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troubleshoot lights on cluster

- Pontiac-Sunfire

Forum Post
07/31/09 23:13

troubleshoot lights on cluster

Can anyone narrowdown a problem that is indicated by the following three lights staying on in my instrument cluster??

Engine, ABS, TC.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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lincense plate lights don't work. what to look for?
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joel thomas

what would make instrument panel lights not work ?
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kimberley j murray

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kaye edmonds

1996 sunfire pontiac, can anyone tell me what the indicator is coming on , like 2 small flames with a dash through it, says TC?Any help appreciated.
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regular and day time running lamps don't work. high beams are ok and when i lock/unlock doors with remote the lights flash.i have checked fuses and replaces the there anything else i can check
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Help!!!!!every time i am on uneven pavement all electrical shutts off radio and all gages off car feel like its going to loose power then comes back ontill th next bump
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Robert Reeves

I have a problem with the cluster lights on my 2001 Pontiac Sunfire. Frequently, several warning lights - "check gages, " "service, " "theft system" will go on and stay on a while. Also, the speedometer and rpm gage will occasionally drop to zero even though the car is running and moving. Headlights may alternately dim and brighten sometimes. The GM serviee man says I need a new cluster at $300 part cost, plus $238 labor, for a total of $538. He says the old cluster must be removed and exchanged for one which has been repaired. I wonder if there is a cheaper and more elegant possible solution to this problem. It seems ridiculous to have to replace all the gages and mounting, etc., when there is probably a $5 component somewhere that is defective. If anyone knows something I can try without spending $538, please advise. I am reluctant to ignore the problem, as I don't know when the lights might go off entirely, engine stop, or genuine problem occur I won't know about. Thanks.
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Problem: Instrument Cluster warning lights and needles "dancing" around.

My solution: make certain you have sufficient grounds: one to the transmission (on a 96) and one to the body.

Original cable is a dual purpose: one lead to tranny, one to battery. In the middle, there is a bracket that mounts to the battery tray. Replaced this with a cable that had a "pig tail" lead at the battery end ($10 replacement as opposed to $50 OEM).

Connected one end to tranny and one to battery. BUT, left the pig tail connect to nothing. At my wits end, I reconnected the original cable along with the bracket to the battery tray.....NO MORE DANCING!!!!

I confirmed this is correct by finding another blog with a picture. The owner had the same issue.

I will be replacing the original with the new cable. I will cut off the plastic end on the pig tail and install a simple eyelet connector from Sears. Then, I will clean a spot to the metal on the body and drive this in with a self-tapping bolt.

Saved myself almost $200 in inspection and labor with five minutes of research.

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I own a 2000 pontiac sunfire and the service light w/wrench, the ABS light and the track off light is on. It is also making a kindda humming metal grinding like noise when excelerating and is lagging in power. What could the problem with my car be? all advice is greatlly appreciated thanks
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i have my "no track" light coming on and i'm not sure why.....but my waterpumps goin out, thermostat and radiator cap need jerks alot when this light comes on and that's all i know..
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My 2001 Pontiac Sunfire is having some of the problems mentioned above. However, everything is fine until I turn on the headlights. If I turn on the headlights before putting it in gear (auto transmission), it doesn't want to come out of park. So I have to turn off the lights then put it in gear, then turn on the lights.

Approximately one minute after turning on headlights, the service, check guages, traction, theft system lights come one.I then lose my temperature gauge and gas guage. Periodically I will lose my tach and speedometer, and the headlights dim but then come back?

No interuption whatsoever in engine performance. It acts like the computer is sending a signal that the car is off, thus the reason for all the lights activating on the dash (like when you first turn your key forward before starting. I have checked my grounds, everything seems to be okay. Any ideas?

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My 98 sunfire does not start and the theft system light came on. I can not figure out how to turn off that. I sure don't want to tow it to the dealers. I do have the factory theft system built in the radio. I know that 's not the problem, because it's locked and I can't set it with the code. I am really confuse on how to diagnose this. I found similar problems on the link that i've included but I can't pin-point which one is my exact problem.
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the instrument cluster on my '05 sunfire does not light up - Backlight for gauges does not work yet the warning lights work Clock display is not working properly either; during the day you can vaguely see the display, but when it gets dark it disappears. is this a fuse problem? The link shows some possible solutions but I really don;t know which one is right for my problem.
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roger smith

My daughter's 1998 sunfire has a flashing light on the left side of the dash. It looks like a light with trailers. I have no idea what it is. Can anyone please advise as to what this light is and what to do about it. Thanks roger.
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I have 2000 Pontiac Sunfire. My TC (with a strike through it), ABS, engine light and serivce light have been on for almost 3 years. There is NOTHING wrong with my car. I have talked to other Sunfire/Cavalier owners and they have the same problem. You are not alone :)

However, now my climate control lights (heater, a/c, defrost panel) are out. I checked all my fuses and they are fine. Is there a bulb up in there I need to replace? I felt around but didn't feel one.

Any advise would help!!

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Thank author of this post/comment"tail lights"

why when you put the car in gear, the headlights come on but the tail lights do not?
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saint john nb
Thank author of this post/comment"instrament lights on cluster."

My solution is you have to get a test ODB2 test and ABS test done. This could be caused by a number of reasons like O2 Sensor bad temp sensor bad ect. The ABS light could be a wheel bearing, speed sensor module or anything like that. The ABS code reader will pinpoint exactly why it is on and display a code that tells what the problem is.
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    Pontiac Sunfire 'troubleshoot lights on cluster'