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F250 Diesel Starting Problem

- Ford-F250

Forum Post
07/20/08 12:49

F250 Diesel Starting Problem

I currently own a F250 diessel it turns over but does not start. Now I wet down a rag with some gas and put it over the intake filter housing the engine started turning over and ran but died very quickly. Is this a fuel pump or injection pump problem? or could it be another problem?

im stumped and don't feel like spending money especially on diesel testing out different fuel components...

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I have a 2002 F250 a couple of months ago I went out to start the truck, lights, gages, radio, everything normal except I did not here the fuel pump. Thought it was odd but turned the key and nothing. No click nothing.I looked at fuses, relays, tried jumping nothing. Removed batteries and had them checked. They tested good. It was late and my wife brought me home. Went back to my truck the next morning with same batteries. Did nothing to them other than have them checked. Put them in and the truck started. This truck had no problems until 2 days ago same thing. I remove the turmiminals for a couple of hours just hoping what ever it was would reset. This time it clicked but thats it and the fuel pump did load. I tried again it clicked then turned over and started. Went to a local Advance Auto and had the batteries checked again. Of course they checked fine. Drove back home around 15 miles turned truck off and now just clicks. Any suggestions
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I have a 96 f250 7.3l starts fine but when I start driving about 70 mph and hit a bump it starts missing out. I let it sit for a minute idling and runs fine again. Need some help to figure this out
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i just bought this truck and put in a cooling system before it cranked up it had a wrench symbol on dash the it left and now the engine symbol is there does any one ahve an answer for me thansks
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I have A ford f250 7.3 will turn oven but will not star if I jump the truck off it will star.

what can this be?

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I have a question this poor guy is looking for an answer to his problem and most of you idiots keep replying with your own problem questions can some one be usful and help him
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Want turn over, two good batteries, and a click click sound but want turn over?????
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I have an 2002 F250 7.3 diesel which I have been having intermitent starting problems with, turn the key, all of the normal dasd lights come on, coil light is lit and goes out turn the key to start and nothing happens, dead silence, no cranking, nothing. Remove key, leave it sit for a time period (different intervals), come back and it starts right up. Any suggestions

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Hey guys, same thing just happened to me yesterday, have an 04 f250 (6.0), started just fine, shut it off and 2 hours later i get back in and it turns over but wont start. Ideas... ?
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hello there i have an 2004 f250 lariat 4wd 6.0 turbo diesel. the problem i am having is that it will not fire up, it will crank over but acts like it is not getting any fuel i have replaced the FICM and had all the computers reflashed by ford. I need some ideas on how to solve this problem i am having thanks for any input.
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I have changed the cam shaft sensor oil pressure gage doesnt register and it still wont start
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i have a 2002 ford f250 7.1 L. heavy duty xlt. and for some reason i am having a problem with the frist start. every day in the moring when i go to start my truck it wont. it will roll over but wont start. then i push in the clutch a few times and then trie and still nothing so then i let the plugs warm up for like 2 min then sometimes it will start. but when i fianlly get it started and it runs after that it starts fine the whole day. then the next morning i go threw the same problem... please if you know anything let me know.
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Have a 1999 F350 7.3. The vehicle has is hard starting and has no power. Have engine codes of P0475, ExhaustCnt Valve chk, P0470Exhaust Pressue ck, does any one now what the codes mean or what the problem may be
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Peter Buckingham

Hi from Australia! I have a 2003 F250 XLT 7.3 diesel auto, Supercab. Only 38, 000 miles (60, 000 km). Built right hand drive in Brazil. I believe the engine is the same 1999 1/2 to 2003/4.

The injector pump is leaking oil and according to Ford Australia is a non-serviceable item!! Try $4250.00 replacement plus labour....Over $5000.00 all up! It would appear that the US has rebuilt exchange units available for $390 to $590 depending on brand. I gather that a NEW injector pump from Ford in the US retails for around $2300. At 38, 000 miles I believe it should be replaced despite it's year has a documented Ford service history. Ford don't want to know about it. Any similar problems in the US?

The part no. 5C3Z 9VA543 BRM. Any suggestions? Any confirmation on prices?

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Thank author of this post/comment"Wont start"

Ford has had a recall on late 90s early 2000s powerstokes. The Crank sensors are going bad and wont allow it to start. I would start with that. Cheap and takes about 15 minutes to change. Good luck
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Thank author of this post/comment"Will not start!"

I have a 06 F250 King Ranch and it will turn over but will not start! After spending $900, the Ford dealership called and said, "your truck is ready." But of course this is the 3rd time they called and said that! It stopped on me and did not crank two nights ago and I was 100 miles from home. Yeap! They had to foot the bill and pick it up. But the dealership did give me something to drive without charge. Hadn't heard from them since. I'm from Louisiana and I will notify all the forum reader's when I will have a "hammer smash beat down" on that truck in front of the dealership or you may be able to catch it live on tv.
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Thank author of this post/comment"2000 F-250 7.3L fuel pump issue "

2000 F-250 7.3 driving down the road and starts to loos power and dies has happened twice in the last week first time the shop put in new cam position sensor didn't help. Second time i found the fuel pump was knot working, checked the fuses and switched the relays around and checked the fuel cutout switch didn't help. both times it started the next day, the first time i know the fuel pump was working this time it wasn't. heard something about relay behind radio could that be it.
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Thank author of this post/comment""2000 F-250 7.3L fuel pump issue " "

I switched out the two relays under the dash and the fuel pump seems to be working fine. if this works for more than a week or two ill be thankful for all of you that suggested it.
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Carson City, Nevada
Thank author of this post/comment"If you need any replacement pumps"

If ever you need replacement pumps, I found one site that can help you for all your truck's needs. Go to They have fuel pumps that range between $120-$1000! They may seem too good to be true, but the quality is of the best because quality control is maintained all throughout from manufacturing to the consumer.
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Thank author of this post/comment"truck problems"

hi i have a f250 2003 truck 6.0 motor the trucks run great but after i drive for a while steady going it shut off on me then i stop wait a few miniutes and start again , and does the same after a few miles
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Dowell Maryland
Thank author of this post/comment"2001 F250 7.3 Diesel will not turn over"

Parked vehicle now it will not turn over No clicking or anything

Batteries are good. When key is pulled out it still dings like I left the lights on.

Could this be a ignition switch problem?

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new jersey
Thank author of this post/comment"wont start in cold"

04 f-250 6, 0 diesel for the past week wont start in cold. never had this problem before. do all diesels have engine heaters? if so where is it located?
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Thank author of this post/comment"2006 F250 sd starting problems"

Truck will not start at times, after many attempts will start. Engine turns over, has finally drained batteries, would not start this last attempt. Any ideas or information will be greatly appreciated!
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Hanford, Ca, USA
Thank author of this post/comment"Common Issues with the PowerStroke 6.0 diesel"

I do engine diagnostics for a shop here in California. I work with Art, my name is Will. The most common problems we run into on the 6.0 Ford diesels are 1) Issues with the fuel injection high pressure oil pump system including the ICP control valve at the high pressure oil pump ( often just a bad electrical connection ), the two o-rings at the base of the high pressure oil pump, and an incorrectly adjusted or loose high pressure branch tube assembly off the high pressure oil pump. 2) the CPS (crank position sensor) and 3) water in the low pressure fuel filter assembly.

Because it is so easy to do I would recommend bleeding the fuel system to drain off any water in the filter trap and replace the filter. While it is 3rd out of 3 most common items it is also the easiest to do so get it out of the way.

Next using a scanner to monitor the data stream check for an rpm signal of roughly 200rpm while cranking and a high pressure oil pump pressure at least 400psi while cranking up to 800-1000psi at idle. If you have a stable RPM signal and your oil pressure is within 10% of target values then you probably have a good high pressure oil pump system and CPS. If not check out those systems(CPS sensor and wiring if RPM signal is missing and pump assembly if psi values are out of range).

On the high pressure pump system first thing to check is the voltage applied to the ICP, as this is externally readable with a DVM. No voltage = no pressure out. Shorted low side means full pressure no regulation. If the ICP checks out but the pressure is still low then you will need to inspect the pump assembly, branch tube, and o-rings. This is not something to tackle unless you are a skilled mechanic. Pulling the pump assembly, inspecting and reinstalling it correctly is a difficulty level of 8 out of 10 so act accordingly.

Obviously there are dozens of other possibilities but these are the ones I have read about and experienced most often. There are other issues such as loose or broken flywheel bolts, defective FICM, broken injectors, defective EGR systems, and burned out relay modules but those 3 items have turned up the most.

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corpus christi, texas
Thank author of this post/comment"i need some help i have a 99 ford f350 dually superduty 7.3 turbo"

I bought this truck and could not afford to fix. It had a leak under the exhaust manifols and i fixed it but it would die on me when i was driving at least 35- 40 mph and would not turn on. After it cool down or a few hours later it would turn over and ran great. Took it a mechanic and fixed something with some wires in the computer and ean good for a while or a couple of hours and hwn it died on me again. Did anyone have the same problem? Could anyone let me know what i can do to fix or fins thw problem? I would apprecoate it thanks a bunch.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 235 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: F250 Diesel Starting Problem archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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