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Warning light on dash board of V 70

- Volvo-V70

Forum Post
09/15/08 11:20

Warning light on dash board of V 70

I have a Volvo 70.year 2001. Two days ago this warning light positioned just to the left of the service warninglight came on & will not go out. It looks like an engine block & on to the left attached to the block something that looks looks like a propeller blade

I have'nt got a car manual. I've checked radiator water, brake oil & oil which seems Ok but the w. light stays on . Have disconnected the battery for awhile - it disappeared for a few seconds but returned prompt.

Could you explain to me what it is & how I can remedy this problem?

Your advice will be very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


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matt hall


i have avolvo v70 and after about 10 miles the engine management warning light comes on and then after a few miles it goes off again

any ideas please



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Hello out there, this morning two lights have appeared on the dash of my '98 v70 t5. one is a flashing orange arrow the other is a orange box with a green centre and a strange shape in it - also the type of gearbox selection lights are flashing on the auto box - can anyone advise before it goes on diagnostics... Thanks guys !!!
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tom corbett

my car 2002 Volvo V70 T5 auto has been 'surging' for about 4 months now.A sign has come on the dash saying 'emissions service required'. I have taken it to a garage now. they have told me that it needs a 'control centre or sensor' cost 67 +labour. I dont know whether I am being strung along, but I will find out tomorrow. I am not sure if this would stop the surging as it is now cutting out when driving around a tight corner or when slamming on the breaks. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to sort it. I'm not mechanically minded so don't want to get ripped off. I am fed up with this now and want to sell it.
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hey .... I have a volvo s70 1998 and there is a kind of green A in an orange triangle and I don't have the car book and I don't know what it mean....can you please help me :)

thanks you

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Lou E

Yesterday I changed the battery on my 2001 V70 T5 and now my center consol has no power. Heater, Seats, Rear Defroster/Mirros. Radio, cig lighte works but no power to anything else

Any ideas?

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hi there

I have an s70 2.5 turbo 1998 and the abs, tracks and engine management lights are all on, it seems to run fine is there any way i can make these lights go out at all? I changed oil and air filters today but much to my disapointment they are still on i know the abs is probably the module but have no idea about the orange and green engine light, can anyone help?


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Julian Nelson

A warning light has come on on my 2004 Volvo V70 T5 - basically it shows a picture of an engine which my handbook informs me is a problem with the emmissions system. Does anyone know what this might mean?
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we have a 1998 S70 and a 'orange light with a green circle' warning light that came on... can anyone tell me what this light means? is it safe to continue driving the car.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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my volvo keep cuting off ever time i stop or even change gears
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I have a Volvo 98 V70 - a dash board light that is red with a fan blade (?) shows up periodically for a seec or two and then goes away. What does that mean? We do not have a manuel.


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2001 Volvo V70 T5, suddenly the OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHTS lit up. Then it s gone after the car parked for 40 mins. What happened ? it s not like i was racing the car or anything.

Anyone has this type of a problem on the 2nd Generation V70 T5?

Any input is greatly appreciated

2001 Volvo V-70 T5 B5234 T Engine

92, 000 Miles

Delaware, USA

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I have a 2005 C70 and the warning light to the left of the service light which looks like an engine with a fan on it has just come on. It is not clear to me from the entries above what this is. Can anyone help.

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charity case

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charity case

According to the manual The FAN SYMBOL at the bottom LEFT OF THE DASH on our J-reg 940SE Turbo Estate is an EMISSIONS WARNING SYMBOL.

Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated!

Will post again if any solution is offered from this area.

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bob morey

The only true way to get these warning lights of is to cough up for a diagnostic computer check at a good listed Volvo agent

These usualy cost around 60.00 .It wont cure your faults but you will know whats causing them .I have problems with my V70

but after the check up i know what it is .It appears i have an oxygen sensor fault that is easily replaced at a cost of 280.

And they say (easily) lol

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Barrie E

I own a Volvo V70 1999 Estate; and it has just been fitted with a PAIR of de Verde Hydroxy (Hydrogen and Oxygen electrolysis supplementary) cells; three days ago. I am a tester for these cells.

After 2 full tanks of fuel these cells are increasing my MPG by some 37% and they run the car with virtually ZERO emissions.

Prior to the fitting of this PAIR of cells I have been running the car with a SINGLE Hydroxy Cell for about 5000 miles quite satisfactorily - delivering 23% MPG improvement and a similarly clean exhaust result. Over the past month the 'Service Interval' loght has been signalling attention to me.

So far so good.

Yesterday I saw occasional evidence of the 'Engine block outline - emissions warning light' towards the end of about 150 miles of testing the new PAIR of cells. Today it has gone 'solid'; and I suspect the exhaust Oxygen Sensor is the culprit.

Since I know the two new cells are each designed to produce more Hydroxy (more oxygen, as well as hydrogen) than the single cell did before they were fitted I can reasonably assume that the Oxygen Sensor is reacting to increased oxygen in the exhaust stream - in short it is causing the engine to assume it is running 'lean'.

I intend to recommend to the fitters that they put some spacer washers in front of the Oxygen Sensor to withdraw it slightly from the exhaust stream - else otherwise the engine will be supplying too much fuel; and I'm after all the MPG I can get !!.

**/**/** **:**
Barrie E

Further to Reply #26 above ...

Thank you for your editorial vigilance!

Following a discussion with the fitters, I am watching and waiting to see if the Oxygen Sensor returns to 'standard' performane before taking any further remedial action.

Since the car is performing very well; I will also have the 'Service Interval' warning light reset to ensure that the 'Service' warning light does not show on every start-up.

Having installed many hundreds of Hydrogen Generator Cells - from light Vauxhall vans, through RangeRovers to an 8 cylinder Jaguar; not to mention my own previous 20 year old Volvo petrol estate - a feature of our cells is that they do not require any special actions to recognise, override or protect sensors and control systems on any vehicle (petrol or diesel), new or old.

Our unique Hydrogen Cell design, with its ultra low amperage characteristic, ensures a very simple installation and commensurately long service intervals and product life cycle.

Results on other vehicles, with this latest cell design, indicate that I should significantly exceed the 37% improvement in fuel consumption I've already achieved - and I'm personally highly motivated to drive in such a way as to get well past the 50% result.

Watch this space!

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Hello #26/#27

Could you contact me to discuss your installation.



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Hi, I have just bought a 98 V70R 2.3 turbo. The ESS warning light has appeared on the right hand side of the dash underneath the Parking brake light. I know that this is to do with a fault in the management system of the engine to do with air intake.

The light is an orange light with a green triangle without the base.

At stand still, the car rev's between 900rpm and 1100 rpm intermitentaly. The car still seems to drive ok, but nearly cut out on me the other day.

I got my local garage to do a diagnostic scan, and they have found that there was a fault with the MAF sensor(Mass Air Flow Sensor). So I got them to fit a new one at a cost of 280 inc labour.

With a sigh of relief I thought this would fix the problem, but on the way to work the following day, the warning light came back up. its going back to the garage tomorrow, but what else could it be. The scan showed it was a paticular problem, but obviously it wasnt as the issue is still there.

Please can you help. Thanks Steve

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Joe Mathews

As a business traveler who spends the majority of my day traveling between clients offices, my 2000 S70, now with 150, 000 miles is a reliable, comfortable and safe vehicle, no doubt. The headaches for me for the past 2 years or so, started with what seems like a permanent display of the "ETS" light, compounded now with the intermittent "Check engine" and sparadic "blinking arrow" coming on and sounding as if the transmission is going! After driving for prolong periods in stop n go traffic, the car jerks forward, arrow starts blinking, and transmission drags. After parking at next stop, leaving the car for about 30min, the arrow continues to flash, but now drives perfectly, and in fact, the next morning, I'm good as new. And yes, the occassional ABS and Oil warning light goes on and off, and trust me, it's unnerving to have 5 warning lights on at ONE time. Prayer helps, but God gave me a brain to use, and I'm asking for help here, so HELP!!!
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Mwansa Mwape


I have a volve 850, 1996 model which i recently bought and it runs great.But my worry is the light under the parking light on the dashboard its on.What could be the problem? Pliz Help.


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East Sussex, UK
Thank author of this post/comment"V70 1999 ABS Warning Light"

On and off for the past year I have a recurring problem with ABS, TRACS and EMS warning lights coming on. My local garage (not Volvo Dealer)runs his diagnostics program to identify the fault and each time it indicates that a different sensor is faulty. Quite a few sensors have been replaced over the period but the problem still recurs. The ABS light usually comes on first followed by the other 2 in no particular order.

I should be grateful for any information.

Many thanks

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Dallas Texas
Thank author of this post/comment"warning light"

I have researched the 2001 V70 wagon CC 4WD and many have said that 2001 the electrical system is a mess. I'm thinking about buying this wagon but it has 132000 miles on it. You would think that the timing belt and water pump had been changed but I have no idea because the used car dealer has no maintenance records. I have got nothing positive to report eventhough I really like the CC. It drives well. All in all I should expect to be able to put a few 1000. in it the first few months everyone says. And then the maintenance will be on going and will be expensive. So what to do, what to do?
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Thank author of this post/comment"For those with battery problem"

If you have changed the battery and you dont have light works on your dashboard, the fuse is the problem, that happened to me
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 34 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Warning light on dash board of V 70 archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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