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900 S SAAB engine won't start

- Saab

Forum Post
07/28/08 10:28
Joseph D'Agostino

900 S SAAB engine won't start

I have a 1995 900s SAAB with a start up problem.

From time to time when I get in the car it won't start. It cranks fine and wants to start but won't. This problem will happen hot or cold. I can go two three days and it's fine. Then for no reason it just won't start. I try it 2 or 3 time nothing. So then I wait for about 3 to four min. and guess what? It starts like nothing was wrong.

Any Help? What is going on ?

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08/18/08 11:05

I pressure washed the engine on my 900s and all of the sudden it wont start. The funny thing is that just to prevent such a condition while my dad was PW the engine...I started it to make sure that we didnt wet the distributor etc...and then after we were done I turned off the motor.....Next day it wont start. (I hear a relay click in the passenger click on the starter relay under the hood and no cranking)

I tried to short the starter terminals to see if I could get it to crank but no luck. I have the service manual on CD here trying to find it...but since its taking so long to find I figured Id try to get some advice from here.... Any Ideas anyone?

09/01/08 15:44
Geoff B

My SAAB 900s will not start. I switch the ignition on and the dash doard lights up as normal, one cick further to start the engine and all I get is click, click, click and the dash lights flashing. Ive been out and about all day in it with no problems then when I come home and park at the shop this happens. Anyone got any idea what the problem is?


12/14/08 16:15

Joseph D'Agostino - sounds like a fuel pump. but they say to check the relay. not sure else it could be except maybe a clogged fuel filter.

reply #1- maybe the same issue, but it seems like something else since you can jumpstart the car,

01/08/09 12:59
Tony Vasquez

My son's car 1997 Saab 900S has the same problem. The car ran fine until last night. Turned the car off and when he tried to restart the car, it didn't start. It just cranks over. The car has a new starter and battery. Maybe the fuel pump?

Not much of a Saab guy. I know how to work o Classic cars.. Carb, points, etc...

01/30/09 20:59

my problem is the ignition lights come on but the ignition locks and won't kick the engine over. i have been told its the reverse lockout switch.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

09/16/09 19:57
Ju Ju Bean

Saab 1995 900 s Check engine Light is on put on a universal O2 sensor Now ocassionaly hard start when its cold anyone got Ideas ? Thanks
09/26/09 18:40

My Saab completely dies every time I shut it off. Evan if only for a few seconds. I have put 2 new alternators in it and 2 batteries. It will jump start but once its off, its dead....=(
11/19/09 20:40

I have a 1995 saab 900s automatic. one morning, the car would not start... dash and lights come on but no reaction at all when I turn the key.

any ideas??

12/19/09 17:14

I have a 2000 9.3 Turbo. About a year ago the car has a mind of his own. It would not start without obvious reasons. Nothing would help. most embarrassing is when after about 15, 20 minutes somebody comes and asks what's happening, I explain, the car does not start, they turn the key and voila it works perfectly. I was told it might be alarm related. I took it to the best authorized SAAB garage, they checked everything but nothing was found.Next day I went to buy a X-mas tree at an area with a real parking problem and you guessed right, it did not start.

Any ideas for help?


01/31/10 22:22

Once my car is started it runs fine but it is a really hard to start.
01/31/10 22:23

Once my car (saab9000 1993)is started it runs fine but it is a really hard to start.
03/05/10 16:09

I have a '96 Saab 900S manual 5-speed. When I try to start it the dash digital lights don't come on but the ignition tries to turn over but can't quite start. I replaced the battery and red lead wire to the battery. Any ideas anyone?
03/11/10 12:21

i have a 2001 saab 93 converatable the alarm went off the other day i turned it off with the key fob and also the key in doors now car wont start .it cranks and cranks but not starting i tried everything the book says to reset alarm , but i dont think the alarm does anything more than starter kill. but the starter is engaging any help will be appreciated.

thank you


03/15/10 04:58

My 900 2.0 turbo wa running fine and then the motor died and will not restart. What do you think could be wrong.
03/17/10 14:14
mark torrey

I have a 1995 saab se convertible I have replaced the battery and starter twice, it will start when it feels like it. It will start after I put the battery charger on it but then sometimes it just has a click all the dashboard lights come on but just a click. Please any ideas, I had the alternator checked and they said it seemed to be working ok?????????Does this sound like a starter relay, crank sensor or ignition module????????????Thank You for any ideas. Mark.........
06/26/10 15:26

I have a 1995 Saab 900 se with the 2.5 6 cyl. and I have a no start condition. We have figured out that the fuel is not getting to the engine on a regular basis, basically it seems that the fuel pump wont turn on, and/or stay on. If I run a jumper wire to it I get fuel like crazy but if its just plugged in to the connecter it won't run. I have checked for blocked line, it has a new fuel pump, the battery is good and the relay is also new but still its not working. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you. Riley
09/05/10 00:30
Brooke R

I have a 97 Saab 900 s. we replaced the starter last december. I left the car with my mom. She drove it once and the next time she tried to crank it, it wont crank, turn over, nothing. The lights locks windows, windshield wipers and everything else works. but the car wont start. Is it the starter, I just find it hard to believe that it broke again less than a year later. BTW, the spring in the ignition is broke, so you have to turn the key back manualy. maybe that is why the starter (if that is what is wrong) has gone out? if you think you have the answer let me know.
11/03/10 12:17

Have a saab 900s, in seven years it has never failed to start. went on holiday for 10 days came back battery was flat. charged the battery but it will not run. turnsover okay but just wont fire up. any ideas - if it was a fuel pump issue wouldnt i have noticed something before
11/07/10 04:30

I have a 97 900s 5spd. I let it run out of gas through sheer laziness. I put more gas in and it fired up. Drove it almost into the driveway and then it dies. Wait over night try and start it up and it does. If I drive only a little its ok, but I have been having it die like half way to work. So I changed the fuel filter and it seemed to be doing better, but then No. At the same time as this was going on, I also noticed that when I tried to turn it over it was not stopping automatically anymore and I had too move it back myself. And depending on where you set it back the power in the car would be weird sometimes. My cousin said that I might need a new key cut, since it is so old. Anyone? Next step fuel pump? What about bleeding the fuel lines...air pockets? Fuel regulator? Are these two problems linked? Starter? Any help would be awesome and I hope everyone's Saab is now running!
11/10/10 18:19

I have a 1992 Saab 900s 5 speed 2.1 engine. I replaced the Battery, Alternator, Fuel Filter, Coil, Spark Plugs, Wires. The Problem is: It runs for exactly 5 minutes then stops running. I try to start it back up and it turns over but will not start until it has completely cooled off. (usually I wait til the next morning and it starts.
11/19/10 21:26

http://www.thesaabsite .com/ 900new/NG900faqs.htm #Cold+Start+Issues

had to split it up cause it only allows a word to have 24 characters. havent tried it yet but i ordered the part!

12/09/10 13:01
Bernard H

I had exactly the same problem with my 1996 900 Turbo, it would start fine sometimes, more often when cold, other times it turn over and not fire.

After searching around, replacing some of the vacuum pipes just in case, and the crankcase position sensor with no success, I took it to the local garage ...

It took them a few days to find, but the eventual solution was to replace the ignition cartridge, even though it had only been replaced about 18 months ago.

03/13/11 22:30
robert weber

i have a 97 saab 900s i just replaced the engine now the prob is I'm not getting a spark it just turns over just wont start i replaced the battery starter alternator and the Cole and the distributor still wont start up help i don't know what to do
04/10/11 22:30

its the crank position sensor prolly the netral safty switch can be by-passed to check that. ignition switch may not be feeding power to the right component.
05/01/11 03:53

have a problem with my saab 900s 1998 sometimes it wont start the dash lights are dime and when its checking for me to push the break peddle it doesnt ding dong for me to stat the engine and if i do try it wont completly kick over ive been told it might be something to do with the ignition anyone has any idea what the problem is as i sick and tired of this situation it is sooooo frustrating as i am a female and not mechanical

christin b

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 26 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 900 S SAAB engine won't start archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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