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turn signal

- Nissan-Pickup

Forum Post
03/17/06 15:18

turn signal

Right front turn signal won't work so changed the bulb but nothing changed. Rear bulb flashes but maybe there's a second bulb in there that needs to be changed. However, I can't figure out how to remove rear signal light cover.
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10/12/06 20:13

Sounds like you have two issues if I am reading the above correctly.

1) Front turn signal doesn't work even after changing the bulb... my recommendation is check the fuses in the dash as this is more likely to be where the issue is.

2) Can't figure out how to open rear light hatch... Inside the trunk there will be access. It is only a plastic latch... If the latch is not there just pry it open carefuly with a screw driver.

02/06/10 15:46

My 04 Nissan Frontier turn signals are malfunctioning. With the headlights on the left turn signal light is on steady and it does not flash. With the headlights off the left turn signal seems to work but so the light flashes on the transmission indicator (P-R-N-D-L). The right side turn signals seem to work normally. I also noticed the when the headlights are on the left tail is on normal but so is the Ďamberí light, the right side is off as should be.

Iíve checked the fuses and the bulbs but Iím stumpedÖ

03/12/10 21:53
Jon Brady

I have a Nissan Pathfinder ST 2005_ I an having problems with just my rear turn signal light as it (only) is not working but it is making a fast indicating noise on the dash.
05/30/10 13:23

I've had my 95 Pathfinder for 7 years, I've driven it hard and in 7 years, now at 200, 000 miles I've only replaced an alternator once, a starter once, and a front driver side blinker several times. Although this time the blinker won't work even with a new bulb, the guy who suggested checking the fuses should know that the fuse operates ALL turn signals and would very unlikely be the cause of one blinker. So if anyone has any ideas please shoot em my way.
02/25/11 18:39
Bill F

Phil and Larry,

I just had a similar problem, with my 2000 Frontier's left signal stuck on (turn signal lever not activated), while my headlights/marker lights were on, ... then driving lights turned off and having the left signal work but making my dashlights go on and off with the turn signal. Problem was the truck's trailer wiring. My trailer wire connector had been cut off, the wire ends were flush with each other, they corroded and shorted to one another. I'm sure this could have happened even with a connector present, or wires that split and contact each other.

Good luck. Sorry this reply is so late, but hopefully it helps someone else with this issue.

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