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2001 Maxima Won't Start

- Nissan-Maxima

Forum Post
08/12/08 15:38

2001 Maxima Won't Start

Hey guys.. I've got one for ya. I've got a 01 Max SE, Automatic Transmission, 103K. Never had any problems out of it. The other day my wife was driving - she pulls up to our drive, and tries to turn the car off before she puts it in park. I guess she's used to driving a standard. Needless to say, the car doesn't turn off, she puts it in park and then shuts it down, no problem. She says this has happend to her two or three times. We go inside, come back out an hour later - it's been raining - and I try to start the car. All the lights that normally flash during startup appear, the radio turns on, ac, lights etc but when i put the key all the way to start all I get is a clicky sound. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK...over and over real fast. So, I try it several times and nothing happens. What the heck? It appears the battery is good - all electronic systems work fine, and I tried putting it in neutral to start it and cycling it through the gears several times and putting it securely back into park, but it just keeps doing the same clicky thing and not starting. I've checked all the fuses I can find too - they're all good. Can someone give me an idea of what this could be? I'm stumped -

Also, the SES light has been off and on for about a year. I took it to get it checked out and Autozone says it's one of the O2 sensors. I haven't seen any loss in gas mileage so I haven't changed it out yet.

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I checked this web site to see what was wrong with my 2001 Maxima, and saw lots of people had the problem. Well, mine is finally fixed so I wanted to share the solution with all you poor people. I had the starter replaced, but was still having missfiring problems, brought it to a couple of different mechanics and was told it was a bad starter. So I called the first mechanic, told him what the general consensus was so he said he'd replace it. I was told by the dealer I needed a Nissan starter, but my mechanic was able to put the new and improved reworked starter in it. Make sure you tell your mechanic you need an 11 point starter. Evidently, the other after market starters were 8 point starters. So far so good with this starter. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!
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Very simple install. I replaced my son's in 45 mins.
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Today as I stopped at a light, my 2000 Nissan Maxima Commenced to have a slight jumpy feeling to it. Can Someone HELP
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My nissan maxima se 2001 needs to be accelerated for 15 seconds in order for it to stay on if not it will turn off.

after those 15 seconds it wont give me any problems but i feel this could turn into something bigger so i want to know what i can do to fix it. I change spark plugs brand new battery please help

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HI there, i have a question on my nissan. This car has given me a few problems lately, the car had trouble starting and when it did it had no pwer or speed, it ran really slow, now my father is no expert on cars but he has read a few books and noticed that it could of been the mass flow sensor so he changed it and the car ran great for a month or 2 and then the radiator went out so we bought a new one, and it got switched out. After that the car ran great for 1 or 2 days but now the car is doing the same thing as it use to, it has trouble starting and sometimes we need to push in the gas severqal times as we start the car so it can turn on. My father has checked the compression, but we would like to know what can be the problem, would it be the mass air flow sensor again, or what can be the problem?
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Ron McDonald

My 2001 Nissan Maxima won't start again. Just like many of the previous issues that others were having. I replaced the starter and battery, worked great for 10 day. Car wouldn't start again, silonoid started humming and wouldn't stop until it caught fire while we were unhooking the battery. Replaced starter again. 8 days later, the car wouldn't start again, but like all of the others the lights work, able to roll windows up and down. Starter just clicks. What the heck is going on, seams odd if it is the starter only if this is the 3rd starter to be replaced in a 3 week period. What can be causing this. Each time the car was sluggish to start and was told to turn key on/off 3 times before starting and it was still rough in starting and have no check engine light or any other issues. Any ideas?
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Hi Folks .... just a few general points with regard to starting problems that most of you are having here.

Starter motors are very power hungry beasts so make sure all terminals ... battery, earth strap to body and body to engine, battery to starter ... are clean and tight.

If you get a click, click sound on turning the key to 'start'it means that the solenoid is operating but this does not mean that current is getting too the starter motor. The solenoid ... which is only a switch ... may be faulty.(You do not want to buy a new starter when all you need is a solenoid!). To check if the starter is working bridge the two large terminals on the solenoid (lots of sparks so make sure there's no fuel leaks)and listen if the starter motor runs.

Sometimes you may have a voltage drop from the ignition key to the solenoid so that the voltage is too low to fire the solenoid. In this case there is no sound when you turn the key to 'start'. Here you can fit a four-pole 15 amp relay, which is activated by the key 'start' and carries full voltage to the solenoid via the relay.

The relay is wired as follows: Remove the small tongue connection on the solenoid and take it to terminal 56 on the relay. Terminal 57 on the relay gets a short new wire connected to earth. A short wire from Terminal 31 goes to the large terminal on the solenoid. Terminal 87 goes to the small tongue terminal you moved to 85. Use a cable tie to attach the relay someplace close to the starter.

Voltage drop is worse when the engine gets hot so often a starter motor will turn when cold but not when it gets hot. A relay not only fixes this but saves your ignition switch, and cost just a few bucks.

Back to the click, click on the 'start' position. This can of course be a flat battery. Be aware that high power sound systems can drain a battery to a point where it will not start the engine within an hour. Overnight or within a couple of days some immobilsers can do it too.

Hope this helps ... good luck.


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Okay here is the issue. I have a 2001 Nissan maxima. It just got a new altanator, battery, spark plugs, 6 coils and replaced air filter. My car has been turning off and on at stops. I wait a couple of minutes then I can get it to start again. It last bout a day then I get to light and it quits on me again. I need help, now it won't even star . Any suggestions.
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Max Zenzs

I have a 2008 Nissan Maxima SC and have problems starting the

car. The battery has been tested and finds no problem. The alternator tests good and finds no problem. The starter has been

tested and shows no problem. Does anyone have any problems starting their Nissan Maxima 2008. The Dealer checked the car and can't find the problem.

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Hi I have a 1998 Maxima. at first It would turn for a while without starting, than presto it would start. Now we changed Plugs-did oil change-change gas filter- change plug wires- guess what wont start at all. Took in for instrumental test to find out what the problem was they told us they could not find a thing? After all expense the car still wont go. Friend suggested a gas additive, however I have my doubts. Any suggestions?



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Had a 1991 and now a 2000, loved them both, only both had this problem.

"Warm or Hot, Sunny or Cloudy, went out the next day, turned the key and nothing".

So I put it on the battery charger and watched the needle as I turned the key, the load (small) was sure there so I know it is getting to my solenoid, BUT not enough of a load to indicate the starter is getting power.

Will wait a few more hours after it charges and see if it can get to the starter.

If not, solenoid, if it does, battery.

Just had service and they indicated I need a new battery, I did not believe it cause it has been starting fine. Perhaps I was wrong....

The 1991 had a bad relay, so when the key switch was turned the relay would not close so the solenoid would not get the power transfered to the starter.

Just in closing, Han's comments are awesome (thanks Han's) and the guy who said "changed it out in 30 minutes, no problem".

Keep it simple and don't think Maxima is the only car with this issue, any model/make has this issue. Until someone comes up with a better way to transfer energy from a battery to a starter things wear out and this happens.

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2001 Maxima after I get the car washed I take it to vacuum it out. I shut the car off when I am done and ready to leave the car cranks really slow and won't start. Went back 4 hours later with other car and some tools turned the key to start it and it fired up with no problem?? Went for another wash didn't turn it off during vacuum approx 10 min went to coffee shop and shut it off got back to car and it cranked very slow but did fire. Could it be a bad ground? Hope to have it fixed before the snow comes.


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I have the same problem two days ago, It was raining I went to the store. When I go home my car started, but I have to turn on the key four times before the car started. I got home and stayed home for one hour. Then I tried to start my car won't start. I check the battery with volt meter 12.6v I clean the battery cables, but still won't start, I check ignition switch ok. I finally decided to change the starter now my car start very good.
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My 2001 Nissan Maxima shut down. Before it shut down completely the speakers would cut in and out and at one point and time the car acted like it didnt want to start. It's not the battery! When the doors open there is a clicking sound, when it closes it stops. The fast clicking sound also stops when the key is turned to start. We have noticed that the heat in the car came on and I'm assuming that the radio works but is just turned off.
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i have a 2001 nissan maxima. my car sometimes would not change out of first gear only going 20 miles per hour and the rpm is dangerously high. it sounds like the engine is traveling at a high speed but the car won't move out of 1st gear. i bought it to four mechanics including nissan and they all say NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE CAR! please help me!!!
**/**/** **:**

Today my Nissan Maxima SE 2001 just wouldn't start after driving to bus stop to pick up my daughter. While waiting for my daughter's bus I had shut down the car then afterward it wouldn't start. I had the same problem with this long ago and it turned out it was not the starter as we thought it was. One of the coil was bad and we had got it replaced. It's very costly on one coil. Two weeks ago my stepfather put in 3 new coils. Now today my car wouldn't start. Hmmm.... have no idea what the problem is. Most of reviews here stated it's the starter. I will have someone to check my car out later on today to see.
**/**/** **:**

Same maxima 2001 it was raining turned off car before it was in park. Started after lunch then went to bank and afterwards just clicking . Any solutions ?
**/**/** **:**

I have a 1995 Maxima. It has been running fine all thes years. Last month I went to run errands. After one trip and a second one I parked and walked out. But I forgot something. I turned back and tried to start the car. No luck. No clicking either. All the indicator lights come on. (Battery is only 1 year old. Recently replaced spark plugs and ignition coil). So I left the car overnight in the same spot and next morning went in another car and was hoping to get it towed. But I gave one more try and to my suprise it started without any problem. No click, no slow crank, none of those.

The same thing happened 2 more times in the last week. Went to Kroger, got some groceries, and the car started fine. Came to Home Depot went it to get a piece of lumber and came back in a few minutes. The car would not start. No click, no cranking but all the indicator lights came on. Called home and went back home leaving the car there. I knew I had to come back after a few hours. Yes after a few hours I went back in another car, the the maxima started at the first try. Sounds mysterious, right?

Well it looks like it may be a solenoid problem, according to a friend. If there is a long time between stop and start, there may not be a problem. If you turned the engine off, wait only a few minutes and start again, it does not. Why? The solenoid gets hot and does not have time to cool in a short time. Wait long enough, it cools and restarts. I guess I have to replace the starter solenoid, if I don't want to repeat the back and forth trips.

Anybody with any suggestions?

**/**/** **:**

I have a 1994 nissan maxima I replaced starter, battery, alternater, transmission fixed, exhaust system. And now it start sometimes! This is driving me nuts! I can drive it maybe a couple of days, then can't drive it two days! I dont't get it! It turns over but won't start sometimes! Please help!
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half of everyones problems are neutral safety switches. to test put you car in neutral and try to crank it. if that fails then most likely it is the starter soliniod. I own a 99' mustang cobra and it starts every time. good luck.
**/**/** **:**

i have an 06 maxima, whenever i get ready to take off my rpm hands jumps up to 3 and 4 before it starts to change gears, i was told the transmission fluid was low, they put it transmission fluid and its still doing the same thing. what can this be?
**/**/** **:**

FWIW. I have had the same problem over the last four years in my 1994 Nissan Quest and after having a new starter and solenoid installed about four years ago the problem recurred within a month and I returned to the mechanic and he fixed for free but would not tell me what he did and actually went as far as to have me sign off on an invoice stating I was not to bring it back for the same problem. This lasted for about two years (though I still had to fiddle with the key and hold my mouth right to find the right contact point)but about a week ago it started doing it again to the point of not starting at all. I was at my wits end and doing a search that would show me how to bypass the ignition switch and I was going to put a push button start on the darn thing in some hidden place when I saw this threaded tensioning device attached to two wires (which were rather loose) located underneath the right side of the steering column inside the dash when I took the underneath plastic housing off beneath the gear shift. I tightened that little sucker and wah-la it started without a hitch. Now I am not saying that it is fixed, I just did it about and hour ago, but I tried starting it six or seven times and it started every time. I may go out there later and it will not start at all but if anyone knows what that little tension device does it would be helpful to know. I just thought that if others are having the same problem and they tried the same thing and it fixed their problem as well that we could be on to something. Good Luck with this phantom problem.
**/**/** **:**

so I have been having an issue where my car wont start up right away it struggles but eventually always turns over. Until today it didn't so I left it alone for a few minutes and then it started up. Took it to my mechanic who said they believed the issue had more to do with the key programming and the ignition switch and this is something that is common in Nissan's. Either way my check engine light is on and they got a code 1641?? i think and the code states there may be an issue with the programming and or keys but only the dealer can really check it out.any suggestions?
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Mobile Al.
Thank author of this post/comment"My 2001 nissan maxima won't stay crank"

I've done everything you guys have, even put a new fuel pump relay on, and it won't stay crank, HELP!
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 44 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 2001 Maxima Won't Start archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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