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pathfinder won't start

- Nissan-Pathfinder

Forum Post
05/01/06 22:23
Brad Harris

pathfinder won't start

Please help me. My 96 pathfinder only starts sometime's. It's as if there is either a problem in the ignition or the clutch. The battery is fine, I just turn the key and all the lights come on but the engine does not turn over. Please help
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Sounds like a lot of you maybe experiencing a problem related to a crankshaft position sensor or maybe a camshaft sensor. If these sensors are bad they may not allow your vehicle to start.
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I've been having the intermittent starting issue (95 pathfinder) for two years now. That is I turn the key and hear a click, but it doesn't start. It started happening after I got a new starter put in. I have noticed it happens most on hot days or when i've pushed the car pretty hard. I suspect there is some sort of heat shield that lazy mechanics don't put back on. Anyone know anymore details on how to fix it. Tapping on the starter and sprinkling water are getting old, not to mention bad for the car.

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i have 94 pathfinder it wont start but it torns over, chacked otnater and fuel pump they are good help!!!!!!!!!! plez what could it be
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1997 Nissan Maxima- replaced starter, battery, negative cable, oxygen sensor (upstream). Turns over but won't start. No power from the MAF sensor on. Except on the loop. None on the boost nor on coils or even on tps. Out of ideas... could it be eccs relay???
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I was stranded at work last night an hour form my home with the same problem with my 1996 Nissan Pathfinder that a lot of people on here are having. It starts fine much of the time and then occasionally it won't start. It will crank over and over but never catch and start. I was doing some research on here and someone said to pull the fuse for the fuel pump, crank it over, and get the fuse back in before it dies. I did this and it started right up the first time.

After talking with my mechanic friend about this he suspects that the throttle that lets air in is gunked up and never completey closes. So the engine thinks air is getting in because it's registering as open, but because of the carbon on the throttle body (?) it is not really getting enough air. I'm not sure if these are the right terms since i'm not a mechanic. But, the good news is it's not anything major -- not the starter, not the fuel pump, nothing electrical... after I get this fixed i'll let you all know what happens. For now try pulling the fuse to the fuel pump, starting the vehicle and pushing the fuse back in before the car dies. This temporary solution is working fine for me.

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ron baker

intermitant starter problems can be caused by resistance increase in the wire from key switch to clutch and neutrol safety switches and or those switches to starter solinoid.replace with heavier gauge wire
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Cassandra Lynn

Howdy guys,

I have a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder, and i am having issues starting it. it was always a bit of a pain to start especially if it was cold out side. but today i tried to start it, and the key would turn over but the car wouldn't actually start. Also I smell gas if I try it too many times in a row.

I charged the battery, I shook the hell out of the car, I kicked the gas tank and smacked it to try and loosen or shake the fuel pump and nothing is working for me at all.

I would take it to a mechanic but HAHAHA it wont start. Any ideas guys?

Cassandra Lynn

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colby martin

Having the same issue as everyone else. I have a 1994 pathfinder. I replaced the starter, car has been fine for the last month or two. Problem has returned where it won't start. when turning key over to start, nothing. All you hear is a click down by the fuse panel area. All the lights, radio, wipers work. But still will not start. I've checked the battery it seems to be fine. Any tips or suggestions on what to do. By the way I have an automatic v6, 1994 pafthfinder.
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Have a 1996 nissan pathfinder that will not start when it rains distributer cap is fine MAF is fine all relays are good and fuses anything would be a big help.
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I have a 2002 Pathfinder that first refused to start on Thanksgiving. Had just driven it earlier that day with no problem, but later the engine just cranked and cranked and wouldn't turn over. Had several mechanically savvy men try various things, none of which worked. Then my brother suggested disconnecting the positive charge on the battery for 10 minutes "to reset the computer" and it worked like a charm. Was fine until yesterday, Christmas (this car apparently doesn't like holidays) when same problem occurred and same solution worked. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this so I don't have to feel like I'm playing roulette every time I go to start my car now?
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we have a 94 pathfinder, automatic. we started it one morning, it was running, no idicator lights were working, no gauges working. there was a faint battery indicator light on, we turned it off and now it will not restart, head lights and dash lights work, no indicator lights come on when you turn the key. it clickes when key is turned yet it makes no indication that the fuel pump engages or that there is power going to the starter. we have tried many things with NO luck, starter alternator, and so on. still nothing. any ideas for things not tried. am looking at a relay now to see if that could be it. however when this one is checked i get an odd reading of 71. but will update if the problem is fixed any ideas are greatly appreciated. we are in mn and it is winter and it is our only 4 wheel drive car. thank you
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Steve Austin

I have a 97 pathfinder that starts intermittently. I see this a common problem.

Has anyone resolved it successfully? If so how?

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has any one tried overriding security system on 97 path finder?
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I went away on 2 month trip and when I returned to my 1997 Nissan Pathfinder Chilkoot edition it would not start. It was parked in running order, but we get lots of rain on Vancouver Island and inside had mold growing in places. It is getting no spark or fuel. Its a relay or theft security system. Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance, Dan

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Bill Dimitroff

1995 Pathfinder Starting Issues SOLUTION!!

I recently had an opportunity to troubleshoot a Pathfinder which was starting intermittently, like some of these postings described. Alot of mechanics had already attempted to diagnose and had in fact replaced several parts on it similar to those replaced by others here in this forum, like battery, starter, starter relay, etc. I found this problem was in the steering column, the Pathfinder having tilt steering, it happened to be pulling the wiring to tightly when in certain positions. This is an Auto trans, V-6 with four wheel drive. I traced the wiring which was being affected, re-routed and re-connected them where problems existed, and it has been fine ever since. I hope that this might help others that have issues with their Nissan. There are a few phillips head screws that hold the column cover in place on the underside of the steering column. remove the screws and it will come apart in two pieces. Now watch the wiring as you get an assisitant to adjust the tilt wheel and see if the wiring harness is being stretched in any way. Good luck!! Bill

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Garry Cook

A friend of mine has this same problem with his 98 Pathfinder. The engine turned over but would not start. He took it to a shop and they put in a new fuel pump and called it good, $750 parts and labor (which sounds a bit high to me). 36 hours later, same issue.

Opening the hood, there is a box of fuses and fusible links right behind the battery on the passenger side. One of these fusible links is labeled 'Fuel Pump' on the cover. When you open up the box, it is third from the left closest to the battery and light blue in color. The schematic seems to indicate it has a fuse and switch inside, but I'm a network engineer, not electrical, so I could be wrong about this.

After pulling this and placing it back in, the engine turned over and started up. However, it only ran for a minute or two before dying again.

Then, I tried pulling the fusible link and leaving it out. The truck started right up but died immediately. This makes sense to me, as I'm guessing that without it there is no power to the fuel pump and therefore no new fuel.

Placed it back in, started up and died a minute or two later.

Performed this procedure a few more times and after that it started up and ran like a champ every time.

The ambient temp is about 50* in the garage today. Using an IR thermometer, I measured the temp under the hood a little while after testing and it was still 65*. I did this because it seems as if the problem goes away after the engine warms up.

Perhaps cold temperature causes a switch that should be open to expand and close, maybe even within that fusible link, although I have not been able to prove this yet.

It could also be the opposite, that the switch is open when it should be closed. But I'm not sure how lower temperature would cause this.

I cannot find a fusible link on Autozone's web site. I'll keep looking. If it's a $20 test and/or fix, it's worth it to rule it out as a source of the issue.

I'm thinking there may be current keeping a switch closed, either in the fusible link or elsewhere, and that pulling the fusible link allows it to open again.

The next time it will not start, I'd like to pull the positive battery terminal and immediately reconnect it, to see if this has the same effect. That would at least prove whether or not it's a physical connection within the fusible link that is being reset when I pull it and put it back in. Kind of like a light bulb with a bad filament that reconnects when you shake it.

Hopefully I can find the source, or this information helps the mechanic find it when he takes it back in. Or maybe someone with a bit more electrical knowledge will read this and nail down the source. If so, please take a moment to drop me an email and let me know.

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i have a 97 pathfinder and idk whats wrong with it , like at first we would drive and then it would shut off and the later it would turn on , we thought it was the distributor so we changed it and it probably worked perfectly for a week and then it wouls start doing the same , then we took it to the shop and they said that the computer on the car said it was the knock sensor and they changed it and again nothing now it just wont start, like if i were to put the key and and just leave it on switch it would light up and every thing but if i try to start it , it just cranks but doesn't start , idk if it might be the ECM or the relay , somebody help



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dave peterson

my bro-in-laws has stoped starting again, have replaced ALT., BATT., STARTER.Will push start right away, Maybe a relay?
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dave peterson

wont start, bump starts right away, have replaced the STARTER, BATT., ALT.Maybe a relay?
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Duane Palmer

My 1995 pathfinder wouldn't start. All of the gauges and ignition lights worked fine but no click/start from the starter motor. I also had an oil leak. The mechanic said that the leak was coming from my oil pressure switch (replaced) and fouled my starter (got a new one. Worked fine ever since.
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You guys are having the nissan problem. google it. you have to run a wire to a new relay or something like that i cant remeber exactly but am on my 5th pathy and know it costs about 30 bones to fix and 45 mins good luck
**/**/** **:**
arn brown

Thank you to:

Reply #58 Bill Dimitroff ( - Sun Feb 20 23:27:23 20111995 Pathfinder Starting Issues SOLUTION!!

My 1994 Pathfinder refused to start initially last winter when the temp dropped below -15C and steadily got worse to +1 or 2C this winter. Always started when in warm garage.

Replaced battery and starter December and Jan this year. Then saw Bills post. Parked car for the night with steering wheel in relaxed position (up)and we had power to the starter and car start ever since even down to -18C. Its still too cold to fiddle around outside but in a couple of weeks I intend to check the wiring and loosen up the offending connections as Bill suggsts

Thanx again Bill

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98 pathfinder, Gas leak, ABS light came on(dont see the connexion there) now it wont turn over, just a click sound. Radio and lights work with a stutter, NO Ignition lights in the dashboard....
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alvin tx
Thank author of this post/comment"1994 PATHFINDER IONTERMITTANT STARTING"

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New York, New York
Thank author of this post/comment"94 Pathfinder Won't Start"

Been having this issue off and on for three years now. Had three starter motors replaced in that time, which works for a while. One mechanic told me the manifold was leaking oil on the starter motor, shorting it out.

Seems electrical to me: battery is fully charged, when I tun he key all the indicator lights go on and I hear a few clicks, but the starter isn't firing and the engine does not turn over.

I'm going to check the tilt steering now and bring all these suggestions to my mechanic.

Hate to junk the car over this issue, but it's really a crapshoot if it will start or not.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 68 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: pathfinder won't start archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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