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cooling fans do not come on

- Toyota-Camry

Forum Post
05/14/08 22:01

cooling fans do not come on

when sitting in traffic engine temp gets very high

cooling fans do not come on. is this a sensor problem or relay problem

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09/30/09 14:15
Jim Berry

' 95 Camry 4 cyl. Both cooling fans run as soon as the ignition key is turned on.Is this correct? If not what can be done? Thanks
10/02/09 14:10

how do i check if cooling fan works
10/29/09 03:05

How ddo you test the cooling fan relays there are 3 fan relays in the fuse panel, how do you tell which one is the correct relay and how do you test it?
12/16/09 00:38

fan only works when air con is on.barely runs when with air off

can stop with finger.

07/06/10 12:40

Some toyotas have a coolant sensor NOT to be confused with the Temperature sensor. The coolant sensor is located on the radiator it selt, most likely on the bottom and close to the middle. Replace it and the fans should work as needed. Now a temporary fix, unplug the sensor, this will make the fans run only when the engine is running or the key is on the on position. Good luck
08/05/10 08:49


In 1994 and 1996 CSi models (No real change in models for some 5 years) Fan 1 and Fan 3 relays are used for thermo fans. Not sure what Fan 2 relay is used for.

08/05/10 08:54

Pinched for another site re Camry fans not operating:

There are actually 3 temp sensors.

1 is on the top of the engine that goes to temp gauge in dash has 1 wire.

Next to it is a 3 wire sensor for engine control and choke.

On the bottom of the radiator, next to the hose, is a 2 wire sensor.

Loosen all 3 but leave connected.

Get engine hot past halfway point on dash gauge.

With AC off, disconnect 1 sensor at time.

Start with 2 wire under radiator, as it takes the most abuse. Fan will come on when you disconnect broken sensor.

2 sensor must agree for fan to stay on till engine cools when turned off.

Note: This is solution I used after verifying fuses, fuseable links and relays worked. WOO HOO!

Make sure you check both the fuse box under hood and fuse box left side of steering wheel my ECU fuse was inside my bros was outside.

ECU B on my car goes to nothing and is under hood. Had it confused with ECU on wiring diagram. DOH!

08/05/10 09:51
AC~DC Service Manuals

All CAMRY service manuals from 1987 to 2010, including Camry Hybrid, are available on our site.

10/26/10 22:51

I have a 94 Camry and my fans stopped working. I could "jump" the relay and they would work. They would not with the relays in place. I changed the relays and the coolant temp sensor but still no fans! Thank YOU Stratman 3. I did not even know there was another sensor. I unplugged it and the fans work. I will drive with it unplugged until I have time to replace. Thanks again.
08/19/11 12:51
sw florida
Thank author of this post/comment"electric cooling fans do not turn on"

i have 2006 camry 4 cyl LE I have two electric fans, one I assume for engine temp and the other for A/C both do not go on, I was told most likely the relay switch/fuse (#8 #11 and #13) how do i test if they are faulty?
01/21/12 10:12
Thank author of this post/comment"radiator fans stay on when the ignition is on"

Both my fans stay on when the ignition key is turned on. i replaced both relays, checked the coolant sensor on the manifold it is OK.Help
05/13/13 22:00
tampa bay
Thank author of this post/comment"fans have minds of own"

1995 Toyo Camry - start engine cool-turn on a/c and both fans run approx 50% power. engine heats up-both fans crank 100% power, sometimes don't come on at all even when gauge pegs to red area. sometimes gauge will get about half hot and both fans crank @ 100%. fans do not crank @ 100% when a/c on unless they kick in to cool engine. really weird symptoms. replaced a/c fan relay and appears not to red line hot anymore but fans sometimes still won't come on til 3/4 of the way to hot. used to never run hotter than 1/3 to rarely 1/2 of gauge span. if anyone has solution, i'm reading. possible hole in resevoir, ? bad rad cap?, bad thermostat? i'm lost ??? i will be trying STRATMAN3's remedy at 1st chance but appears to be more involved than just a sensor. i'm not a mechanic but i'm not stupid either. as aforementioned; fans have minds of own. appreciate any replies the RM
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    Toyota Camry 'cooling fans do not come on'