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steering wheel removal 2001 vw cabrio

- Volkswagen-Cabrio

Forum Post
05/18/08 14:32
Jim Hascup

steering wheel removal 2001 vw cabrio

How do I remove the steering wheel to get to the directional mechanism. I am having a problem with the directions not shutting off on their own. I think I have to remove the wheel to change the unit behind it.
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10/14/08 14:42

You WILL need the following,

10MM wrench

13MM wrench and socket or another wrench.

a eyeglasses phillips head screwdriver. (very small)

a regular size phillips head screwdriver

new ignition switch

vice grips (may not need them)


1. lock the steering wheel, and make note where it was just incase.

2. disconnect the battery with 10mm wrench.

3. remove the plastic around/behind the steering wheel by the two screws underneath using a phillips head screw driver.

4. now go under the dash, and remove the plastic peices covering up the steering wheel axel. and unscrew the bolt using a 13MM wrench&socket. Its a "U" joint.

5. Unplug everything behind the wheel including the ignition and the airbag.

6. using a vice grip, or your fingers if it is loose, to unscrew a gold bolt on the left side of the steering wheel column, its right behind the steering wheel on left underside.

7. Gently pull out the steering wheel, and the whole thing, including the axel, and steering wheel will comeout, be careful the end of it is greasy.

8. replace everything opposite of how it was took out.

Note- when your putting the steering wheel axel back, be sure to put back the large spring and align the axel correctly.

10/14/08 14:43

"what you will need"

You will not need a new ignition switch. That was just was in the write up I showed you on how to change out a faulty one (and remove the steering wheel).

11/26/08 01:40

helpful instructions ahead! thanks.
07/13/10 17:30

Is this close to removing the steering wheel on a 2001 vw beetle. I plan on making the steering wheel look a little better. Some of the gray paint is rubbing off.
08/13/10 06:45

just got a 2001 vw cabrio nice ride, need cosmetics, i need help finding the steering column cover, the one on here 1/2 is missing, other 1/2 held together with duck tape
08/13/10 09:26

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