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- Volvo-780

Forum Post
12/17/08 10:30
FRED dodge


I am seeking a tan interior front driver and front passenger seat, preferably from a garaged bertone. I live in northern california, sonoma county, one hour north of San Francisco. Thanks in advance.

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06/02/09 22:30
buckkeye volvo

I am seeking the lower front valance for a 1991 volvo 780 bertone. The valance is located just under the grill that enclose the fog lights and it wraps around the bottom of the front fenders. My valance is busted under the passanger side front fender.
10/13/09 09:46
Rick Pressage

hello buckkeye, if you are still looking for that valance, I have a fair one for sale(minus tow hook access door)I can take some pics if you want. Let me know.
03/30/10 15:00
carol andru

I have a 1991 780 bertone turbo that i purchased new so i have all the records on the car. The car is white with black leather dash and interior. I am retired now and am having trouble with my stereo, a short someplace? I need a diagram so i can learn how to trace the problem I have had my volvo mechanic check it for about a year and have eleminated a lot but the battery is dead (new battery alternator and regulatot so that is not the problem the car has 125000 original miles would like to figyure it out
04/12/10 22:31
fred dodge

In sonoma county, california. Acme Foreign wrecking in Santa Rosa has a 1988 780 bertone. the right door is gone, but the hood is good, headlamps, left rear taillight, sunroof, and miscellaneous bits for the six cylinder engine and trans. Wasn't wrecked, just died. Interior is baked. Dark Gray with black inserts and a back seat complete, with back seat side panels ok. no visors. dam is gone, as is the panel above it. rear independent suspension still available. wheels gone.
10/18/10 10:10
J Smith

I am in need of the lower spoiler/air damn for a 1990 780. Anything would work for the 780 years. Also one for a 1988 780.

Also need 2 rear spoilers. They call them "Modisty Panels." I need them for a 90 and an 89. Would prefer black on these, but not picky about that.

Would like the front air dams to be Champagne color (similiar to a silverish gold color) and a black one.

Thanks all for your help or leads on where to find these.

11/19/10 00:35
Barry Duncan

I have a 1989 bertone Black w/ tan interior. We call her bb short for Black Beauty. She's all that and much much more.

I made the mistake of letting my teenagers drive her.

And so it is that I'm searching for a right front turn lens and headlight. Turn lens disappeared after a parking mishap, no dents just a missing lens. The headlight looks like it caught a rock from the road.

Am torn whether to restore her to mint or sell her for parts.

Anyone with parts for sale?

Please e- mail me



11/19/10 01:41
Barry Duncan

OOOPS!!! My bad.

I gave the dyslexic e-mail address on my earlier post.

correct contact info is:

please make a note of it ;-)

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