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Manual Transmission

- Pontiac-Grand Prix

Forum Post
04/15/08 22:42

Manual Transmission

I am looking for a manual transmission that could be installed into a 2000 grand prix gtp. Maybe a grand am transmission or firebird or GTO would fit.


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07/24/08 20:09

Looking for a manual transmission for a 1997 grand prix gtp
02/09/09 19:23

there is no pre-made manual transmission for a FWD 3.8 engine. The firebird /trans am's would fit if the Grand prix was RWD. There is a way to get a manual transmission but you have to buy custom parts and mod the car yourself. Its extremely difficult and very costly.
02/10/09 15:17

i am looking for a manual transmittion car or truck for sale under 600 hundred car must be in running and driving condition
06/25/09 16:43

i've heard rumors of older grand prix's having a stick shift in them. by older i mean 80's i myself am looking to do the same conversion. seems tough but it would deffinatley be worth it
06/29/09 17:37

I am looking for a 1988 Pontiac Firebird fomula with a manual transmission, hatchback, and t-tops. Can only seem to find automatics. Can any one help me?
09/05/09 17:46

I am looking for a used transmission for a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix.
09/19/09 19:41

I have a 98 grand prix and it has it's of the main problems is the transmision. I guess the cylinoid in it went out so it won't shift into 3rd or 4th. If anyone knows anything about a manual transmision for a 98 grand prix or how much it would cost to have one made and put in e-mail me...please!
08/27/10 17:18

I'm just curious is it possible to put a manual tranny in a 04 grand prix GTP
09/04/10 03:46

1995 gtp manual tranny anyone? willing to pay in upwards of 2, 000...
10/23/10 17:24

1997-2008 GTP can have a 4/5 Speed tranny. I just built a Fiero GT with 3800 Supercharged and its a 4 speed. All u have to do is Frankinstine the rest but a fiero 4/5 speed fits on a 3800, so do the Fiero Axals. And use a 5 Speed Flywheel from a 98 Camaro.
01/27/11 23:56

this is a reply to everyone. please read. For all of you wanting to put a manual gear box on your front wheel drive W-body GM cars, take it from a GM technician, myself. a 5 gear manual gear box will not due for the 3800 engines, especially not the 3800SC. the engines are too strong the the 5-speed gearboxes are too weak. The 5 speed manual out of a J-body will bolt up almost directly, but will blow up, I know this cbecause of trial and error on my oun track tested Grand Prix GT. the gearbox/clutch assembly you will require is the 6 speed gearbox from a 2006 or so G6 GTP. note, there will be much modification and a high cost for custom parts, such as axels mounts and hanger bearings. the ECM will need to be programmed by a custom shop, so the computer will think the computer into thinking it was designed to be a manual transmission. that will eliminated the check engine light on the dash and so that car will actually start.
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    Pontiac Grand Prix 'Manual Transmission'