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dashboard symbols

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This forum post has messages dated from 03/08/09 through 10/30/11, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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Hey just bought a 2004 Jetta GL. had a 2000 Jetta GLS previously... Anyways, while driving on the highway on the first day, got a light on the dashboard that was amber in color, and looked like a car, with a screw on the right side. Turned off the next day? Any ideas... does it mean my car is screwed. j/k ;-)

Any help would be great!

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A light with a triangle with an exclaimtion mark in the center with an arrow that circles around the triangle came on today. What is the problem? Thanks

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Hi i have a warning light it a round circle with sunshine than in the center of the circle there are an exclaimtion ? what is the problem,

thank you very much !! ( sory my english )

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I have the same problem as Reply #25. There is a little car with a screw coming out of the right side. What does this mean?
**/**/** **:**

what does a foot symbol mean?
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05 GTI owner

I too have the car with a screw on the right hand side (reply 25 and 29). I was thinking it was a loose gas cap (seeing as on my GTI the gas cap is on the passenger side) but the last time I filled up was 3-4 days ago. Any thoughts?
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Provoding you purchased your VW with factory brake pads there is a wired sensor on the break pad itself. The warning light with the circle and 3 dashes is an indicator warning letting you know that your pads are low. I strongly reccommend that you replace your pads with VW factory pads because if you don't that indicator warning will not go out. And if your behold inspection happens to expire while that light is on it will automatically fail.
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reply 26 the triangle with the exclamation is your asr which is a form of traction control. it is not an problem. it comes on when your car looses traction and it will automatically engage. so dont worry
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is there a way to bypass the security chip or ign switch to my 2000 volkswagen jetta? my car has its security light on and wont start.
**/**/** **:**

my jetta wont start and the key with the car image keeps blinking on my dash board.
**/**/** **:**
Amy O

I have the same question - A light came on looks like a horizontal rectangle the bottom line is not straight but almost looks like an etch a sketch with box like indents then goes back to being straight. There is also a smaller box next to it. Any ideas?

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My 2008 Jetta has a dashboard symbol that looks like a circle, open at the top, flat and jagged on the bottom, with an exclamation mark in the center of the circle. I'm missing the owners manual, so any help identifying this symbol would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have the same warning light as No. 36 in my 2009 Jetta. My owner's manual (assuming the car came w/one) disappeared. Help!
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I have a symbol on my dash board that looks like a light bulb with a ! in the middle of it. I would assume a light bulb is out somewhere in or out of the car, but I looked on the outside of the car & all the lights work... Does anyone know?
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I have most of the same problems as every ones i've read on here, my main issues are i have an ingine looking light thats always on and i also have a problem starting my car after i put gas in it, i have to pump the gas peddle to get it to start up?Any help please!
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reply to #38.

I've had the same problem.When I'm driving my one light will turn on and off.So the warning light will tell me its out.Told my husband and he figured it was a loose or damaged bulb so he replaced it, yet it still happens two months later!It happens without even hitting a bump, so u got me, seems something is loose is all i can guess.hope this helps.

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Reply #38 and #40

That light is the brake/parking brake indicator lamp. You may have partially bumped your parking brake pedal so it triggered your warning lamp. Try releasing your parking brake and see if it happens again.

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Reply to Robin and Kelly (36 and 37)

Put air in your tires. That light means either one or more of your tires air pressure is low. Hopefully you haven't slid off the road by now.

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jamie Denis

the symbol with the car and screw coming out on the right is the indicator for the gas cap is not installed correctly, we had this problem and we had to have the car running to reset it when we re installed the cap.

**/**/** **:**

my pointer has a amber icon, is a car with 3 lines at the left, i dont know what to do?
**/**/** **:**
aftab syed

every time i turn off the car all indication goes off too.i think millage and the clock should be stay on all indiction come on live when ever ignition is on and every time clock goes to 12:00 means evertime i have to adjust the time . can any one please help me out ? thanks
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jamie benson

I have a 2002 VW Golf GL 2 door. 2 light symbols on the dash just popped up. One resembles an engine (the etch a sketch square is also relevant) and a foot with a circle around it. I am guessing the foot/circle is the brakes.

Please, any ideas on either?

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david kopilovitch

I have a 2009 Jetta. Every time I start the engine their is a beeping along with a blinking light of a wrench. what does that meen and how do I take care of it?
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A light with a triangle with an exclaimtion mark in the center with an arrow that circles around the triangle came on today. What is the problem? I am worried and need an answer

Is it dangerous to drive the car or not specially that i have kids.


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2000 VW Beetle. warning symbol that looks like the side of a car appeared. Thoughts?
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