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Clutch goes to floor with little to no resistence

- Nissan-Pickup

Forum Post
06/07/06 13:03
Larry Bowman

Clutch goes to floor with little to no resistence

Clutch question! 1989 Nissan pickup truck, 4X4. Occasionally (approximately 15% of the time) when I depress the clutch to change gears, the clutch pedal goes all the way to the floor with little to no resistance. When I release the clutch and depress it again, it engages as it should. I suspect something in the hydrolic system of the clutch, but have never had this happen before. Please give any advise.

Thanks, Larry

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10/12/06 20:09

If I were you I would replace the clutch. If it is not bothering you or causing other problems you could probably get away with leaving it as is, but to be safe, replace. It is not too expensive to replace and will save you a big headache.
10/17/06 15:05
Cameron Jett

hi im am looking for a truck i can fix up and not real expensive. how much is it
01/31/08 09:08

On the passenger side firewall there is a litle distribution block mounted there? the line runns from the resivoir down to this block? and then onto the slave. The block itself has a bleeder nipple but so does my slave? is this neeeded in there or can i elimenate it seeing as the line is broke off on the bottom of this block... Can i run a direct line from the resivioire down to my slave?
03/01/08 18:04

sounds like master or slave cylinder. 40$ for both in NAPA and couple hours
05/28/08 16:45

I have this EXACT same problem with my 1990 nissan 300zx...Ive replaced the master and slave cylinder..and im still getting the same problem! the only thing left is something in the pedal assembly..if you did fix this please let me know how!
07/30/08 18:04
harry schulz

can't get all the AIR out of the system for the hyd, complete clutch, , new clutch master cyl.....pedal to m.cyl. rod adjusted correctly...we bleed the slave cyl.and after the car sits an hour more air--can't disenguage clutch with out pumping the c.pedal????????
10/05/08 19:23

I have a chevy s-10 4.3L, extended cab, manual shift, i noticed when i first got the truck that the clutch would sometimes slip, never really paid it no mind just went on with it and its been 2 months and i was going to meet someone and when to stop and the clutch went to the floor with no resistence.. so i coasted into a parking lot. ive had different opinions on the problem. some say its the master cylinder and some say the slave cylinder and some say its the clutch all around. the fluid is fine and the master cylinder was replaced about 8 to 10 monthes ago. i need help with the problem.



07/08/09 19:51

I have a 1986 Nissan 4x4 and one day after coming back from town I went to park it when the clutch pedal went all the way to the floor and wouldn't move any more. I've since put in a brand new slave cylinder in it and even though I now get pressure on my clutch it won't move the truck when I release it. I have bled it several times thinking maybe I had left some air in the lines but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Still every once in awhile if the truck is running the clutch goes to the floor by itself, could you offer some suggestions.

09/04/09 21:25

I have an 89 4X4 pickup with clutch issues as well. You have to pump the clutch up to get it to deisengage. It had a brand new clutch put in not long ago. I'm guessing it needs bleeding. If that doesn't work what should I look at?

No I don't want to sell my truck........

12/05/09 17:03

I have a 1989 pickup 2X4. Same problem. Seems to be the dampner that needs to be replaced or bypassed. The dampner is on the passenger side fire wall and can be bypassed, but I don't know of a kit for it. The dampner itself is a dealer part. You can't find it at autozone, they don't even have it listed.
01/12/10 07:28

My clutch was working fine yesterday. Fluid is topped. Clutch goes to the floor. No resistance whatsoever. Any help out there? Thanks
03/08/10 20:06

Oh, I have an 1991 Nissan PU with 209k miles (the odometer stopped rolling 5 months ago) and the truck is leaking clutch fluid and I drove but it keeps grinding and made some funny noise. When I try to start my truck, the truck won't start, it made loud bang even I press clutch? What should I do about the clutch problem? Replace Master or Slave? Fix leak? Or worse of all replace an clutch? Please help me. THanks.
04/16/10 16:57

Hi I have a 1986 Nissan p/u 720 Z engine 2.4 5 spd front wheel dr

Here lately it has been revving up and trying to stay mobile in neutral or any gear and then it wont go into gear unless I press clutch pedal twice or more and then it will slam forward and shut off and I have to fight it to go back into gear. I replaced the belt but it still squeals could it not have enough tension in it to keep motor running smoothly? How would I know if the clutch pedal is shot? and I don't believe there is any vacuum hose leaks as I do not hear any air swooshing noise when I have the hood up.

Could the slave cylinder have gear oil on it or could the throw out bearing be shot ?

04/22/10 21:54

I have a 97 nissan. The clutch went out. Replaced the clutch. Two weeks later the clutch would not dissengauge. Replaced both the slave and master cylendars. This lead to more problems as the new slave cylendar blew out before the clutch would disengauge. I found the pivot bolt on the face of the transmission is not holding the fork out far enough.Causing the fork to hit the far end of travel (the trany housing) before it pushed the release bearing in. I turned the bolt (17mm)out three turns, with a pair of pliers . Now it works like new. However I think there is a bushing that sits between the pivot pin and the clutch fork wich I will be searching for tomorrow. Hope this helps .
06/26/10 09:20
Byron Kennedy

I have a 1990 Nissan Hardbody D21. I replaced the master cylinder about 3 years ago, now for the first time I had to fill it up because it was bone dry. Never had it go so low before. Also, I am seeing drippings on both ends of the tranny. The clutch pedal seems okay, and my gear shift, manuel 5 speed, has started to shimmy when running. Any advise????
08/19/10 17:56

i have an 86 nissan pickup 720 z24 motor 2.4L electro injection clutch seams to engage some but my clutch seams to not work lie it should it has no power when i let of a have to ride it for a long time but it dont let me get up to any high speeds over 35mph but i took it to the shop and the told me it was my clutch going out but all the shops around my house want wayo much to change it. its realy hard for me to afford it but im not shure on how to change it myself nut if there is anyone in around camden south carolina that could give me a hand with changing it i can pay alittle but not alot.i would realy apreciate if someone could help me with this or tell me how to.
10/21/10 10:49
Roy Tubbs

I was having trouble getting my transmission to take reverse after I stopped and tried to put in reverse. It would sqawl and I would pump my clutch a few times and it would go into reverse.

I changed the slave cylinder, now I can't get a clutch at all. It goes all the way to the floor with no resistance. I bleed the cylinder, didn't work. Then someone told me to put a clear plastic line on the bleed plug and into a half full bottle of brake fluid, open my bleed plug and have someone pump the clutch. Nothing...still not pedal. goes all the way to floor with no resistance.????

Did the clutch just happen to go bad when I pulled it on the ramps?

Please help..

04/12/11 18:29
Tony Potts

I replace the slave cylinder and bled all the air out, but i am continually having to add clutch fluid. It leaks out overnight, but there is no fluid on the ground or anywhere. do you know what may be leaking.
10/18/11 18:24
Thank author of this post/comment"Check your cylinders."

The same thing happened to my 90 Hardbody, but left me stranded on the road..

Its most likely your slave cylinder or Master cylinder, check the fluids in both, and if thats not it you are most likely gonna have to replace them. Dont listen to the person that said replace your clutch because thats not whats wrong it have to do with the hydraulics.

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    Nissan Pickup 'Clutch goes to floor with little to no resistence'