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Water Gas? Is it Possible?

- Volkswagen-Vanagon

Forum Post
02/29/08 12:42

Water Gas? Is it Possible?

As every school kid knows, the formula for Water is H(2)O, where the chemical bond is two atoms of Hydrogen for one of Oxygen. In nature, this is a very strong bond. To break the water molecule down to two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen requires the input of energy, much energy. The process is easy to do but not cheap, considering the cost of energy.

The water4gas model in the web site you refer to asks that the energy to break down the water to oxygen and hydrogen come from the car's battery, and to collect in a separate container for transmittal to the engine for use. The breaking down of water would result in two atoms of hydrogen, one of oxygen and by a simple process these can be separated to obtain a pure collection of each gas. The system as designed in the web site does not separate the two gases but supplies something he calls HHO, a mixture, not a compound. This mixture is then sent to the carburetor, mixed with gasoline and burned in the cylinders to produce power. All very well in theory.

I see two problems, each of which is addressed in the web site. The purpose of the carburetor (or the fuel injection system) is to mix the gasoline with air (oxygen) to change the liquid gasoline to

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Yeah I know another site with that same information too. Well I guess you'll have to visit this site to find out more comprehensive information about converting cars to a water burning hybrid. It has few video's too illustrating the actual process of conversion.
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Bern Zumpano

Hi All....

Does anybody know if water4gas can work with a large RV that has either a Chevy 457 or Ford 460 Engine? In other words, are there any engine limits? How does it work? Thanks.


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Reply #4 Cparkinson ( - Fri Jun 13 14:03:48 2008

hello everyone,

I get a bit concerned to think that water will be used this way. Do you think we will have enough water on the planet to cover this kind of conversion?

LOL...Split the H2O, you get hydrogen and Oxygen. The by-product of burning Hydrogen is WATER... The Ultimate in Recycling!

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I think people confuse hygrogen with water. The way all these "water 4 gas" sites are marketed is they make you think you just put water in your tank like you do with gas.

They they start to realize that it is a little more complex.

I have not tried it myself, but I have two friends that did.

They say it works fine. This weekend I will check it out myself. I don't believe stuff unstil I see it:-)


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Wesley Wayne

I know these kits work because my friend at church has increased his gas mileage by 40% using a water for gas system.

I found a site that gives some valuable information on the top kits on the market.

Hope it helps.

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I just bought few of these kist an tried them on different cars. Now I put together special where you can see all of my test with hydrogen generators.


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These Water for Gas systems do work and as far as I can tell so far (after 4 months of driving) are completely safe. My Jetta actually seems to run smoother now, actually!

There are quite a few "water for gas"-type systems available now. Here is a site that reviews the top three.

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Juel Edwards

Too many people think they know it all and post criticisms before they even read the particulars. Yes, it takes more DC Energy to make H & O than you can retrieve by burning it. But you will note that the Electrolytic Cell using concentric SS cylinders as electrodes and powered by a 16 KC Square Wave Generator is different. They claim it puts the cell as a capacitor into 'resonance' which shakes up the molecules and produces H with little current. Also note that the systems which use HHO and Gasoline, both, rely on an unexplained property of hydogen burning in the cylinder with the gasoline and thusly reducing the gasoline consumption out of proportion to the H consumption. Chemistry has never been a completely scientific subject but more like cooking using reciepes.
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hi, there

i hope this site may be help many people.....Has anyone tried another water for gas kit?

i think many people don't have to try something to understand that it works.I've seen facts on the news and all over the Internet, that running a car on water IS possible. Even that I haven't tried doing it, it doesn't mean that it's impossible.

this is not spam but i want many people to see other choice.Has anyone tried the kit? like water4gas, runyourcaronwater etc.

Is it really a scam? if you don't satisfy you can asked for more pain

You can truly get better mileage.... carwaterguide.blogspot thank you very much for visit my site

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J. Wayne

I would like to add: I've installed Water to Gas systems on 6 vehicles;#1 1981 Heritage Motor Home with a Dodge 440ci 4bbl , #2 1991 Chevy S10 with 4.3 V6 TBI, #3 1996 Continental 4.6 V8 TBI, #4 1995 Toyota Corola 1.8 inj., #5 1999 Chevy 1500 350 ci TBI, #6 2001 Dodge Dakota 3.9 TBI. Vehicle #1 fuel mileage increased from 6 to 11mpg and I was able to use reg unld, not premium saving about $1.00/gl. Vehicle #2 fuel mileage increased from 13 avg to 24+. Vehicle #3 mileage increase from 12 to 25 mpg and I changed from the required Premium to regular grade fuel. Vehicle #4 21 to 38 mpg. Vehicle #5 13 to 21 mpg, Vehicle # 6 15 to 24 mpg.

I am able, on all of the above , to drive 1, 5, 10 miles or farther and stop the vehicle , walk back and , bare handedly grab the tail pipe with no fear of getting burned as the engine runs so much cooler. I am also able to sniff the exhaust, directly from the tail pipe, with virtually no harmful product/aroma emitted. I am in the process of installing my system on an 85 Vdub vanagon results to be determined and broadcast.

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Tim Jones

Question for you J.Wayne, how about intallation? What kind of time, cost, etc... is involved in the conversion? Is it the Brown's Gas/HHO innovation you used? In the process of learning about biodiesel, this is another interesting topic.

Thanks. Tim

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J. Wayne


Did you receive my answer to your question? If not, please advise and I will reply. My e adderess may have been incorrect.

Sorry and thanks.

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J, Wayne, Appreciate any insight into Vanagon conversion to HHo. Also the product supplier for conversion kit you of your preference?

thanks, fleche

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t schnuck

From what I understand, you need to use DI water and solid palladium and a reactor like sodium hydroxide to produce Hydrogen gas pure 99.99999%
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t schnuck

Not a reactor but a catalyst like simple lye
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t schnuck

I have looked at all the after market products on like eBay etc. And none of them could possibly work. I have a h generator that produces 1.2Liters of pure Hydrogen every minute and that is not even enough to run a vehicle.
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    Volkswagen Vanagon 'Water Gas? Is it Possible?'