor to be changed and then we will see?

Oh what joy!

**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"'2005 Jeep GC not starting' Jeep-Grand Cherokee"

I also have an 05 Jeep gc and its doing the same exact things as everybody else s.... so i googled the problem and looked at a forum and a lot of people said starter so i went to the local autozone had my starter tested and it was in perfect condition so i went ahead and purchased a new one anyway just in case the old one did have some flaw issues with it that the machine wasnt picking up on so after i put on the new one i went to start it and got the same feed back as the other one so i had a mechanic come over to my house so he could check out what the problem was and he's telling me that my engine is locked and im saying to myself how could it be locked if it just got serviced with new oil and everything??? i dont even have a 100k on my car yet so back to the story when i do turn the ignition i can hear the starter engaging but the engine just won't turn over so if there is any information just please come forward and speak because we all need the solution to the problem
**/**/** **:**
Hertfordshire England
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 GC not starting"

When I left my GC at the garage two and a hlf weels ago, it was starting fine. The replacement starter motor has still not arrived so I collected the GC last Friday and it has not let me down.

The garage told me they had taken off the motor and cleaned everything up and checked all the connections. So, it sat with them for two weeks when all the time it was working fine.

Anyway, I think it was just a bad connection.

**/**/** **:**
Hertfordshire England
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 GC not starting"

I brought it home and it lasted one week and that was it. Waited for the replacement moter from USA and it arrived after 42 days from 18th April. Fitted and so far no problems.

The AA man had to smack the old motor again to get it to start. He says its a couple of bad connections which will never be OK again so hence the new part.

That was my thinking all along.

**/**/** **:**
St Louis
Thank author of this post/comment"2005 JGC No Start, Just Click"

Really, mine is the same as thousands of others. In my case, I bought a starter at Auto Zone for $89 and had it installed at a local gas station for $118. Starts fine now. The mechanic said the connectors at the starter were clean as can be, and the old starter looks like new, so that was not the issue. Good luck to all
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    This post has a total of 256 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 2005 Jeep GC not starting archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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