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2001 Pathfinder Instrument Panel Lights Failure

- Nissan-Pathfinder

Forum Post
08/15/09 18:10
Kevin W

2001 Pathfinder Instrument Panel Lights Failure


Iíve been looking for an answer to this problem for over a year. From the various posts across the internet, I see that this is not uncommon, but have never seen an actual answer to resolve the problemÖ.

The ISSUE, the dash/instrument panel lights will intermittently turn off on one side of the dash or the other, or both (Tach, etc. OR Speed, etc., or both), other lights in the car are unaffected. They will resume functioning in an arbitrary manner, with no repair. Turning lights ON or OFF, turning the car ON or OFF, hitting bumps, temperature, duration of drive time, weather, or towing a trailer seem to be unrelated - having no effect on precipitating or resolving the light failure. Lights may remain OFF for seconds, or minutes, or days at a time (making night-time driving problematic when the speedometer is out.) The instruments themselves work fine, the only problem is the lighting.

ANYBODY have a clue ???


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12/22/09 02:25

hi i have the same problem started this year. i have a 2002 Nissan pathfinder and mine seams to be the the left half of the instrument gauge. i turn engine on/off the lights sometimes stays off then turns on in a couple min. and some days seems its perfect. did you find out a solution for yours? if you did can you tell me your solution. thanks
01/21/10 22:07

My 2002 Pathfinder is doing the exact same thing over the last year and now for a month the light behind the speedometer has just stayed off. If anyone has an idea to fix this problem or has figured it out for yourself please, please help!
02/02/10 13:28

I had the same thing happen in my 2001 pathfinder. I pulled out the instrument panel and found 2 burned out bulbs. I had to move the good bulb from the RPM's over to the speedometer side for months until Nissan could get the bulbs in. Turns out even though my pathfiner is an 2001 it has a 2002 instrument panel...go figure. So eventually we figured it out and got the correct bulbs. No problem since.
02/22/11 13:19

I had an 02 Pathfinder and had the same problem. I have now purchased a second 02 Pathfinder, and the day I bought it the problem started again. I see all of these posts, yet I haven't seen a solution.... ANYBODY? Have any of you gotten an answer as to what the problem is and how to correct it?
03/31/11 20:38

How hard was it to pull out the instrument cluster? What's involved in removing it?
04/12/11 09:26

I have 2002 Maxima (SE). I'm having exact same problem. It does not seem like Bulbs are burned out, because the light does come back on eventually. However, I did notice that lights seem to be off when weather outside is cold. It would take hour or more driving then lights would come back on. For example, two days ago weather outside was below 60 and lights wouldn't come back, but when Weather hit 85 yesterday the lights were one immediately. Of course when I took the car to the dealer they couldnít figure it out. They told me it sounds like a electrical problem (big mess). My car has failed safety inspection twice because of this.

Solution: my Temporary solution is to buy a portable stick on LED nights from Home Depot. But itís annoying that no one is able to figure out this issue even the dealer.

04/13/11 09:17

Same problem intermittent dash light out, used to be the cold. Now on off all the time... How do we fix this?
11/22/11 16:16
Long Island
Thank author of this post/comment"Question."

Has anyone found an answer to this problem as the last post I see is 4/11 ?? thanks since I have the same problem.
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    Nissan Pathfinder '2001 Pathfinder Instrument Panel Lights Failure'