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ac switch light blinks on and off

- Toyota-Camry

Forum Post
07/02/07 18:16
jay whitmore

ac switch light blinks on and off

The light on my air condition switch blinks on and off. It works fine for about a hour. Then it starts blinking on and off and the ac stops working. It starts to work again after I shut it off for a while.
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08/08/07 20:49
Richard Ranney

Same problem: 1997 Camry 4Cyl. The light on my air condition switch blinks on and off. It works fine for about a hour. Then it starts blinking on and off and the ac stops working. It starts to work again after I shut it off for a while.

This only happens when the outdoor temperature is around 105 degrees here in Las Vegas - but that happens quite often - and that is exactly the time when the AC is really necessary!

The freon level has been checked several times and pronounced as OK - but they always say the same thing - "Bring it back when it is not working..." Problem is that it always starts working again after it cools a bit.... HELP, PLEASE.

04/04/08 22:54

I have a 99 Camry, great car . . .have the same problem, but only when I have recently drove through a fairly deep puddle of water, or many deep puddles. Usually rights itself within minutes after driving. Hope this helps.
06/11/08 07:51

12/31/08 16:28
Pat Fagio

see post below forum/autos/ toyota-camry/ TI5OFMQ8CGJNLGO89

06/17/09 19:24

I have that going on too w/a '95 Camry. Pressed the ac button down and held while cranking. That would great, and sort of reset it.

Got a new battery a month later. That trick is not working now. Now I see the battery may have blown the fuse in the magnetic clutch relay, located behind the battery in a black fuse box.

Open box look for MG CLT. W/needle nose plyers pull the fuse stright up and out. Replace w/part # 90987-02028.

07/21/09 16:48

Thank you for the help. I changed the a/c electric clutch relay and the a/c works great. We had the same intermittent light blinking for three summers before it completely stopped. The relay part number was slightly different for our 2003 Camey. part # 90987-02022
08/25/09 04:19

i think it is due to thermostate failure if you replace that part your problem will be solve.
10/02/09 18:39



10/15/09 20:29

2002 Camry AC light blinks off and on and blows warm air. Sometimes blinking stops and AC is cold. A Mechanic put new compressor on several months ago, started doing it again in 6 months, then he said needed new switch in compressor. It worked for 3 weeks and now doing it again. HELP!!
05/16/10 22:39
Larry E

2002 Camry AC light blinks off and on. Unairconditioned warm air coming from the vents. This is a continuous problem. It had happened once about 8 months ago. Shut system down for a short time and the system started working again. Currently, the system blinking light comes on every time I attempt to activate the system.

06/17/10 22:06

The MG CLT fuse/relay was 15.00 at advance auto. My 2002 Camry had the blinking AC light when running. Changed out the part...worked Great for me.
07/03/10 10:39

My 2009 Sienna with 35K miles began having the AC light blink on-and-off, which caused the AC to blow out only hot air. When I moved the AC knob to Max, that would solve the problem; but when the knob was moved back to normal AC operation, the hot air blew out again. Turning the AC button off then on again helped. The dealer's service manager said that operation resets a component inside the compressor. The dealer first replaced a relay switch, but that didn't help. Then they drove it around and even poured water onto the compressor and belts to try to get the problem to arise, but nothing went wrong. Apparently there is no computer diagnostic connector for them to check it out. The dealer is ordering a new compressor for me. The service manager said that this type of compressor uses a built-in sensor to shut it down so it doesn't lock up and break the belt. That made sense to me since I had a 70's Chevy which that happened. Just hope the new compressor does the trick -- for at least as long as I own the Sienna.
01/18/11 05:33
akaash sarup

Same problem in my toyota 4 runner. The light on my air condition switch blinks on and off...


after few days i check my air con bilt it was loss..thats why light was blinking on my air con button

03/23/11 15:30

I had the AC blinking light on my 2003 Camry. Thanks to on-line forums I was able to atleast start trying to troubleshoot it.

Our filter behind the glove box was disgusting, but replacing it did not do the trick. We removed the AC clutch relay part #90987-02022, and replaced it with our horn relay just to test. It seemed to be the problem, but instead of putting in the Toyota replacement part #90987-02028 we called Advance Auto and found a knock-off relay for only $15 and it was on the shelf. The part has a year's warranty. Problem solved quickly and inexpensively.

I don't know about the rest of you, but we have had enough of taking our car to certified mechanics who don't seem to have clue and just start replacing parts(the most expensive one's first) while we pay and pay for everything including their high labor charge.

Thanks for all the advice. Hope this post helps someone else save a bundle

06/03/11 15:47
Thank author of this post/comment"Toyota Camry A / C light blinking"

Thank you all for this Online Forum - I had a similar issue with my 2002 Toyota Camry A/C light blinking. Mechanic wanted to change the condenser, and Fix a small leak in the radiator All a long I kept telling him, there is A/C in the CAR, it just shuts off after 10 min and I can turn the A/C back on after a few min, It has to be something else. -

I read this Forum and followed Sherri's advice! Now the problem is gone, and $500 in my pocket!, less $15 for replacement relay.

03/29/12 21:36
Thank author of this post/comment"Do what Sherri did!!"

I followed Sherri's advice post #14

I got the part from Advance Auto store for 15$ replaced it myself in about 2 minutes (pliers are recommended). I turned the car on and the AC is working like it did yesterday.

Thanks Sherri!

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    Toyota Camry 'ac switch light blinks on and off'