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Transmission Whine

- Toyota-RAV4

Forum Post
01/18/10 14:17

Transmission Whine

2009 RAV4 Ltd V6 - Bad transmission whine between 40 and 50 mph. Problem occurs when engine is under load, even small load. Climbing a hill at that speed is terrible! Whine goes away with foot off gas pedal. Dealer service says Toyota Tech-line knows of whine problem but says Toyota does not have a fix. Have now noted similar complaints all the way back to 2006. Any advice???
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This post has a total of 29 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: Transmission Whine archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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04/16/10 22:46
Bathurst NB

Reported this same problem to dealership, there was no fix as of two months ago. Expect a back seat, now that they have so many other issues to deal with.
04/23/10 21:38

Our 2006 Rav 4 developed a noise in the transmission, whent he vehicle is under load at ~40 mph. Our mechanic believes it is due to shift points programed into the computer being wrong and causing wear on the torque converter or the transmission. Sounds like we are not alone.
04/25/10 00:30
Allen Elvick

I have had pretty much the same experience with our 2009 RAV4.

The whine is most pronounced 40-50 MPH under load and goes away

when letting up on the gas. I took it into the dealership and

they said it is a known problem with the V6 and no fix is

available. The service manager's suggestion was to turn up

the radio. Not a good solution as far as I am concerned.

05/15/10 12:00

Same issue with 2007 RAV4 V6 AWD. Local South east dealer has similar response. They know it is a reported issue but Toyota maintains it is a normal sound for V6 AWD configuration. That is what is stated on my repair work order each of the two times I have taken it to them for repair. The service guy even said my RAV4 was one of the louder ones that he has driven. It did not sound like this when "NEW", else I would have not bought it.
07/04/10 10:22

Hi guys, I had exactly the same whine problem with my wife's 2008 V6 rav4, vehicle only had 20, 000kms on it. Toyota dealer located the problem being at the front differential crown wheel and pinion. As a I am a mechanic, I know exactly how much work is involved to replace these faulty components. I asked the dealer if this repair had been done before on this model, to which they answered no! At that point I was firmly against them removing the transmission, dismantling the box and fitting new components, as I could see where this was heading. Unfortunately the toyota warranty specifies that this is the correct procedure. Reluctantly I dropped the wife's Rav to the dealer, they had the vehicle for 2 weeks. We collected the car. The very next morning we were driving, and all of a sudden the whole car started shuddering violently, this was happening every couple of minutes. I contacted the dealer immediately to let them know about the problem. Its funny, in the back of my mind I knew that the transmission would not be assembled correctly. They had the car for 3 weeks, comparing it to other Rav4's. They even had the transmission back out of it and dismantled again. They still could not find the problem. By this stage I was letting them know what I think of there warranty procedures. They finally agreed to fit a new transmission and torque convertor. Problem fixed!! Smooth gear change and no transmission whine. Moral of the story, do not let the dealer talk you into having them replace just the crown wheel and pinion gears, demand for a new transmission!!
08/06/10 16:45

I purchased a used CERTIFIED 2007 Rav 4 Limited with 7k miles. After about 1 week I noticed a whinning noise when I would apply the gas 40-60. Let off the pedal and the noise would stop. Made me crazy and had to turn up my radio to drown the noise out.

I took the vehicle to the dealer. The problem was the transmission pinion or some gear. Made an appt with the head tech from Toyota. He confirmed it was the transmission but assured me it was safe. I tried to get them to put in a new transmission especially since it was a CERTIFIED vehicle. They would not, said that there was no guarantee that the new transmission wouldn't do it as well after 5k miles.

Toyota knows the problem exists on all v6... but say there has not been enought complaints to recall. Yeah Right! How sad because I really liked and wanted the v6 model!

Ending to story....I fought and gave the car back to the dealer and they returned my money!

08/15/10 09:58

I bought a 2008 rav4 v6 with 60k on it.Around 50 kmh it whines until i go faster or drop it under 50.The dealer sent a mech. for a test drive with me and said it sounds like any other rav he's driven its the normal sound.The mech.said he woudnt tinker with the tranny on a vehicle this new!I agree i think you would create even bigger problems.I love it other than the whine but would by the 4cyl next time!
09/12/10 16:20

You mechanic types might want to check out T-SB-0192-10, published July 15, 2010. Please let me know what you think.
09/24/10 15:16

Toyota service bulletin T-SB-0192-10 does cover this problem. It replaces Engine Mounting Insulators, Drive Shaft Dampers, and, if necessary, transaxle, under 60 mo - 60, 000 mile drivetrain warranty.
09/26/10 12:24

To "#13 ENG", If the transaxle needs replacing, do you think a remanufactured one is a good thing? The bulletin specifies that it should be a remanufactured one.
10/06/10 10:32
jim hill

Have same problem, Whine at 45 mph, as the above. Returned to

Robbins Toyota in Texarkana, Tex.

Mechanic and test drive, verified the transaxle prob.

Thay are ordering a new one. Hopefully this will solve the


Cannot and will not live with a noise problem like this.

10/18/10 10:05
Raymond Oakes

In May 2009, I purchased a new Rav4 limited, listed at $32, 130.00

At 534 miles I had it in the dealer for the whining problem, Still a year and a half later, Toyota reps. haven't done a thing, after knowing about the problem for some time. Just last week I was told that a "NEW" tranny will be put in. It was ordered and kicked back, and in its place a "REMAN" was ordered. I didn't buy a "REMANED" car and will NOT except anything but a new tranny or I will be seeking legal action. This could be my last Toyota if I'm not traeted properly. On second thought, I will contact the Attornet General in my state.

10/27/10 10:13
jim hill

Robbins Toyota changed out my transaxle, or so thay say, but the whine is still there,

Now there is a noise when I stop and feels like vehicle is trying to change gears. Taking back today.

11/22/10 23:17

Bonjour jai un rav4 v6 sport 2008. depuis 2 ans jai tjs le meme probleme sifflement ou grondement entre 35 et 80km/h toyota mon changé depuis 2 ans differentiel arriere transmission et différentiel avant et le probleme persiste . je suis en attente dune 2iem transmission avec diferntiel mais les pieces sont BO 2fois que je me plaint chez toyota canada il commande une tranmmission mais jai perdu confiance en ce vehicule . ya til quelqun qui sait si toyota canada font quelque chose pour nous tous. je trouve quil abadonne leur qualité et leur service .
11/23/10 16:51
jim hill

counting the transaxle that came with my rav4 I am now on #3.

but still have the problem.

I have been assured that the transaxles were new and were installed.

Thay have my car again and are trying to come up with a fix.

We will see. It might be time to return this car to Toyota.

12/03/10 20:06
jerry horine

2009 toyota rav 4 limited 4x4, 2 weeks ago had isolators , installed because of whine between 30 mph and 40.Did not work in fact now worse than ever. today toyota service manager ordered new transmission , said it would be 12 weeks because of number of complaints. proof you must be heard, dont except excusses.mine started at 13000 and was told will quite down with more miles?
01/03/11 11:59
Jim Hill

After 3 reman. transaxles and the toyota service bulletin

T-SB-0192-10 was done, I have the same problem only louder.

The prob. has also moved from 40 to 50 mph to 40 to 55 mph

Taking it back one more time.

I am filing a complaint to Toyota , then if the final service

isn't successful I am complaining to The Texas Dept of motor

Vehicles. Can't use this car with such an irritating noise.

01/28/11 11:23
Jim Hill

Correction to No. 21. Only 2 Remanu. transaxles have been

installed. Have had 3 total counting one that came with car.

Jim Hill

01/28/11 11:46
Jim Hill

The latest on my 2009 RAV4 transaxle whine.

After all of the above work was completed, the whine is still

there. Reported to Toyota, was assigned a case worker and

case number.. Will meet with regional manager today. This is

my last try. If not satisfied will resort to Texas DMV to

enact Texas lemon law.

03/07/11 14:52

I have read the responses with interest as I have been dealing with this same issue since prior to the first service for a 2009 RAv sport V6. I have had the transmission replaced (under warranty) and the problem of the whine was gone for about 7, 000Km and now worse - whine range is wider - now very load at several intervals and not while under any load. City driving in the 60 kms range is hell. Nothing they will do further - no case worker and no next step. I drove a 2008 as a comparison (18, 000kms) from their used showroom - also a whine but not nearly as load and annoying. I have now spent almost 2 years with this ongoing problem - out of almost 60, 000 k I have enjoyed driving it for about 12, 000 - Toyota response "normal"...who will buy this? After 5 Toyotas this is it! Any advice for Canadian situation I would appreciate.

04/29/11 14:33
Lori Herz

I bought a used 2008 RAV4 Limited V6 AWD and have the same whine many of you complained about at 50-75 miles per hour. It's been driving me crazy and I'm so glad this forum proved I'm not hearing things! I haven't addressed it yet with the dealer but all in all, I'm not pleased with this car. Just had to replace the water pump and idle arm because the engine suddenly sounded like a diesel only 53, 000 miles. I had a 2002 RAV4 before this and drove it to 165, 000 with no major issues. Pining for my old car back!!
05/14/11 08:00
Keith Trenholm

DIDO to all who have had a whining sound from the front end or Tranny on their V6 RAV4. I Have same Problem on 06 V6

I'm not the one to complain to other's as going right to the Manufacturer is the the proper thing to do. Toyota closely watches all web sites in response to their products and just because your not getting so call answers from your Dealer, don't give up.

Toyota inc' didn't get to the top of the heap by being stupid, so I'm convinced that they will do the right thing by us LOYAL TOYOTA CONSUMERS. Their head office tells you that they want your feedback but all issues are filtered through their dealerships.

A Smart Corporate Ploy and it works. You won't get very far Directly.

So maybe we should band together in a nation wide Complaint site as Consumers. Who reads that? Consumer! Toyota needs to be taken to task for hiring smart engineers that can;t solve their problems because someday, they will be knocked off the top of the heap.

I, Myself love Toyota Products, but will not buy one in the future until I hear that Toyota is standing by their products.

ie: Better Warranty, Better Service and Solving Issues with their Products.

08/09/11 19:01
tampa florida
Thank author of this post/comment"mine whines also, so I guess I will too"

just bought a 2009 v6 AWD sport with no tire on the back (had to search forever for that), mine whines too, only 18, 000 miles, I've had it 5 days and am a bit annoyed with the noise already. I've had toyotas until 250, 000 miles and never had such an annoying noise. Totota, please help! This is silly for such a new car.
03/02/12 23:37
Thank author of this post/comment"RAV 4 2009 V6 Whine"

We took in the car to Toyota, they finally acknowledge that there was a noise. They replaced the replaces Engine Mounting Insulators, Drive Shaft Dampers, and, if necessary, transaxle, under 60 mo - 60, 000 mile drivetrain warranty. It had 35, 995. miles.

It was fine for about 2 days, now it does the same thing at 30, 40, 50 60, under load. We do have a 100, 000 service contract, but their has to be a fix??

05/21/13 09:42
United States
Thank author of this post/comment"rav4 trans whine"

they still have same problem with 2011 v6 sport rav4 same speeds hope we all can stay on top of this to make them fix problem .
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 29 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Transmission Whine archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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