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Secondary Air Pump

- Pontiac-Grand Prix

Forum Post
11/08/08 13:59

Secondary Air Pump

Hi All,

I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT 3.8L

My secondary air pump finally went after 8 years and 103, 000 miles. When I brought my car to my mechanic he replaced the pump as well as did an conversion kit to re-routue the intake.

Well I have replaced this pump 4 times already...and each time it was replaced my mechanic told me he found the pump filled with water, now just for the record I don't go swimming with this car...nor do I drive thru all the puddles in the road.

I just got back from the 4 th pump bieng replaced and when I shut the car off the pump just kept running and wasn't able to turn it off unless I disconnected the battery.

So I just disconnected the pump.......HAS ANYONE ever had this problem with this pump before.......?????

Is it possible whatever tells this pump to go on is broken......To be be honest I don't know what this pump does...

Any help would be apreciated.....

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11/18/09 02:33

The term recall is short for safety recall. A common problem that any manufacturer is having with a vehicle or part that does not create a safety concern is not required by law to be fixed for free.

Under certain conditions the company may issue a service campaign to fix the faults for free at their discretion. GM did this for the wiper modules that shorted out by the hundreds of thousands for about 5 years and finally closed it back in 2003.

Honda, Nissan, Ford...every manufacturer has seen hundreds of common problems with their vehicles but will not fix them outside the warranty because THEY ARE OUTSIDE OF THE WARRANTY.

11/25/09 08:58
Jeremy Johnson

We own a 2006 Grand Prix 3.8l with California emissions, but live in Minnesota. At about 60, 000 miles the secondary air injection check valve went out and gave "the code" so I removed it. It was rusted pretty bad and was stuck shut. I cleaned what I could access and got it to open and shut freely (by hand and with a battery). I replaced it and went for a spin, no more codes. The next day the code showed back up. Worse yet, the car stalls if you give it more than about 2/3 throttle. ugggh
12/13/09 11:52
John Marquez

Same problem with my mom grand prix! Well I think that replacing the exhuast check valve is a good idea, hope it will fix the problem. Thanks for everyones info!
03/09/10 21:28

I own a 2005 bonneville gxp at 50, 000 or so miles it too sent the service engine light on a mission. This car has been to the dealer for every oil change. Not that I, myself could not do it but figuring it was under warranty it was best.

When this light came on the service tech which was on a first name basis with

me seemed to have forgotten who I was. Almost like he knew what I was there for. I wonder if these cars are programed for certain things to happen at x amount of miles? They too told me this was not covered and 420.00 later I drove off. A week later on again. as much as I loved this vehicle, this will bethe LAST domestic car I will ever purchase. For what I spent on this car new I could have purchased a very nice better quality import. I hate to say that

being am ex service Man but they take your money and run. Just like they

ran the auto companies into the ground.

03/18/10 09:19
Cynthia B

03/21/10 12:25

2006 grand prix code P2240 Secondary Valve stuck open. Where is this, and what part do I replace?
03/23/10 16:15

2002 Grand Prix GT: just had service engine soon light come on and took it into the dealership I purchased from. Also purchased extended service warranty and what do you know!? My secondary air injection pump went out and its not covered under my warranty....if this is going to be a continual problem like some of the other posts on here...i dont care how much I still owe on this vehicle, I think I'm better off trading it in for a new one.
04/14/10 10:24

I'm starting to hate my car more and more after reading through here. I got a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix with error code P0411 - Air Solenoid Control Valve. I thought I was good to go when I purchase the Premium Extended Warranty...and of course...this part is not covered.

Is this a part that can only be replaced/fixed at a GM Dealer??

05/24/10 12:23

I have a 2002 Grand prix Gt same problems as posted. Every month my engine light is on and only have 57, 000 miles on my car. I have had so many problems with this car, oil leaks big time and gm dealer screwed me over until my warranty ran out then said its your problem. I have had to have the trans rebuilt which cost me $2200.00 , all of my sensors replaced and more. I am getting rid of this car and I will never buy another GM product again!!!!
06/04/10 23:27
Joe Cohen

OK, so we are all in the same boat. My 2007 Grand Prix is on it's third air pump at 93, 000 miles. It seems that every time I'm due for an inspection, the check engine lite comes on, and always due to the same problem.

If, as all our mechanics have said, the problem is water in the pump, then that would seem to qualify as an engineering design defect and should, as others have said, initiate a recall.

I'm following this up with a letter to GM, and, though I love the car, recently realized that I have spent over $5500.00 on non warranty repairs or maintenance in three years and am looking to sell. It seems that GM products are mechanically inferior to Ford or Nissan and I, for one, will not buy another car from GM. I'm looking at an Altima coupe now.

Good luck all.

08/27/10 19:33

My 02 grand prix has the same problem I have not taken it intoa shop and don't think that i will I will use the info that you all have given me and check things out first.But I think everyone should call, write , email blog or what ever they can think of until maybe someone at GM hears that this is going to be a problem for them down the line. I happen to like american cars mostly GM and have 3 vehicles and have had to contace GMC about my 04 envoy xl for help and NO I DID NOT GET ANY but they need to know that there going to loose there customers if the don't start listening.They seem to only focus one new sales and customers who buy new cars .
08/31/10 19:36

We have a 06 poniac grand prix we have taken it to the mechaniec and they said our car will not pass emissions and inspection's they told us that this was the secondary aip pump and this was not covered on the warrenty so we replaced the air pump and the check engine light came back on my car has 61000 miles and the check engine light has been on for a about a 1yr this is crazy if so many people have this problem and it sounds like the same problem this should be recalled and it still will not pass what to do what to do?
09/15/10 11:15
Maureen Sparti

Same problem. 2008 Grand Prix couldn't pass the emissions inspection. HAve 70, 000 miles on the car, which actually has been no problem except for this. Have had it to 2 places to reset the codes, but the light keeps coming on.
09/15/10 12:13
Rick James

same problem. pontiac sucks booooo!!!!!!!!!!
09/22/10 10:36

this is really crzy i have a 2006 grand prix and every where i call no one really know what it is. they should really recall this problem on the real if so much ppl having this problem
10/31/10 14:09
dee dee

Ihave a grand prix pontiac 2000 and iam told that all subsiquent model have similar part installed and i have had the engine light on for similar codes 0140 and have already spent asmall fortune and still cannot get it inspected because of engine light on. We need to band together and get this car recalled. Gm needs to now fix it for free.
11/23/10 15:44

Does anybody have a Illustrated parts Breakdown of the Secondary Air injection control valve? My daughters just stuck, 85.00 for diagnostics and 613 to repair. Also, can anybody give me a picture of the part, part number, and directions. I can replace the part myself and save hundreds.
03/01/11 23:08
Earl Alzner

Hey everyone, I have recently been dealing with a similar problem of my check engine light coming on in my 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix. I have replaced my air pump. Then the light came back on. We have replaced one of the relay switches on the wiring harness that is connected to the "Air Pump Control/Metering Solenoid" I have a brand new code now. The Solenoid is bad. Hope to replace this weekend and see where it goes. Have to get prices from the dealer for the part. Shouldn't be too bad to replace for those that don't have a lot of money or a good backyard mechanic. The Solenoid is very close to the firewall on the top at the back of the engine. Just take of the plastic look pretty piece and in the center in the back is where it sits. Good Luck to you and me!!!
03/22/11 09:21

I did have the same problem and with simple diagnostic I was able to correct my code for $61. Simply remove the driver side headlamp which is secured by 2 10mm screws and slide it to the right and pull it out. This will expose the pump and the wirings. Disconnect the wiring and apply 12volt to it and see if the pump runs (or start the engine and see if the pump is running). If it does then the main problem is the check valve located by the firewall. This rusts out as it gets the moisted heat from the exhaust and ambian air from the pump. It looks tricky but simple to remove and replace with 10mm ratchet wrench. Go to and the shipping is free as well. Make sure you call them for 10%off code for the month.

The check engine light will go off after 15 miles of driving.

03/29/11 15:15
crystal dardon

Im having the same problem, my 2006 pontiac has 76, 054 miles and my check engine light came on.. the only thing is that my code is different.. it is P2431. Its the Secondary Air Injection system pressure sensor.. my air tressure sensor is reporting a pressure greater than or less than expected during the system monitor test.. mine isnt the pump its the sensor.. can anyone help me i just want to know where is this part located and where can i buy it?

04/26/11 19:25

OK, I have the 3.8 ltr SE Grand Prix with the p0411. Changed the air pump out and still throws the code. (after resetting) I took the air check valve off and removed the 3 screws and opened it up. I looked in the intake tube hole of the check valve and it was all rusted up and the lower section had water in it. I took a pair of vice grips and latched onto the plunger on the bottom side. It took some doing but I broke it free from the rust. Kept working the plunger back and forth while spraying with a lubricant. I put it back together, put it back on the car, cleared the codes and so far on day two, no codes are being thrown.

If the valve gets stuck in the open position, this will allow water to drain down to the pump. Mine was stuck in the closed position. Oh and my old pump was just fine. But either way, I don't think it is likely that water comes in through the air cleaner itself. So it has to come through the air check valve. So start there when you get this code.

To check if your pump is working , simply to a cold start up in the morning. Put the key in and bump it with the hood up. Step over and you can hear the pump with no problem run for about 30 seconds to a minute. Once you hear the pump, go to the air check valve.

BTW, I could not figure out how to take the bracket off that the air check valve sits on. So I put 3 extensions together, jacked up the car, and went from under the car with a 10 mm socket. Taking off is easy. Back on by yourself is a pain.

Hope this helps someone. Detailed info on this is a pain to find.

01/04/12 15:10
Thank author of this post/comment"08 Grand Prix 3.8L"

The info given above is solid...The air pump sucks air from the air filter box and pumps it through the solenoid/check valve and into the exhaust manifold during cold start ups to help lower emissions and increase efficiency of the catalytic converter. So either the pump going bad, a blown fuse, or stuck valve could be the culprit.

When our 08 threw this code I removed the valve which is held by two 10mm bolts below it, opened it up grabbed the base (round part)with pliers and pulled back and forth while spraying WD40 which loosened it up as it was definitely stuck in the closed position.

Not sure if that took care of it as my wife left for work with that car but will check for fuses and pump operation later when she returns.

01/04/12 16:49
Thank author of this post/comment"Hopeful Resolution"

Read mine and the last couple posts above if you encounter this problem BEFORE dropping $$$

What I posted above took around an hour and half but it worked!

01/26/12 08:29
New York
Thank author of this post/comment"changing your air injection check valve"

The couple of posts above me are right on as to diagnosing the problems with your air injection system. If you are in a bind and need to clean the valve to at least get an inspection you can do this easily by following these steps.

1. disconnect the check valve electrical connector and hose from the air pump including the single 10 mm nut holding hose to engine to move out of the way

2. remove two top bolts from bracket right in front of check valve

3. remove two front engine mount bolts and turn the mounts downwards

4. roll the vehicle slowly forward until the engine is leaning forward and place a wheelchock(stone) behind a wheel (you can do this yourself by having the stone behind the wheel, get behind the car and push forward while sliding the stone up to the wheel with a pushbroom)

5. you can now easily access the two bottom bolts of the bracket and remove them

6. remove the two 10 mm nuts holding air pipe to exhaust manifold

7. you may now pull the check valve out for inspection to either take apart and clean or just replace it with a new one

8. if cleaning a stuck valve, use a good pair of pliers and some penetrating lube (wd-40, pb-blaster) and grasping the rubber coated valve seat, slowly try working it free and then use the oil to keep working it until it is moving freely.

9. just go backwards up this list to put it back together.

A word of caution. When working with this system, if there is water in the lines chances are the valve has been stuck open and water has gotten back to the pump and you will more than likely need to replace the pump. If it is stuck closed and the pump fuse is not blown your pump should still be fine. BUT, NEVER change only the pump without checking the valve for a stuck open valve or you may be replacing the pump again. Hope this helps as this info on this system is very hard to come by on the internet.

02/01/12 00:23
New York
Thank author of this post/comment"Extra step for above post"

Remove air duct from air box to intake by loosening both clamps(one at each end) BEFORE rocking engine forward.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 34 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Secondary Air Pump archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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