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Passat Dvr Door Lock and Side Mirror Problem

- Volkswagen-Passat

Forum Post
10/13/08 11:42

Passat Dvr Door Lock and Side Mirror Problem

I have an 03 Passat that recently is having an electrical problem. Using either the remote or the switch on the door I cannot lock the door. I have to manually use the key to lock/unlock the door to the car. All the other door locks function correctly. Coincidentally, the side mirror on the same door cannot be adjusted and does not defrost. I am sure the two problems are probably connected somehow electrically. I thought maybe a fuse but can't seem to find a fuse for just those two items. I'm now thinking a wire that is common to both. Anyone have any thoughts? By the way, the security system (including the blinking light next to the driver lock) still works.
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Sam Fleming

Have a VW Passat 4 Motion and have been having a problem with the driver door jamming. Now the problem has escalated and I cannot open the door at all its jammed and the lock button is stuck half way. Any suggestions on how to open the door with damaging it? Obviously cannot get the door card off until I get the door opened.

I seem to have had similar issues with the central locking being ineffective by way of the remote fob.

Is this a common problem.

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I have bought VW PASSAT 1.8 1999, problem i am facing is driver side door dose not shut, by pressing it from outside than only i can manage to lock it.All the other doors are fine.

Kindly assist me to resolve this problem.

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hi, I have an 02reg passat saloon the front passenger door would not open at all even when I try to open it manually from inside or outside. I am not sure whether it is my battery or the central lock system that is faulty.
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I have 2008 Passat Wagon, and my side mirror (driver's side) got broken, so tried to fix it at the service center. However, all the replacement mirrors look distorted once they get attached to the housing. (They looked fine before installed). That distortion is so obvious, especially when I move around my head to look at the image in the mirror - the straight parallel lines in the mirror move up and down as I move. It never happened with the original mirrors. In some worse samples, I almost feel dizzy and drunk. I even had to get a new housing but the result is the same and I ended up spending extra $300 for nothing. I can't believe there wasn't anyone complained about it yet.

The more annoying is the service center says it's okay and they don't see any problem... how careless are they? Even the Volkswagen customer relations says there is nothing they can do about it... they really need to be more meticulous, and need to experiment with their own parts.

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I have a 2000 VW Passat. I have been having problems with the drivers side lock. At first it seemed sticky both locking and unlocking... I could deal with that. I just assumed that it was cold (here in Idaho it got really cold for a couple weeks then it started to warm up and the lock started working better again. This weekend while in the mountains I went to unlock my car to go home and my key wouldn't open my door it just kept spinning around and around and wouldn't do anything. Has anyone seen a problem like this?
**/**/** **:**

My passat 2004 remote unlocking doesn't work yet I can lock doors remotely. Can anybody advise? When in the car I can lock and unlock using the button on the driver side door.

Many Thanks

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hi, i have problem with my passat 1996, i locked central lock with key, everything were fine but i noticed that the lock button is still up but door is locked so i unlocked doors with key, all doors opened but driver door were still locked, when i locked again central lock then still driver door lock button remains up and door locked, when i manually pressed button down then it remains half way, wont go down and somehow one time i tryed to unlock door then the window comed down, what is going on? i hope that its caused by cold, its -11 degrees here in Estonia but mayby its some electrical fault?

i am going nuts!!!

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I have the same problem on a 1998 20v turbo which started with the N/S rear door deadlocked and 2 days later the drivers door wont respond to unlocking but works with the key to unlock that door only(no electrics)windows&all other things on the door work just not the lock so im gradually being locked out of my own car.The link is to show that solder on the 6 contact pins in the locks goes dry joint and is easy to repair if you can open your door of course.My solution was to remove all doorcards and connectors and using wd40 or other lubricant in a small bowl, use a artist paintbrush and brush lightly into connectors(remove corrosion first if any)and this lubricates and stops corrosion(even if terminals are clean they could be glazed which looks ok but is not).These cars are old and by keeping door locks&mechanisms lubricated they will last longer.If you have a locked rear door the doorcard comes off with 1 torx screw and after a few wiggles with force you can access the door and do everything ecxept remove the lock but you can open it and unlock the deadbolt, open door and remove screws holding lock mechanism in place.It's a frustrating job and takes 1-2 hours but saves lots of cash.
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I had this problem and when I opened the door, I saw the wires between the hinges of the door was broken (on the "elbow" due to opening and closing). I went to the hardware store, bought some chocolate blocks, and fixed it!!!!

I got so much satisfaction out of that I had to share it!

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i hav a 98 passat and have a prob with door locks on now both front locks when i go to unlock the door the key just keeps spinning and nothing unlocks windows go down but not back up as a result i now cant lock my car

please help anyone

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To Brian- My door locks&boot lock had to be replaced after a numbnut thought he could have my car but failed.The lock barrel has cast alluminium bits that break if the lock mechanism is forced and is easily replaced, just go to a breakers and get a used one for the side you need(you dont need a key so it will be cheaper) then strip it down noteing how you done this(camcorder or mobile) but its easy if you lay it out in sequence.The tabs your key fits into are number in code so just remove them noteing the number stamped on it and if it faces up or down(looking in the barrel there is a top and bottom row of pins).Lubricate all parts with a fine grease very lightly and replace the barrel.As in my previous post i have had trouble mostly when its freezing with my doors, clean and lubricate every working part of the door lock and mechanisms to prevent trouble that comes with age.
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I have a 2006 Passat estate and my rear offside door will not unlock. All other doors are OK. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, if so, how do I cure it?
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My Passat has been rather odd with door locking, one door to all four doors dead(and deadbolting.Ive finally got it 100% sorted after continious working then days later doing odd things, in the passenger front footwell along the runner is a wiring loom that carries 12volt to the 4 doors&petrol cap.Remove the triangle sort of shaped plastic cover right by the hinge area(one philips screw under the cap) and pull away gently.Lift the plastic runner from door frame to seatbelt but dont remove fully unless you want too.Lift the carpetjust in front of the seat and support with a square piece of wood etc without pinching the wiring loom.The black box you will see houses the unit for the central locking/windows and lots more, look at the wiring closest to the door area you removed the panel from and in this loom is around 6 joins(wires just crimpwelded together in the factory) that have 1-2cm cloth insulation over it.The colour of the main lot of wires is red, 2together of a posotive feed from the firewall end and 4 together from the seat side.They are stretched and as such corrode from water&moisture coming in from the pollen filter housing which doesent seal very nice(the loom lies on the wet floor) and they break apart killing off the central locking or 1 door at a time(4 wires together) as each doors wire breaks away.All six sets of connections corrode and need soldering but use fine sand paper to clean the wires as they dont solder if not cleaned.I insulated my wires with masking tape then electrical tape and dont forget, use normal 2 ply electrical plug wire to extend your joins if they are short.When finished use a hairdryer to dry damp away and insulate the wiring loom from end to end.This saved a 200 plus bill at the auto electricians.I was dissapointed at removing door panels etc to find no dry joints sort of but after loobricating all parts from the doors they work like new.
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the remote not locking it unlocks but would lock but now i got in the habbit or hitting unlock even after getting out of my car then hitting the lock and it will work so try unlocking then locking ur passat hope this solves some of the problems
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I have a 1999 passat and the driver rear door would not open so i break the lock and replace it with another one from the junk yard and it work fine till i plug in the harness to the lock and then it jamb up agant can some one help me out with this problem?



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Seth Wagner

Just bought a 1998 VW Jetta GSI and I am having problems with the central locking unit. The pump runs for about 20 seconds after I turn the key to lock or unlock but both passenger side locks and the rear driver side lock do not respond like they should. It seems as if they try to move but can't. They will sometimes lock and unlock but most of the time they don't. Can anyone help?
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I have noticed quite a few people are having the same problems with the passat locking system so i presume it must be common.

My Rear Passenger door is locked stuck. I cannot now open it. Previously it just wouldnt lock but i was able to lock it manually and open and close it like normal. Now it wont open at all, the worth thing is i use it as a taxi and have to tell customers to use other door.

What part do i need and can i repair myself? i dont really want to pay VW 200.

Any advice would be appriciated

Can you please email me

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carlos aguilar

i have a 1996 passat GLS 74, 000 miles. The transmition makes a scratching sound from 5 miles on to 15 miles mprh , it stops after but continues when driven on the said speeds. I have troble shooted it but am not shore its the transmition it drives fine in revers but does not shift into 1st 2nd or 3d geers.what can it be?
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Hi i have a passat 2000 and the problem that i have is my windows and my sunroof n'either closes or open..i went to several garage but they r not really specialist in VW so i dont have a correct answer. Basicly everything was working fine is just that since last week windows and sunroof wasnt working..then i changed the fuses it worked for 2 days and then after it doesnt work anymore. I was told that it could be due to the comfort controle system under the driver seat or main controle unit or something. I would greately appreciate if someone can help me with that. Thank you
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anna marie

automatic locking system failed on passat 07 fsi. have to use manual key to open but something seems to be stopping the key from going into the slot in the door handle so now im completely locked out of car. can anyone help?
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mike french

**/**/** **:**
Karl Tamihana

Dear Readers and experts,


I am currently having trouble locking drivers door. only could lock/unlock from the boot. then last week there was a down pour and water got into the car, passagers side only.(but flooded it) now i can't get in the boot as it won't unlock , windows will only work sometimes, interior lights wont work, plus i can only lock car if i reach over from passengers seat, lock it by hand. Then lock passengers door with key...

Please Help...

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i have a 1999 vw passat wagon. the driver side front door window does not work. when i press the button all you hear is a click at the motor. all the other windows work. i replaced with a new motor that had a new relay on it and it did the same thing. any help out there?

Thanks- Mike

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I have pasaat 1999 , electric is not work and central looking why?????

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I have a 1999 Passat, my passager side door does not lock using the central locking, My petrol tank cap does not open when i press the interior button, my interior lights down work and my mirrors dont ajust.

I have checked the CCm and it is as good as new inside?

Please can anyone give me advice...?


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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 31 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Passat Dvr Door Lock and Side Mirror Problem archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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