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How do you update the navigation system?

- Toyota-Prius

Forum Post
07/15/08 09:15
Gordon Keller

How do you update the navigation system?

Is updating the gps map a do it yourself job and if so how do you do it.
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07/29/10 22:01

Burn it on a DVD+R with the slowest burn speed. DVD-reader should be under the left front seat regardless Jspec/US.

08/19/10 10:58

The GPS on the Toyota is junk. Save your money and buy a Garmin. Works way better than the Toyota and way less expensive. Plus they want 200.00 plus to upgrade. Garmin charges a little over a hundred for lifetime upgrades.
08/28/10 09:53

Our new (used) '08 prius has gps, but we can't get it ti turn on. Map shows on the screen, but option to set a destination does not operate. Is there a set up of some kind that isn't clear in the operating book?
09/23/10 08:04

Toyota charges R389 000 for the 2010 Prius in South Africa, and the salesmen uses the GPS as a hot selling point, but the GPS in the Prius is an absolute piece of junk. A cheap Tom Tom works ten times better, if Toyota want to charge that much for a car they can at least put a better GPS in the car. So much for your Kaizen philosophy, you've been using the same piece of crap GPS for the last 5 years.
10/22/10 14:02
Matthew Weyer

You can find the DVD images for the nav systems on torrent sites. I got Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL discs and it worked great. Verbatim is known for making high quality discs with great compatibility. When you burn it, make sure to verify just in case it doesn't burn right. I got an error message at first when sticking the disc in, but then it said updating system and now it works great!

Here are some examples: details/2137260/378412/ details/2028177/2648884/

10/23/10 14:04

I updated my 2007 Prius Navigation system today to the 2010 version. The DVD was $199 + tax from the dealership. The DVD drive was located under the driver's seat. The installation was as easy as Ben detailed in post #21!
11/13/10 00:33

Everyone be aware ('cause I sure wasn't). It is not possible to enter addresses while you are moving. Toyota disables the ability for the user to input information while moving/driving (a GOOD idea... I'm not complaining). This may have been obvious to everyone else, but it just took me two days of pulling my hair out to realize why I wasn't able to input an address or other information MOST of the time, whereas other times everything worked just fine (hence I wasn't moving when it worked just fine).
12/01/10 12:32

We bought a 2010 Prius and found that a major interchange on I95 at Lumberton NC that was opened in Sept 2008 did not show up. Has anyone had this experience??? It seems the data is not up-to-date.
12/04/10 18:15

If you're buying online, make sure you're getting new maps, not an original disk (pulled from a totaled car). Why anyone would want an original disk is beyond me, but there are plenty for sale on eBay.

If you download an illegal (torrent) copy, you'll need a blank Dual-Layer DVD+R disk and a Dual-Layer burner (maps are 7GB, ordinary DVD's are only 4.7GB). Burn at the slowest speed your copy software will allow.

Even the newest discs are out of date; it takes months to gather data, translate, create maps, manufacture discs, distribute, etc. Nippon Denso (Toyota's NAV vendor) relies on underfunded local governments to supply data, so some stuff gets overlooked.

FWIW, I saw new Cadillacs a few years back with NAV's made by Nippon Denso.

If your passenger wants to use the Destination/Map tools while moving and auto-skip the "I Agree" button, you may be able to find your car model at and their a hardware hack that puts your NAV into Override Mode (or there are instructions online to enable you to override manually). He's a one-man shop, so shipping can be slow. His stuff is top-quality, and installation instructions are very, very good; this one's a plug 'n' play install. He also has electric-only (Stealth Mode) switches that require a little more courage for the uninitiated.

My wife has an early '09 Camry (Aug. '08) and I have an (April) '05 Prius. I put her map disk (data ver. 07.1, U32-D, maps InfoUSA 2006) in my car -- no go (can't read disk). My disk (data ver. 04.2, W41-D, maps InfoUSA 2003) works in her car. Both map copyrights were 2 years old when the cars were new.

Buying new discs seems unlikely. If they've been sitting on a shelf for a few years, they might be discounted, but the maps would be old. Giving a dealer $200+ seems unnecessary for "new" maps that may still be 2 years old.

12/12/10 17:03

I agree with the complaints regarding the Toyota GPS system. It was designed by an idiot. It is not user friendly. The map is extremely incomplete. As previously stated it takes you off of freeways and puts you on surface roads for a few miles then back on the same freeway. I used it to find a location. Went to the location but can not get that location to clear. It keeps tring to tell me how to get to the same location.

The problem is that it is not only the GPS system which is poor. It is almost the complete electronics package. my car also has the lane keep feature. Scares the C**p out of me. Allows the vehicle to over shoot the lane boundries then over corrects. If allowed to continue for three oscillations it would either roll you over or spin you out.

12/20/10 15:23

From experience with the nav system on my 09 Prius, don't spend the $$ on any new Toyota nav system! Get the Toyota w/o that, saving your $$ for a Garmin or Tom-Tom. You'll have a much better nav tool, and money left in your pocket. Dunno why their system is not up to standards of the rest of the vehicle......

12/22/10 16:19
Judith Peck

I agree, I would never spend the money on the nav system, just get something you can move from vehicle to vehicle. I have a 2007 Prius and the nav worked OK in Oregon, however, I am now in NC and I have gone back to just using a map. The area has been growing fast, even so there are freeways and subdivisions that are pre, say, 2005 that are not on the system. In fact in my area, I can do chores all day and not hit the map! Now that I know that the update is $200, I will just get a Tom-Tom or Garmin. My husband's Lexus is only slighly better.

Love the car though--even with the 'recalls'. So, its up to Santa now!

01/14/11 11:07

The wife just got a '10 Prius w/nav syst. She's used Garmin in the past.

Her only question regarding the Prius Nav system: is it capable of displaying the posted speed limits like Garmin?

01/16/11 14:06
Jennifer Spangler

How do I update my GPS for my 2005 Toyota Pruis?

I really think I need to update it because sometimes it does not work properly,




01/17/11 11:15
Raymond Clark

Don't bother updating the Prius Nav system. Its worthless as a tool. Does not work at all. Gives wrong information; states that sites are do not exist which actually do; very complicated to enter data. Stick with your other Nav systems - Tom Tom and Garmin or whatever. Toyota should refund all Prius owners the cost of the Nav system.
01/27/11 23:36

My wife has a 2005 Sequoia with a nav system. I use my Garmin in my two pick up trucks. I have the lifetime update with my Garmin. To the point made that the Toyota system are not current even after the latest available updates. I find the same is true with the Garmin. Yes I check often for updates on my Garmin. Most mapping software updates lag about two years. It is impossible for the maps to be current.

As far as the Toyota nav system, I find it easy to learn to operate and understand. The key word is "Learn". Both the Garmin and the Toyota nav have their pros and cons.

02/01/11 08:36

I have a 2006 Prius and my navigation system worked fine and then all of a sudden it read "can't read dvd" I have removed dvd, cleaned it and replaced it and it still reads "can't read dvd" any suggestions?
02/07/11 14:11
Charles Dayton

I have a 2008 Prius. If I am on secondary roads, the GPS informs me that it knows where I am (sometimes) but isn't about to offer any help until I get back on the main road. To get from Alburqueque to San Antonio, it told me to go to Oklahoma City first. Microsoft Streets and Trips on my laptop beats the pants off the built in GPS, and also gives me speed and altitude. I now use my Droid in its dash mount as I can't trust the built in GPS.
03/05/11 12:30

PRIUS NAVIGATION 2020 version not only innacurate, but almost dangerous. Last trip instructed to tun onto a one way the wrong way, Told me to make a left onto no road, visual map showed right turn, route sign on road said to go streight. Points of interest grocery stores include A&P, just to name a few. I have had two other nav systems this is the worst I have seen. Toyota should be prosecuted since some of the features you may want can only be had if you by their crappy nav system.
03/17/11 13:30
peter irono

I recently (about 8 weeks ago) bought a toyota prius - 2007 model, but the inbuilt sat nav system does not work or rather it's yet to be activiated. I wonder if anyone could steer me in the right direction.

Many thanks

04/29/11 01:43
Speedy Car

I have the Prius V with the Navigation system. But didn't need to update my navigation system, as it's working properly till now. But now I am also feeling to update it. So, this post will also help me. Thanks.

09/01/11 10:53
lincoln uk
Thank author of this post/comment"Prius Navigation Disc"

I recently got a Disc from www.Satnav- It was less than 50 . The first disc did not work but they sent me a new one and it works OK ( 2011 maps)

My local Toyota dealer quoted 150 plus VAT. They will refund money if not happy

12/08/11 14:41
Duke Forest, Durham, NC, Earth
Thank author of this post/comment"A big thank you"

to Ben Gubar (post #21). You made updating my GPS so very easy. I remembered seeing a box under the passenger seat and at first began to try to take that cover off, but it was too difficult. Now I'm wondering what is located under the passenger seat of my 2008 Prius? Possibly something to do with the disk changer, as I have the 6 CD model?

Anyway, the directions were precise (once I printed them out as opposed to trying to read on my iPhone!!) and the GPS is updated. I am somewhat dismayed that when I put in my home address, even the updated version told me there is no such address on my street. Sheesh, the house is 30 years old. Thanx again for the directions.

01/07/12 16:55
Fredericksburg, VA
Thank author of this post/comment"Hey George"

Hey George! My mom was having the same issue with the GPS in her Prius. But found out her problem was her GPS was reading another region of the country and not Virginia's area. Make sure you check that. I sell Toyota's and a 2009 needing to be updated already sounds like a joke. Check all the settings just in case the car has traveled across the states. I'm looking for a disc myself to update my mom's 2006 Nav system. Too many new roads and construction has happened in the past 5 years here.
01/19/12 22:58
Thank author of this post/comment"Toyota Prius T Spirit 07 reg"

Hi folks,

I just got toyota 2007 but haven't gpt the sat navigation disc. Can anyone suggest where can i buy them apart from main dealer which will cost fortune..


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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 54 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: How do you update the navigation system? archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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