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help with electrical

- Nissan-Pickup

Forum Post
05/14/06 04:55

help with electrical

I've got an 88 nissan p/u -- it starts and runs but all other electrical is out -- no lights, wipers, anything -- wth?
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My 2004 Nissan Armada caught on fire in my driveway. Fire dept reports an electrical fire under the drivers seat! Just missed buring my house down, kids got out just in time. Nissan has done nothing except tell me my warranty expired.
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2000 fronter pu fuel pump seems to have no power replaced it and the relay still wont start still have no power to fuel pumt please help !!
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I just bought a 90 nissan pu. I noticed when I was purchasing it a headlight was out, but no big deal. I replaced the headlight and still nothing. the passenger side light is on with the low beams, but when I turn on the high beams the driver side light works and the passenger side light goes out. All the fuses are fine and none of the wires look damaged. Any ideas?
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left signal light quit working..bulb I have no signal lights at all..blown fuse..replaced..worked for about 3 minutes now got no signal lights, cked fuses again and all good, replaced flasher..still nothing..bout ready to trash this truck
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i've got a '93 2.4 Nissan Pickup 4x4. the alternator went bad and i didn't pay attention while i took the wires off. i know where the sensor and the positive and negative wires go on it. but there is another wire that goes to the positive post of the alternator but it screws in somewhere else on the alternator. can someone please tell me where this wire screws in at?
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brandy kirkpatrick

i have a 1994 nissan pathfinder and for the last 2 days it keeps blowing the meter fuse to then none of the gagues work when you but in a new one and we tryed bigger size fuse it still blows can you tell me why and hoe to fix the problem
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john kirby

my problem is 1984 niss pulsar 1.6 carb car tring to bypass elec inc have power to dist from coil nothing coming out of dist- no spark poss bad ecm
**/**/** **:**

198 Nissan Pickup Truck, (4 Cyl), stick shift, two wheel drive.

Problem - Key in ignition switch, turn key - acc lights on dash illuminated - no activity on starter (i.e. no noise)

1. Checked Battery - OK

2. Checked/replaced Starter - OK

3. Checked "Neutral Safety Switch" on above clutch pedal - OK

Any suggestions on next step(s) would be appreciated.

All other electrical (lights, horns, radio, etc) OK

My problem is very similar, sounds dead on what #69s problem is.


**/**/** **:**

sorry. my posting above is supposed to read:

1988 Nissan pick up (4 Cyl), stick shift, two wheel drive.



**/**/** **:**

i have an 84 nissan pickup that has no blinkers or brake lights. Head lights/tail lights and hazzard lights all work, fuses and relays are all good. What am I missing?
**/**/** **:**

DAY ONE: I have a 1993 Nissan Pick-up 4WD. Several weeks ago, I had a problem with my stoplights, so I bought a new stoplight switch, but still no break lights. In addition, my automatic shifter button will not allow me to push it in to shift gears, and the only way to get it to go into drive or reverse is to turn the ignition switch on, and press the shifter button at the same time, starting the car up, then allowing the car to go into gear. Furthermore, all fuses have been replaced, but the I still had to spray some degreaser underneath the starter to clean the dirt and grease off of it. After doing all of that, the truck started up, and the breaklights worked.

DAY TWO: The truck started up okay, everything was in good condition. While driving down the street, I noticed some smoke coming out from the air condition vents. I then pulled over and shut the truck off immediately. After checking the fuses, I found that one had blown. I replaced it; however, I attempted to start the truck, but nothing happened. All inside indicator lights were off, including the headlights which would not come on as well. With this in mind, I disconnected the battery cables, and tapped on the alternator lightly with a hammer, and reconnected the battery, and both the indicator and headlights came on; however, the engine never started. Can someone please offer me some advise as to what may be the problem?



**/**/** **:**
brian smith

i have a 1996 nissan i have changed alternators and battery but the charging system will not keep the battery charged it losses power after time running staight off the battery is there a regulator or fuse somewhere that could be bad have taking alt. back off taking it back to the store they checked it an it was putting out 14.95 put it back on samething not charging would like some info. thanks
**/**/** **:**
Steve Cochran

I have a 1994 Nissan pu .Starter keptes running when I start motor. Its have a new starter and battery. ?
**/**/** **:**
720 rider

i have a 85 720 and there is somehting that keeps draining my battery i kno the switch for my lights is no good so i unplug the harnest for the lights but there is still a runnning wire and i have and electrical flue pump and they ran some wires from the wire harnest on the fender well straight to the battery any ideas please let me kno cannot afford to keep buying batterys and alternator? email my back at [email protected]
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I have 2001 Nissan 2001 Frontier. Where is the turn signal flasher located. Thanks
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I am having trouble with fuses blowing on my 1993 Nissan pickup and was wondering if there is wiring diagrams from the fuel pump to fuse box.I have checked the wires on the top of tank and they all look good. I would appreciate any info. Thanks
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1985 nissan 720 and I want to hook up a sun tachometer-I have all the wires planned out except to hook up the green wire from the tach to the one of two small ones on the coil-which I do not know
**/**/** **:**

their is a little rubber stoper that dry rotts on the clutch paddle and falls out. it is to press a switch so the starter can engage safely..

test: with the hand break on, push the clutch with your right foot and try to force it to the left. at this tim try to start the truck.....

if this works. you will need a small, flat peice of metal ( like a quarter. find the little bracket on the clutch paddle with the hole in it and tape the metal to it on the back side so it will press the switch.

**/**/** **:**

the above is for 1988 nassan pickups
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My 97 Nissan Pickup's brake and battery instrument lights stay on, when the truck is running, causing the battery voltage to drain. I suspect a "short circuit" somewhere...I need to know where to look.
**/**/** **:**

Have an 02 nissan pickup.

Brake lights work

Four way flashers work

turn signals work

NO running lights?

Fuse? Short? Checked fuses all okay. Burned out bulbs? two?

Will check tomorrow in daylight.

**/**/** **:**

I have a Nissan 2003 Frontier 4X4, I have experienced lately that sometimes it will not retart after a few minutes switching off the main switch especially when I am in the gas station. Can you help me.
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I have a 1989 Nissan D21 4 cyl automatic 2 wheel drive. I have replaced the alternator and the battry. It is not charging the battery. I disconect the battry for about five mins then reconect it and it charges at 13.9 volts for a few seconds and then its not charging it any more. Can someone help me please.i have replaced four alternator in the past month.
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1987 nissan truck 6 cyl. rpm gauge stopped working and bouncing then truck wants to hesitate and stop running, missing.

engine quit and now won't restart, Fuel pump is working, fusable links seem good. Any ideas to point me in the right direction.

**/**/** **:**
horse country kentucky
Thank author of this post/comment"95 Nissan pickup electrical problems"

My 95 Nissan pickup will not fire. I have put in a brand new distributor and a rotor button. I have also checked the fuses, and it still does not fire. What could be the problem?
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 112 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: help with electrical archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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