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F250 Diesel Starting Problem

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This forum post has messages dated from 07/20/08 through 03/27/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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why wont you let me use the word f*ck or sh&t? they are perfectly applicable in this instance
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I have a 1999 F250 SD Diesel and have just gotten over the problem that most of you are talking about. My truck started, ran a few minutes then shut down and would not start up again. It would crank but no fuel, checked fuel pump it was no power getting to it. Called everywhere, finally got to looking at book for hundredth time and found RELAYS ! There are four relays behind the radio, one is for the fuel pump. It is hard to find, there is small black rectanglur cover over them, located straight back when you remove the radio. This cured my truck, hope it helps you !
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truck runs fine but is hard to start loose oil pressure have replaced ipr and icp switchs and didnt help it is a 99 7.3 ford
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My 1992 F250 7.3 Diesel Tachometer drops to zero and OD light starts flashing when vehicle speed gets to 30 M.P.H. to dead stop. Please - need input. I have already replaced rear speed sensor.
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Jim Bennett

I have a 2005 F250 6.0 diesel. I live in the mountains in Colorado (8800 ft). I am about 40 miles away from the closest Ford Deler. After sitting for several weeks in cold weather the truck cranks fine but won't try to start. I changed the fuel filters and added Diesel 911. Same problem. I'm not sure what to look at or try next. Can anyone help?
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I have a 2005 ford turbo diesel and when I turn key to start it acts like it won'ts to turn over but it won't. I replaced cam sensor and still nothing. Can someone out there let me know what could be the problem. thanks for your time. james
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have a 2005 ford turbo diesel and when I turn key to start it acts like it won'ts to turn over but it won't. I replaced cam sensor and still nothing. Can someone out there let me know what could be the problem. thanks for your time
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Dave Pollock

I Have a 2004 F350 with 6.0 diesel the problem i have is that truck has always been hard starting in winter and dealer keeps changing batteries every year(At my cost as batteries do not pass load test)Anything below 0 degrees truck has to be plugged in, batteries charged. If not plugged in truck will crank and start but stops shortly after.
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I am also having the FUEL problem with my 2002 250-7.3 DIESEL! The truck just turned 53, 000.miles no problems, until the other day the truck skipped a little just for a few seconds, didn t think anything about it keep on rolling. Jumped in my truck that i love. Two miles down the road it spit, sputterd and died. I got it started buy pumping the accelator serval times. I made it to alot 30 yards up ahead and there it sets.?????????

I ll let you know what i find out.

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I have 1985 F250 6.9L International diesel that starts then dies after 5 - 6 seconds if it has been standing overnight. Changed fuel pump but did not help! O rings also have been replaced and not leaking.
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I worked on my 2002 7.3 it sputterd and cut off the other day and would not start back. After reading all the forums on this site, i changed the fuel filter @$29.99 a ten minute job, nothing. I also purchased the repair manual @ $19.99 and read the section on trouble shooting fuel systems. It noted serval times to make sure both batteries are properly charged with good conections. So i had to buy one battery $89.99. IT almost started, then i sprayed ether in the intake and it started up! It ran rough for about 5 minutes and cleared up. Thank the LORD! I hope this info is helpful, good luck i love my truck.
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2005 F250 FX Turbo Diesel: Every since the Emission Control Recall I have had nothing but trouble with my truck. It blew the Turbo hose, the Turbo Clamp snapped apart like it was paper, then the thermostat blew, the coolant went somewhere, the alternator has been replaced twice, the batteries are on their second time being replaced (because the alternator over charged them. They have replaced just about everything under the hood (the engine looks new) but the issues are still there. It runs hot, it looses power for no reason when I am driving down the road, sometimes the motor rives up for no reason while I'm driving. The rear gaskets were leaking and had to be replace, the fuel regulator had to be replaced, the coolant resovoir has been replace twice because the engine gets so hot is forces the fluid out & breaks the seams. Ford still does not no why it is running so hot, my temp gauges don't reflect over heating.

Am I alone or has anyone had all these problems?

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I wonder if you would be interested of trading?

I have '94 F-250 4 wheel drive, 7.5L gas with special utility bed.

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I have a 2001 f250 7.3L powerstroke with 249000 miles, and about a week ago I was driving and my truck started chugging like I was running out of fuel. I then replaced the fuel filter and it ran fine for about another week than did it again so I replaced it again, and once again it happened, but this time the check engine light came on. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated
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I have a banks turbo for the 6.9 ford diesel. It came off a 83 ford f250. If anyone is interested please email me at bowfishfan@yahoo .com

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i have a 2000 f250 7.3 turbo diesel and it wont start. it turns over fine but wont fire up.
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I have a 89 7.3 ford diesel. was running, then started dieing, now won`t start. changed fuel filter, didn`t help. would the fuel shut-off scielnod, be bad.any advise would be appreciated.
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Ron Brown

I have a 2000 f250 7.3 If i dont plug it in and it sets for about 8hrs it will start fine but if i just take off it will be fine for about 1/4 mile than its start's smothering down and blows white smoke i have to stop and hold the throttle down till it smoths out and worms up or i can start it let it run for a minute then hod the throttle down and after about 10 seconds it starts to smother down and blow white smoke until it worms up or i can start it and let it idle for about 10 minutes and the it runs fine what could be causing this problem
**/**/** **:**
John B.

I currently own a 2006 F250 diessel SD it turns over but does not start. Now I wet down a rag with some gas and put it over the intake filter housing, the engine started, could it be the cam position sensor or crank position sensor it runs fine after it starts. Someone please help I don't want to take it to Ford it cost to much for them to keep tring different things, It is not showing any codes.

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I fixed my issue with the starving fuel problem. I went over about 2000 miles past on my oil change and was a gallon low.The diesels have fluid and oil pressures sensors. CHECK ALL FIUID LEVELS!!! I hope this can help.
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Marlon Littlejohn

2000 Ford Excursion 7.3 turbo will not start everytime. It seems to do this the 3rd time I attempt to start the truck during the coarse of a day. We have replaced the starter, the alternator, one battery within the last 2 weeks. Today We replaced an ignition relay, I think. Not sure, but, whatever It did not start this evening after our Tee-Ball game where it sits.

Previously it would start after approximately 45min from the time I would attempt to start the truck the first time. Lately it was taking about 1 1/2 hours before she would crank. Tonight We couldn't wait any longer than 2 hrs.

We have had no issues with the truck stalling or shutting down at 80 mph. The factory alarm is not being used because We have learned that none of the electric locks work. We have been told that each of the individual door lock motors are broken. Although We have had the truck for about 6 months, We did not have this starting problem until about 3 weeks ago. We have discussed this with many mechanics and No one can help us. Ford people are clueless.

Does this issue sound familiar to anyone? We are about to lose our minds. Please help SOON!

Thanks, Marlon

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Where do I find the answers to these reply questions that I have read. 7.3 F250 02, will not turn over. changed the glow plugs, relay, starter. won't even start when plugged in, bled the system, getting diesel fuel, battery will not hold a charge its only 7 months. baffled and we need the truck for work. getting ready to change the coil. help
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2005 Ford F250 with 6.0 diesel when it's hot it won't restart untill it sits for an hour or two any ideas ?
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