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- Saab-9-5

Forum Post
01/06/09 14:32
Chris Berger


I'm currently having issues with my passenger side headlight. I've replaced the bulb but it still doesn't work. Is it as simple as a fuse? I'm confused because it's only on one side and not both.
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I have the same problem on my 2004 Saab 9-3. Just bought the ridiculously priced xenon bulb replacement after seeing the old one seeming to look perfect, after it took forever how to figure out how to put it back in, it still doesn't work! Anyone have a clue what could be the problem?


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could be the relay http://www.




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Brandon Paul

It could be the fuse buddy. But you also need to check out the wires. The wires might be causing the problems.
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Bob McLuckie

I bet you're changing the wrong one. Lo beam vs. high beam.
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I have an 04 9-5 with the same problem w my r-front light. The highbeam does not turn on. Xenon lights do not dim I have learned. They are on high all the time. There is a mechanical gate or cover that opens and closes for high/low beam. Check the sound the driver light makes... have someone turn the h/low beams on while you listen up close then do the same for the passenger light. You will not hear the gate open and close if the gate is the problem.

The only solution is another assembly and it is EXPENSIVE!

Sorry to bring this bad news to you.

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My 9-5, 2003, passenger side low beam is very difficult to get the bulb there a clip that needs to be released? and how does one release it?

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Almost inevitably the orange relay in relay box under bonnet. Could also be relevant relay for high or low beam. See relay cover. Go to wreckers and try whilst there. Buy the one you need. Also had low +12VDC from ignition not initiating relays but this usually more specific failure like total high or low beam. Wierd problems as expressed usually orange relay.
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new issue : My 99 saab 9-3 convertible has high beam and very low light on the low beam. I get a front light failure indicator warning. Have replaced the orange lampcontrol with a rebuilt and another used one. Assume that one of them was good and would correct the problem. Very low light on the low beam continues. Everyting else seems to work.

Any suggestions before I go to my saab dealer??

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Jacks Joint

Saab designed the systems as follows.

Alternator output can be 13.2 to 14.2 volts. Run a voltmeter across the headlight socket should be as above .if not get a relay replacement. If bulbs keep burning out prematurely, the computer has increased or decreased the proper volatge.Very low voltage is as bad as too much voltage..

Saab has plastic headlight sockets that do burn out -often replacement sockets are about $25 d ollars each the 9-3 are infamous for this.

Xenon bulb problems need to be done by a mechanic that is a specialist in that field as the assembley runs around $2, 000 for replacement. Cheaper to spend 3-500 dollars then to replace. Xenon is very expensive to work on , bad choice for a system. The manufacturers ( Saab, GM, , Volks, etc) can design long life systems , , however refuse to. Its a parts paradise. Incidently Saab and Sylvania are like Siamese twins , , inseparable. Suggestion, buy Japanese or pony up the monies!! Saabs made in 2003 2004 and 2004 1/2 are heavily into parts replacements, the newer ones ok until you get over 100k then --look out !!

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