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1995 Saturn SL2 can't get fuel

- Saturn-SL2

Forum Post
07/09/08 14:18
Mike Rana

1995 Saturn SL2 can't get fuel

So, my Saturn has been dying while i drive and won't start for a while. I replaced the fuel filter, the fuel relay switch, fuel pump and the ignition module. Still won't start. I can pump some starter fluid in and it works for about 10-20 min before dying. Any idea on what the problem could be? please help me out. thank you.
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Did you ever get this figured out? Does your car start and then stop, or not start at all?

Make sure to change your ECTS (electronic coolant temperature sensor), a cheap part that always fails on all earlier Saturns due to being made of rubber or plastic. Buy the OEM part for about fifteen bucks or an aftermarket brand for about ten dollars; if you buy the aftermarket then buy some teflon tape to wrap around the threads.

The ECTS is located on the head; on a '95 I believe there are two sensors but the one you want to change is the one with two wires connected to it. (Later Saturn models have only one sensor.) Use a 13mm deep socket and be careful not to strip the threads when tightening downl; you don't need to tighten it much, just use your hand or the socket to turn it and then only use the ratchet to get it close to being flush with the head.

Fix this part because it affects many things about your car, you'd be surprised how much. And for only about fifteen dollars or less, you can't afford not to fix it. It might have some effect on the problem you're having.

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I just bought a used 1995 Saturn sl2 and put a new starter, fuel regulator, and spark plug wires on car and cannot get it to start 99% of time; it starts after it has sat for a long while. Can anyone please tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? When I try to start it, all it does is crank over. Once in a blue moon it will start and run fine, but it dies again shortley after, then will not start, again, for a while. I am begging... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!
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Ron Harwood

My 95 SL2 fix turned out to be the PVC Valve. It was sticking. It's an easy check. It's located in the valve cover next to the oil fill hole. Just pull it out of the valve cover (along with it's hose). Then remove the PVC valve from the hose. See if it starts. If it does, you can plug the hose with your thumb and see if the engine dies. I just soaked mine in gasoline and it works fine.
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alan kowalczuk

The engine on my 1995 DOC Saturn SL runs hot and goes in the red before the fan comes on. I get code 26 on the diagnostics so I went to an auto parts website to find a coolant temperature sensor but also noticed there is a temperature switch. Would it be wise to change this switch as well and if so can you tell me where it is located.I know where the sensor is located. Thanks
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Ran out of gas the other day. Put a few gallons in it, Took about an hour to start. Then the next day wouldn't start again. Read somewhere to turn key to acc. position for 5 sec. a couple times to prime pump, It worked. Then today same thing but this time nothing will work. Only runs a few secs. on carb cleaner when sprayed into manifold Please Help
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My 96 Saturn runs great but once in a while it will starve for fuel. Sometimes after crossing rough train tracks (slowly) it will start to spit and sputter. I've used injector cleaner and sometimes it helps the problem. Most of the time if I just rev it up it straightens out. I'm thinking loose connection somewhere or a clogged screen on the pump. Maybe even some crap floating in the tank. Anybody have an opinion?
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i have a 95 saturan and there where two wires that i thought went to the alternater but when i hooked them up my car died out and now i but when i put power to them it activates the injecters any one kno what i did wrong
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I have a 95 saturn sl I have replaced the ing control mod and fuel pump. Now I have a problem the fuel pump is not getting power. can any one tell me what is going on plz

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I have a 1997 Saturn SC1 engine cranks won't start. Have replaced fuel pump and filter, new spark plugs and wires, PVC valve, Map sensor, heat sensor, put injector cleaner in it and still won't start any one have any suggestions
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my 93 saturn sl1 wont start i put in a new feul pump and filter and nothing just turns over
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    Saturn SL2 '1995 Saturn SL2 can't get fuel'