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Ignition Key won't turn at all

- Volvo-V70

Forum Post
03/12/09 22:53
Mike Russo

Ignition Key won't turn at all

About once a week my 2002 V70 won't allow the ignition key to turn. Steering wheel is not locked. Assume anti-theft interlock is involved. At first, I thought turning key 180 degrees seemed to work, but no. Tried locking and unlocking via fob and via door lock. Not always successful. With time, it always will work and it works normally. This happens with master and service key. Longest period is about 30 min and the voila, just like there never was a problem. Should I try new batteries in FOB? ANy TSBs on this?


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We had the same problem with our S70. I sprayed graphite cleaner into the keyhole and also onto the key itself and the car cranked right up.
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My 1993 Volvo 850 ignition key will not turn...

Before, I would put the key in the Ingnition, wiggle the key a bit while trying to turn the key and presto the key would turn. NOW the key will not turn at all, What should I do? Should i put Wd40 or oil on the key or in the ignition cyclinder??

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My 2000 Volvo S40 suddenly, without warning, will not start. Ignition key will not turn to the 3rd position. Stops at the 2nd position. Battery is fully charged, lights work, instrument panel works, chime still chimes, just wont start...? Any help or suggestions?
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I have a 2002 Volvo S80 non-turbo and our key is doing the same thing. We have turn the steering wheel, turned the key over and wiggled it. Eventually it's works but it's getting worse! I guess we need to take it in. Just got it out of the shop and had the starter and fly wheel replaced. If you have feel the car is slow on starting, you better take it in. It cost us $1400.00 (non-Volvo) mechanic because once the starter went bad, it messed up the fly wheel too!
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David Strachan

I have a 2005 Volvo XC90. Key won't turn past position 1. I was stranded 300km away and the garage mechanic talked me through removing the the switch on the opposite end of the lock barrel to the key and then starting the car with a screwdriver. (You also have to disable the gear shift lock by tie wrapping the bowden cable - like bicycle brake cable. By the way, you still need the key, because the security system reads a code from it). This got me home and now I have to get a new lock for considerable bucks! WD40 didn't work for me, but I might just try some heavier oil and see what happens.
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Wife has a 2001 VOLVO S60 - this morning I took the car to buy food and everything was just fine. This afternoon she want to go shopping and the key won't go over position I.

Dismantled the covers around ignition lock, removed the transponder loop around the lock, removed the ignition switch on the opposide side and sprayed WD40 and Lithium based spray oil. Flooded the lock and its mechanisms. It was rurning free and like charm until I refitted the ignition switch. It was turning but it was hard. Opened the cover of teh switched and put some dops of motorbike bearing grease on the plastic parts that move. in fact internal plastic parts show limite dsign of wear and move dry. Now it is just fine, car starts without any bad feeling from the key. Thanks a lot to the forum !!!!

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Patrick Kelly

Thanks for the tips. I have a 2004 XC70 that just siezed up. Exactly what everyone describes: turns to position 1, all lights and sensors come on, battery is fully charged and brake won't depress. I only have WD-40 so will see how that works. Then I'll try the dipstick over the key option.

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Christina Brown

The same thing happened to me, i have a 2000 Volvo S40. They key would turn to position 2, but would not turn to 3 to start the car. I have AAA so they sent out a locksmith, and all he did was put a lot of WD-40 into the key hole & hammered the key into it & it worked!! If you have AAA, they will cover the entire thing!
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My Volvo C70 Gt T5 Year 2000 start first time every time but the steering wheel is still locked. Sprayed with Wd40 Taped the lock with harmer still no joy help.
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2001 volvo v70 auto 2.4 non turbo. We have 12 volts in battery, ground connection good. But we have no power anywhere, no lights or gauges wipers etc nothing atall. and to make things even more interesting the key wont turn in the ignition lock. The transmission is in park. any ideas please. Dave.
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I have a 2004 V70 that locked up on me yesterday. When towed to the dealer they say that the ignition housing is jammed and that it will cost $565 parts and labor to replace. Could this be as same issue as described by the unnamed ASE Certified Technician on Dec 6, 09? Post says "ignition cylinder is jamming internally and will need replaced the lock runs 200 us dollars and 1 hour to install. Also takes about one week to order as pre-coded to fit your key."
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Cheryl Everly

After reading these responses, can someone tell me after they

did the WD40 and greasing, etc did the key continue to work or do you feel you will need to replace the cylinder lock shortly?

Mine is a 2004 S60.thanks!

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It will not catch in position one and will not start car. The key will do a 360 all the way back to normal starting position and catch there. Used to do it ocasionally but is happening more often lately.
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Julie Ann Connary

Hi, My 2006 V70R locked up suddenly - Key will not turn past I. all the tips on this forum did not work -well did not dismantle - but tried WD-40 etc.. The Inition cylinder/housing is being replaced.

Does anyone know if Volvo has "updated" this part - since it seems to be recurring problem. My local Volvo dealer says they replace 1 per week.

Don't like the idea of being stranded....

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Jorge Alonso

I have a 2004 S60 and the ignition switch does not go past the (I) line. All the lights in the car work, even the A.C. turns on. Should I also replace the switch.
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Gordon M

My wife's 2007 S60 does the same thing, now with increasing regularity. Unable to turn the key at all for about fifteen minutes last night at Carraba's, then suddenly it worked. Has been doint this off and on for about a month. Nothing I have done seems to have any effect on it. Recall, anyone??
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Jim Holzrichter

My wife was stuck tonight at the church. We have a 2008 S-60 with 43, 000 miles. The ignition will not go past 1 and is locked up. We have had Volvo's for 20 years and I certainly expect more from Volvo than this problem. It appears that no matter what year the Volvo is, the same problem is existing. It is time that Volvo supports their promise and deliver an excellent product. I'm ready to sell and by an American made car. Does anyone want a Volvo with few miles on it for $22, 000?. Kansas customer not happy.

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I have an 04 Volvo S60 and my key is stuck in the ignition and I have tried WD40 and it still wont come out any advise or help.
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Yes, I bought a 2007 s60 2 weeks ago, and this morning the key would turn past 1. I first thought it was me (first time Volvo owner) that a door was open etc. It had to be towed to the dealer and it was a $550 job, but they covered it. I understand the newer Volvos no longer use a mechanical key.
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James Rood

I have a 2008 XC90. Key would not go past 1st position. After reading this thread I tried WD40. Had to turn hard but it worked! I hope it doesn't happen again.
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2003 XC90 D5. Used it this morning for 10 minutes, stopped back at home for 5 minutes, got back in it and key would not move from position '0'. Tried other key, no joy. Sprayed with WD40, still no joy but lots of black dirty oil coming back out of ignition lock. Thenh got a taxi to work.

Will test again this evening to see if that works and then try a heavier oil. Volvo clearly have a problem with their ignition locks reading the above entries. Next car will be an X5!

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2002 volvo s60 great engine but jesus what a lot of problems with the electrics, if its not intermitent fault with the dash lights going off and on when they want, its the alarm system singing at 2 o clock in the morning of its own accord, Also the Automatic gearbox jumps out of 5th and wont go back up out of 4th gear till you knock the ignition off.It seams to reboot the system some how.but knocking the ignition off at 50mph is no fun.Lock out codes galore.I am pissed off with this the ignition barrel wont let me go past 1st position and locked up in park, ok solved it with a bit of lubricant but for me Volvo dont build them like they used to! I am going back to japanese, Spent hours reading threads and issues with the volvo range and also picked up that even merc and Bmw etc are having the same probs, Canbus wiring is a load of probs, just means you have to take your car to the dealers every time what a ripp off, these car manufacturers have got you going back to them every month and it is exspensive.Just look at how many people are replacing auto gearboxes with little miles on them .Something is clearly wrong , Volvos used to run for ever I have had many with 200, 000 miles on and some still going strong but this new techonology its poor to say the least!

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Dallas, TX
Thank author of this post/comment"2000 S40 with same problem"

I have a 2000, S40 and I'm having the same problem. Initially, I was having difficulty with the key getting stuck in the ignition when I was trying to take the key out. There were several times that I had to leave it in all night before it decided to come out on it's own. Today, on a rainy, cloudy morning, I was leaving for work early, only to rush to a car that wouldn't turn over to the 3rd position. I tried to start it again about an hour and a half later, but still no luck. If so many people are having this problem, why won't they recall the part? I used to love this car, but now, quite frankly I'm sick of it. Every week it's something else - not to mention the oil leak I've had fixed three times. Everytime I take it in, it's a more expensive repair. Hopefully, I can put some WD40 on it and keep on ticking for a while, but I'm not optomistic.
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Thank author of this post/comment"Same problem 2009 S60 50,000 miles"

Key would not turn past position 1. Steering wheel not locked. Lubed key with lock-eze and tried for 15 minutes with no luck. Removed bottom steering wheel cover (3 torx #25 screws) and gently tapped on the steel ignition switch (left) and round ignition lock cylinder (right) with a hammer. Success. Whatever was jammed became unjammed and my key has been working great ever since. Hope this helps someone else.
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Reading, UK
Thank author of this post/comment"V70, '05 90k on clock - Ignition barrel failure"

Same problem as many others on this forum, barrel won't rotate past position 1. Does anyone know if you can safely remove the chip from the original key? I was looking to replace the barrel with one from a scrap dealer and swap the immobilizer chips between the old / new keys. I've been quoted 400 to replace the barrel (not by Volvo).
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 31 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Ignition Key won't turn at all archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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