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Front passenger door electric window won't go up.

- Subaru-Legacy

Forum Post
02/10/09 18:14
Gerry Farrell

Front passenger door electric window won't go up.

I have power to the switches, but the master switch will not operate the window on my '93 Legacy wagon. The door switch worked to lower the window, but not raise it. Have nor found any loose grounds or broken wires.
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Subaru-Legacy -

My front passenger door electric window won't go up. On my Subaru Legacy 2004 model. I can lower the window but not close it. From the driver seat can I without any problems lower and close the windows. Is this a well known problem among the Subaru legacy owners?

Could it be the switch that need replacement?

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dominick Fiordimalva

I have a similar problem with my drivers side front window. It goes down no problem, but gets stuck and wont go up. It was finiky for a few weeks, if I pulled real hard and kinda twisted it it would go up, but now that won't even work!

Any one know of a good anti-rain dance?

any input is greatly appreciated.

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Gerry Farrell

Guys, I may have an answer: The wire harness has a tight 180 degree loop in it where the drivers door closes on the "A" pillar, and the harness flexes enough to eventually break the wires. I found 6 broken wires in mine, so I cut and spliced them all. You'll need to take out the drivers seat to get room to work. Remove the drivers side kick panel and unbolt the fuse box. Remove the drivers door panel and disconnect the wiring harness so you can feed it towards the inside of the car. Once inside, you can cut, splice, solder and heatshrink until you are happy. If possible, try to route the harness so it will not have the 180 degree loop in it (where it broke). Someone even suggested that I use a piece of flat trailer wiring harness for the repair section. Good luck!
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2000 subaru outback window in front door has come off its track. wondering if there is way to fix this? thanks, jim
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Same problem with driver's side window for months now. POSSIBLE short term solutions: For a while I found that if I lifted the button for other passenger windows at the same time as the driver side, the driver's side would go up (w/ a little patience). A while back it seemed that if I applied a little pressure to the glass, from inside the car, and lifted the switch at the same time--this might have been mere coincidence. Also, if I put the passenger side window all the way down and then pulled them both up together it would eventually work. Some days it would randomly work every time. For the past three weeks...errr...nothing.
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The Answr: (I Hope to yours) So I have a legacy 99. The problem with mine when it wouldnt go up. Everything went down all switches work my driver side window did not go up from the controls.

Temp Solution I had took it apart. It meaning just the main window switch about a 5 by 5inch square little box in the door. Well the the conductors for that switch and that switch only, they were gone over the years of using the window the metal had took enough heat and slowly melted away down to wear the plastic hit and not the metal anymore.

I first sawdered it to wear the piece that melted into the plastic metal was on top> Picture a straw and i just filled the top part with a bit more metal. so the 2 touched that fixed it for about 2 months. YOu can jiggle the switch if you push in and up and just do a tiny movement it will catch every once in a while.

More Permanent Solution: buy the part its the window conductor switch ran me about 45 bucks at a junk yard. I hope this helped everyone as from what I hear its a very common problem.

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Mike T.

Sounds kind of like my problem on my 99 Legacy Outback drivers window. It always goes down ok and will always go up from any position except from the completely down position. What is interesting is, it does work about 50 percent of the time. The times it doesn't, I fiddle with the switch and eventually it will go up.

One would think Subaru would have a fix, HAHA.

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Mike T especially - I have exact problem. (1997 Subaru driver window won't go up). So I got the 5x5 inch module of switches to replace the old one but the screws to take it out are UNDERNEATH the plastic door frame molding - I can't get at half of them!!! (3 maybe??). So I thought maybe you have to do it from behind so I take door panel off and try to unscrew the module but there's the SAME PROBLEM, there's molding in the way of unscrewing a couple screws!!! Lousy design!!! How to you unscrew the module to replace it??!!!!!! Urgggghhhh!!!!
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If you have problem with the Subaru Legacy driver side window. The most common symptom is " window not going up" or struck sometime etc.

This is the problem of wiring in the Subaru's from 1996-00

Check with the mechanic and ask him to check the wiring before you think about changing the window switch or motor. I had a pity bad time finding it out. Midas, PepBoys and other dealerships told me to change the window motor or regulator. I did everything and after spending about $200 I found this is a small electrical problem.

I hope this will work for you guys as I checked with the Subaru Dealership and they told me this problem.

Have a good luck.

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Does Amit know how they eventually fixed the small electical problem? I had a car mechanic look at my window not rolling up, and unfortunately he went right for the motor (although I explained how I didn't think this was the problem because I had read up on forum discussions like this one). He had me purchase a new motor, then found that it wasn't the problem. 10 days later I got my car back : all the windows are rolled up, the switch from the drivers window is laying on the seat and none of the windows can roll down now....

So, like I originally wondered - can I fix this small electical problem myself? And how do I do it?

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The problem is in the switch itself. Just fixed one for some friends and found contacts coroided!! You will have to remove door panel to get to switch. Have window down if not already stuck down, find screws that attach door panel to door.(one in latch pull under trim plug, other under trim plug in center of door) There are several push in clips built into door panel with one or two trim clips that look like buttons on panel( this varies on model). Pry between door panel and door shell with trim tool or a two inch wide putty knife. Then lift panel up and off off door shell. The wiring harness won't let you go far without un-clipping them. Now you have access to the screws to remove the switch and either replace or attemp to repair the contacts inside. Hope this helps!!!!! Jim
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2000 model legacy Gt ...The window switch is usually the culprit...There are plastic rollers in the bottom of the switch that make contact to roll the window up or down.. When the plastic wears a bit it does not make contact to roll the window up ... My conclusion is that the switch needs replaced.. Most of the time its the switch and not the motors...
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Steve Howells

I had the same exact problem on my '99 Legacy Outback : drivers side window went down and got stuck there. Took Jims advice and checked the contacts in the switch itself, discovered a bad contact due to some corrosion (which was easy to clean) and the actual plastic roller on the switch itself had worn down, so it wasn't making proper contact with the copper leaf that makes electrical contact. A little bit of McGyvering (be careful not to loose the tiny spring when removing the plastic contact from the switch) and all is good again. I'm sure I saved myself some money by reading this forum and doing the job myself, only took an hour and nobody ripped me off...Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions...
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Joshua Stein

Steve, Tony, others who know;

I have the same problem, 2001 Outback.

Some things have made me think the switch panel can be removed without taking off the door panel but Jim, you say the panel DID have to be removed.

From those of you who fixed the switch; did you need to remove the door panel or were you able to just pop out the switch and continue with the repair from that point?



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I just replaced the driver's side power window switch module on my 2001 Outback and I *did not* have to remove the door panel. I only had to remove the black plastic panel that wraps around the switches.

To remove this panel, take a flathead screwdriver and gently pry the panel away from the door handle. It is held in place by two clips, one on the forward end of the panel and one on the aft end.

Once you have removed this little panel, you have to disconnect two wiring connectors, one for the power lock switch on the forward end and one for the window switches on the aft end.

After that, you only have to remove four phillips head screws to remove the switch module.

I replaced my switch module with Dorman part # 337 901-800 from It only cost me around $40 *brand new* versus $180 for the Subaru OEM switch. There's no need to buy a beat-up old switch module from a junkyard.

Everything works fine now and I'm happy that I'm able to close the driver's side window to keep out the rain and cold.

I hope that helps.

**/**/** **:**

One more thing to add to my post above: I *did not* have to roll down my window to replace the switch.
**/**/** **:**

Two corrections to my post above:

1) The part number is just 901800.

2) The forward wiring connector is for the power window switch, not the power lock switch.

**/**/** **:**

Holy crap. I must be tired. In #2 above, I meant the power mirror switch, not the power window switch.

Time to sign off and go to bed.

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Thanks very much!

Just finished ordering the part from Rockauto. Looking forward to following your crisp, clear, lucid instructions and keeping out the Cold Rain and Snow.

Grateful you took the time to set me on the path.


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Mike, thanks again.

Switch arrived, switch panel popped out, component replaced and...

'What!? Now none of the windows work! Oh, I see...'

The all-lock button got pressed during the change. OK, that button works.

So success!

Appreciate your help.

**/**/** **:**

You're welcome. Glad I was able to help.
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checking out window switches for a 1991 legacy i looking at the right's looking like it's around $136-$ says it's the oes switch from

i couldn't find the right year on for a dorman part.....

help, please....


**/**/** **:**

I had the same problem and fixed it myself. I took the switch apart and swapped the small white plastic things that press down on the switch. I just swapped the left front with the left rear. Both work now. I could see that the little white plastc contact thing was worn out.
**/**/** **:**
Marc Goodman

Hello, Just bought the part and we are going to use a replacement part from DORMAN. You can find what you need at under their part number: 396-07017381 for $37.98 plus shipping costs. We haven't installed it yet but looking at it you will see the the OEM part is a little 'fancier' than this made-in-China aftermarket part but if you can save 2/3 of the cost on a part that seems to be giving so many people so much grief, it's worth a shot. Thanks to Mike for the installation details; I wasn't looking forward to doing this on my own if I had to remove the door panel.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"1998 Subaru Impreza Outback"

I am not sure if this needs to be in another thread, but I am planning on replacing this part, but the closet model I can find in a junk yard is a '99 forestor. Does anyone know if these would be interchangeable?



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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 26 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Front passenger door electric window won't go up. archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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