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windshield washer-not working

- Nissan-Maxima

Forum Post
07/29/08 08:41
Timothy J. Cooney

windshield washer-not working

Show details on how to replace a windshield washer pump on a 1995 Nissan Maxima or other possible solutions for it not working?
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My 2000 Maxima also needs a new washer pump. Dealer wants $180

to replace. Holy crap! I found the washer resorvoir but it is hard to get to. You have to remove the entire inner fender liner. That is the part that looks hard. I am thinking about

cutting the part of the liner that covers the pump and resorvoir and replace the pump and then just screw the cut away part back on to the fender. Don't have to deal with the funky fasteners. What do you think Tim? Send me an e-mail if found a good way of doing this job.

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I have the same problem with my 95 pathfinder. Did you ever get it resolved and if so, how?



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1997 Nissan Maxima Replacing the WINDSHIELD WASHER PUMP 12 August 2009

The following assumes that ALL 1997 Nissan Maximas are identical. This may not be true in actual fact, so adapt as necessary. Use your common sense and don’t force anything.

The actual original equipment pump body is made of all milky white plastic. The electrical connection harness is located at the top, the approx. ¾” round, solution intake “pipe” is located on the side at the bottom end of the pump and is pointed at 90 degrees into the reservoir, and there’s a grommet in the reservoir holding the pump in place by friction. The outlet for the small rubber tube carrying solution to the windshield is located at the very bottom of the pump and it is shielded by a small plastic tab/piece. All of these elements are an integral part of the white plastic pump body.

The windshield washer reservoir is located in front of the right front tire. Pump access is underneath the vehicle, so it should be raised to get at it. There are black, thin plastic under-panels (cowling) located there to keep out dirt and water. The panel nearest the front and right side, maybe 10 inches wide, curves down and back, ending in front of the RF tire. Remove two (maybe three) of the screws/bolts to loosen it up and it will flex downward enough to access the pump at the bottom of the reservoir.

The pump is held in place by friction, primarily by the grommet surrounding the pump intake that’s lodged in the side of the reservoir, secondarily by the electrical connector at the top and slightly if at all by the tube supplying cleaning solution to the windshield.

After accessing the pump, remove the small black flexible solution supply tube at the bottom of the pump, thus draining the tank, and let it hang. Then carefully work the larger, white plastic pump intake tube (an integral part of the pump casing, maybe ¾” in diameter) out of the reservoir, leaving the grommet in place. Then, finally, disconnect the wiring harness at the top by prying apart the electrical connector slowly and carefully with a screw driver.

Replacement is the reverse. Done deal.

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Well could be the hose is pinched or clogged or the washer pump is going bad if the fuse were the problem it would not work at all so check the hose's and pump might just be worn out need replacing there cheap....
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Is there a fuse on the winshields washer pump 2004 Quest
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    Nissan Maxima 'windshield washer-not working'