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Check Engine Light

- Toyota-Camry

Forum Post
01/27/06 19:16

Check Engine Light

I have a 2000 Camry 4 cyl auto. The check engine light intermittently comes on and goes off. Any suggestions to check? Can someone tell me where the oxygen sensor is located?

Thanx in advance


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02/21/06 11:02

I have a 1994 Camry 2.2 The check engine light intermittently comes on and the stalls and finally goes off.It wouldn't start immediately until the engine is considerable cool it starts again Any suggestions to check? Could it be a bad fuel pump,distributor or brain box.

would really appreciate your assistance


06/13/06 00:38

how many 02 sensors do i have and where are they located?

i'm looking for the one after the converter

05/10/08 14:52

I have a 2006 toyota Camry and recently the "check VSC" light came up and my can stalled and has since refused to start. I have chaneged the fule pump but this has not solved the problem. Is there anybody who has experienced the same problem?
05/15/08 23:09
wilson fred67

i need to buy this car for my son so much i poster to my me thank you
05/22/08 23:01

05/24/08 09:44

I dont have any car, can you advise me which car is suitable for me, should be fuel economical and SUV type.
07/27/08 17:07

I have a 98 4 cy and the check engine light came on I checked the code and it said random misfire. I changed plugs and wires and the light went off for a couple of days then came back on I changed air and fuel filters but it is still on and the code still says random miss which I can feel at low Idle and when starting out. Any help would be nice. Thanks
08/13/08 11:43

94 4 cylinder check engine light comes on goes off comes on goes off periodicaly .no smoke, performance good , temperature good . what does this light mean?
08/15/08 05:25

i have toyota corola brain light on due to exaust wire failure as my mechanic said and i felt that when aheaded a car.i want more information if some one help me concerning this matter.
08/31/08 23:12


Today my car ditched me in the middle of road.

In Drive gear, it refused to move ahead although the reverse gear were working fine.I got it checked the other day when it was not moving in reverse direction and mechanic asked me to get the engine mount checked however I could dirve for few days before getting it checked.

Please suggest what could be the problem with this 2000 Model Toyota camry LE which has 78000 miles on it.

I also saw that engine light is giving a 'check' signal on dashboard



09/11/08 00:38

I have toyota camry 1998, 4 cyl, Standard. I got starter replaced. Since then Check Engine Light is on. Any help/Suggestion appreciated.



09/29/08 01:25

Hi, I have a 2005 Camry which I purchased couple of months ago and it had 69k miles on it. In the last two months, I have done 2k. Yesterday, all of a sudden, the 'Check engine' indicator came up. Can you please let me know, how to diagnose this problem?
12/09/08 12:49

If u have a car that is 1996 or newer u can take it to autozone or checkerfor a free code check. The code will tell you where the problem is.
12/15/08 22:59
berry lee

check engine light came on after I got a new clutch installed in an old 1991 Toyota Tercel. I think its because I wasnt able to gun it with the clutch slipping for a long time and now I can go full throttle so it is sensing some strain on the rings ect. ==nothing to worry about until the rings and valves go! right!!! 144, 000 mileage
01/04/09 00:24

I own a 2002 Toyota Camry LE. Recently had been for LA trip from San Jose. Total trip was 1000 miles and on my way back the Check Engine light was on when i was 100 miles away from home..Then i remembered that i put gas sometime back and dont remember closing the gas cap properly..Later i put the cap prop but the light was still on and took it to Auto Zone for checkup. (i knew this after i saerched the forums). But Auto Zone told me that in state of california, they have banned Auto Zone to do that testing..and he only refered me to 'AAmco Transmissions'. They also do free testing and if there is any issues, they will fix it too. Aamco Transmissions guy spoke really well and asked me to come next day (Saturday) or Monday if i am ok to wait as his day was busy with appts. The test he told will take 1.15 hrs and said he would do that for free..Later i came and searched discussion forums again and learned that if it was gas cap issue, then it would take a night and the next day when the EVAP codes run again it might get reset. So i skipped saturday and thought will take car on monday morning. but to my surprise, the light went off on saturday after driving for arround 3-4 miles. Thanks to all in the discussion forum for sharing the thoughts and experiences..So if any of you get the light, remember whether u closed the gas cap correctly and re do it and allow a night to see if it goes. This is true only if ur 'Check Engine' light is not blinking. IF its blinking, pls take it to mechanic immediately..dont risk..I wish nobody gets this problem..Have a good one.
01/25/09 21:57

I own a 2000 Camry XLE, and it's about 103, 000 on it.

I've only had it for a year, and it's been pretty reliable until now, cause my check engine light is on and when I was driving I can feel like the car is slipping, like a slight push from my car. So I brought it to the mechanic and he said that the diagnose code was a random misfire in my engine valves. Now I don't know what to do cause he told me to give it a day and it turned on again today and it still feels like my car is slipping when first starting it up in the morning and driving it. When I'm accelerating I can feel it like thumping like its something thats in its way or something.

IDK but any advice on what to do is greatly appreciated.

03/07/09 20:34

o2 sensors have been change and the check engine light has come on again saying that o2 sensor is bad
03/25/09 17:59
chi Nguyen

My Toyota Camry 1997 did not pass smog check . I got a P017. What does that mean? One mechanic told me that I need to replace Oxygen sensors, which I did 2 years ago.

Any help is appreciated.


02/12/10 22:46
Inam Haq

I have engine light on for a few years on my Toyota Camry 96 but the car seems to be running without any noticeable problem. Several years ago I took my car to a mechanic for some exhaust problem, perhaps some catalytic converter issue. The mechanic advised that the car would run fine without the second catalytic converter so he cut it off and welded the pipe. The car had been running fine without the second converter. Sometimes later the engine light came on. I was not sure if it was due to the second missing converter. I took the car to another mechanic who tested with a code computer and told me that it needed the catalytic converter. Two years ago the car failed the emission test. The mechanic worked on the car for over an hour doing different tests and said that EGR valve needed to be replaced. He did something to pass the car in emission test and charged me $200. The car was running OK but the engine light did not go away. The emission is due again this month. I replaced the front header pipe or the flex pipe with a catalytic converter today. I took the car for emission test immediately after the new flex pipe and catalytic converter was installed at a local Meineke shop. The emission mechanic told me to bring the car back in a couple of days because the catalytic system was not ready. The engine light also came on after 30 minutes of driving. Couple of weeks ago I had taken the car to another exhaust shop and they checked the codes and found the code for the EGR valve. I am still not sure if the problem is with the EGR valve or there some other issue causing the engine light to come on. EGR valve is expensive and before buying a new EGR valve I want some advice if it is actually the bad EGR valve that is causing the engine light to come on. Any advice/help to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated.
03/13/10 12:17
Shafi Nambobi

I have a problem with my car Toyota Camry Model 1994 Automatic. It cuts down power and have replaced fuel pump and it keeps on burning spark plugs almost every month. what can I do?
12/10/10 19:27

I have a 1994, 4 cyl Toyota Camry. 2 days ago it stalled in the middle of the road. Started back up about 4 hours later. But then it stalled again after about ten minutes. Changed the distributor coil and spark plugs. But since then I have the check engine light on at all times. Could someone help pls.

Thanks in advance.

04/16/11 11:23

i have toyota camry 1998 LE. car runs just fine but 2 days ago engine light came on. any suggession? what are the three most common caused of check engine light?
02/10/12 23:00
United States
Thank author of this post/comment"Toyota Camry Catalytic Converters"

Catalytic Converters for the Camry 2.2L are some the most common parts that I sell. Please remember that these vehicles have both a Manifold Converter and an undercar converter. Be sure to select a high quality brand like the National Catalytic Converter brand or Catco to ensure that your check engine light will go out and stay out. The Camry 3.0L V6 cars also have catalytic converters replaced fairly frequently but no where near as often as the 2.2L. One last thing, catalytic converters do not fail on their own, generally there is an underlying issue with the vehicle that cause the catalytic converter to fail in the first place.
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