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saturn dash warning lights

- Saturn-L200

Forum Post
10/05/08 20:07

saturn dash warning lights

Warning lights not sure what it means it is a box like looking symbol with a little water on the bottom has come on 3 times in a week. What is this symbol and what can I do to find the problem with it as the car is acting fine at the moment..
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08/27/09 21:19

Oh yeah, by the way it is a Saturn Ion 2006.
10/10/09 09:47

Yeah I am having the same probmelm with my saturn ion 2005 with the reduced engine light coming on don't know what to do it starts then in stalls becaus the light is on this is the 3rd time it's done it since june?
12/12/09 14:05

I have a saturn L300 2005 and when the traction control comes on or I slide in the snow a triangle yellow light with an exclamation point comes on. Any clue?
12/16/09 17:34

2001 Saturn L200-I had my fuel pump replaced last monday. they (saturn) mustve disconnected my air system from the engine when they did this because it was disconnected when i got my car back and i could hear it. i reconnected it and everything was ok. but on saturday my service engine soon light came on. maybe they forgot to connect something else? my car isnt running bad, actually seems to be driving better i just dont know what this is all about.
12/19/09 12:40

I have a 2002 Saturn L200.

Question - what does the light mean- An arrow pointing down at squiggly lines almost looks like a symbol for mountain or possibly looks like water or a wave...?

01/21/10 00:51
Brandon Paul

hi there. Yeah, I think we all have common problems.Its a red box with a liquid in the bottom.I don't really know what it is.
02/23/10 15:43

it just means that the coolant needs to be topped up if you have the box with a bit of liquid at the bottom and the arrow pointing down... i called the dealership and thats what i got, it worked the light went away.
02/23/10 15:44

i forgot you might want to check with the dealership or wherever you get your coolant different years need different kinds of coolant, 2001 needs Dex Cool coolant.
03/13/10 01:20

could drive your car if the coolant is low

05/19/10 21:01

My fan blower works intermittently, some times blows fully otherwise does not blow at all. Any idea on where to check first? Seems that it begins to work during certain bumpy areas or if coming to a stop after driving a distance.

Seems to be a diminishing speed when on high, at times, then stops all together.

07/31/10 16:08
lisa stewart

09/14/10 16:26

I have a L300 series. 2005 and I can't find out what a light is that comes on in the bottom half of the dashboard. It is what looks like an oil symbol with a wrench at the bottom of it. There is oil in the car. I'm not sure what it is.
10/01/10 19:08
Sarah from Wisconsin

Thanx 4 explaining the light with the red box and the arrow pointing down to fluid on the bottom and the little "T" on top... My car... SL1 Saturn, has the same problem and I was getting worried since it is almost winter time... I'm glad I know that it needs it's coolant temperature checked out... It has also stalled about 3 or 4 times within the last two to three months... Thank you, Sarah... 10/01/10 :)
10/16/10 09:55

What is the light with the box with a arrow pointing down at a liquid

10/29/10 13:28

I received my answer without even asking a questions. It seems almost everyone has the same problem with the red box with the arror and liquid. Well i'm on my way to get some engine coolant because that light would come on and go off and I had no idea what it was and it was scaring me.
12/02/10 00:45

Same as you Tyra, got my answer finally, glad it's nothing serious, I just moved and couldn't find my owners manual yet!
12/07/10 20:59

Do any of you know what does the symbol that look like a telephone means on an Saturn ION 2007. That symbol shows and it sound like there is a short somewhere. Radio/cd player is out completely. Thanks. Awaiting for an answer.


12/22/10 17:28

Thank you for your answers regarding the 'box' icon with the T on top and water on the inside. My mother has this problem on her '03 VUE and, without being able to find her Saturn manual, we were rushed to find out what the warning light meant. We are picking up engine coolant right now.
01/11/11 02:13

2003 Saturn LW300 Dashboard icon in upper left part of dashboard came on. It is the outline of a car with a wrench in the middle of it. It is right above the check engine light. What does it mean. I can't find my owners manual
02/14/11 20:28

According to my mechanic (who has worked on my VUE since I bought it new in 2003) although my Engine Coolant Temperature Warning idiot light is on, my coolant is just fine. I have a new water pump, thermostat and coolant and the light stays on. Apparantly, this is a known defect in Saturns. Of course, if your light comes on, you should definitely get it checked out, but if the light stays on, there might not really be a problem.
02/16/11 12:43
joel clarke

what should i do to get the change oil symbol light to cut off. i already changed the oil so i expected the light to cut off.
03/04/11 11:54

I have a 2000 Saturn SL. Currently has 88, 000 miles. Problem started when car suddenly would not crank over, waited a little while and car started fine, took it a mechanic and guy said it started fine with continuous checks. Soon after "service engine soon" light came on. Took it a mechanic and problem apparently solved. A week latter "service engine soon" light came back on. Repeat earlier steps, and same result. Coolant light now also comes on and off. Mechanic now believes the wiring may be old and faulty. He's as frustrated as I am and I think he is just shooting in the dark now. Of course I'm paying every time I take the car in. HELP!
03/06/11 20:24

2003 Saturn . icon w/ outline of a car with a wrench in it what does it mean?
04/21/11 11:51

I have a 2005 saturn ion. my engine light came on and I got a code for an 02senor. had that changed , light goes off for about 3 or 4 days and then came back on. Was told to check the senor again and blow everything out and tighten everything up. That was good for about a week, and the light came back on. Checked again and got the code po171. Went though everything again light was off I drove it for 65 miles and then took it to have it smog tested ( I live in California), it passed everything except functional test. Now light is on again. I have been going back and forth with this for 2 months. Called saturn dealership and was told that they will charge me $105 to check it and tell me what is wrong. I'll NRVER buy another saturn again.
02/06/12 20:00
Citrus Heights
Thank author of this post/comment"about the reduced power light"

I have also had this light come on and after going to the auto parts store to get a dear in the headlights response and reading a number of posts on this site I will myself do the following as well as consult my brother Bob who is pretty good with these things like me but better.

First there is a number of things that can cause reduced power in a car after it has had some mileage added to it.

A full tune up is never a bad idea if you want to keep you car running itís best. This means spark plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, air filter, and in the old days, rotor, rotor cap, distributor cap, points and condenser.

(these days you check the module, mass air flow sensor, oxygen sensor, clean the throttle body witch replaces the carburetor with sensor safe carburetor cleaner. If this still doesnít make the little idiot light go off then I will buy a code reader for the car and see if it tells me anything. After that as far as I know so far I will ignore it unless it appears to be running badly.

It could at that point be a timing belt, or other worse problems such as lost compression.

I donít even want to thing about that stuff yet.

Good luck out there and keep posting


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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 47 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: saturn dash warning lights archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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