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1995 Maxima having trouble starting and stalling out.. HELP!!

- Nissan-Maxima

Forum Post
10/27/08 11:13

1995 Maxima having trouble starting and stalling out.. HELP!!

Hey Everyone,

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. It is an automatic transmission with 160K miles. It is a very good car, but sometimes when I drive it maybe 10 miles and then go to the store or the post office for 10 minites I come out and my car will not crank. It turns over so it isn't the battery. It also smells like gas very bad and I have white smoke coming out of the mufflers. It has also been stalling out when I stop at red lights or a train. When it stalls out it takes me about 5 minutes to get it started again. I have taken it to 2 mechanics and they have no idea what is going on with my car. They both said that the car is flooding itself when it cuts off. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and cleaned the throtle plates. Let me know what yall think the problem could be. Thanks


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11/23/10 14:14
Stuart Morrell

To All who own an older Nissan, 1995 on.

For Primera, Maxima, Almera etc Cutting out, stalling, some times the fans run when the engine is still cold, car cuts out won't start again for a while?.......get your self a new ECU temperature sender (the one with 2 terminals), U.K. cost off e-bay about 14.00. (seems to be the same unit for all, regardless of what the adds say). It worked for me so good luck to you all.

Regards Stuart in Harrogate U.K.

12/05/10 07:52
isaac ramirez

i have a 95 nissan maxima with the same problem it turns on fine at first but when i drive for the first five minutes and i stop at a red light it dies i try to start it back up and

it takes 5 minutes before it will start again you can smell gas and when it turns back on you can see white smoke i drove it for 2 months and now while on the freeway it trys to turn off i have to give it more gas i started off where it will do it onece o month and now everyday i been reading everyones comments but i would like to know what can be the best solution to this problem can anyone help please?????

12/08/10 12:23
Charlotte, NC

I have a 96 maxima with 230, 000 miles and it runs like a dream. But i went out to start it the other day and nothing! Checked the battery, starter, silenoid, all good. Has new plugs. On the 3rd attempt it started, but it ran rough! 30 seconds later, a strong odor of gas and exhaust smoke (light blue)filled the garage. Does anybody have an idea of whats going on. I will check all the sensors (crank/cam/knock)and see if that solves the problem. Pls email me with any suggestions:
01/02/11 17:03

I have a 95 Maxima with the same problems (turns on, rough idle, cuts off when i give it gas, etc). I had it checked by a trusted mechanic and I was told that it had something to do with a fuel sensor that was not working properly. Upon doing research I came down to 1 conclusion it might be the fuel pressure regulator, I read that the spring in the regulator gets jamed and the pressure can't be released and that makes the engine get flooded. But now after reading Rob's reply (reply #23) I'm going to try changing the coolant temparature sensor, will post back the results.
01/20/11 12:38

Might have an answer. I also have a 1995 Nissan Maxima Automatic. I had changed the starter, valves, etc... and it still had that damm problem of smelling like gas and knock on the engine. My main probles were the fact that I would go out to the store and when i would go back to the car, it would not start. The only way it would start (took me a while to get it to do it quick) was to turn on the steering wheel a couple of times and then try to turn it on. If that wouldn't work, I would put it on neutral and usually have someone push it a bit while i moved the steerng wheel. Once they stoped pushing, i would put it back on Park and it would turn on. I found out that this car has many "Electrical issues". If your security light, on the left hand side next to the steering wheel is blinking while you are trying to start it, and your car doesnt turn on it could mean 2 things. A) your key is wearing out and once you try to start your car, it will not touch all the necessary parts within the, therefore, not letting your car start. or B) it could be a coolant sensor (hapens alot during winter). Another thing I have seen is that usually your security system can be messed up and unfortunately you will have to take it to a nissan dealer to get that one fixed. I know the security thing makes you think it has nothing to do with starting the car, but apparently it will lock the car and not make it start only hear a "Crank once and thats it. The best link that helped me out was consumer guide.

http:// consumerguideauto. /1995-to-1999- nissan-maxima-2.htm

(I am spacing it out so that it can fit on here.)

or just google 195 nissan maxima problems and go from there

If you all have any uestions, just let me know and I will try to help out as best as I can!

02/23/11 14:44
2007 Maxima

I have 07' Maxima, reading all the stories seems like all maxima's are having same problem, my car after a few errands will not turn over cuts right out like it floods itself not battery.Have to wait an hour and then will start. Brought twice to get fixed to dealer nissan certified and they have no clue. Any ideas?
02/25/11 20:34

02/25/11 20:39

03/10/11 16:28

My 94 Sentra seems like it is flooding on cold startups. Even once it warms up outside I get nothing. My mechanic made a house call and got in the car. He said the problem when they get older, is that not touching the gas or flooring it to start it won't work. He put his foot down on the gas just enough to get it past idle, maybe 1/2", turned the key and it fired right up. I will continue to try this and see if it helps. I had been trying to get it going for weeks.
03/13/11 23:10

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima and it hesitates to crank, then when it does crank it will be fine until at night, then it won't crank.After a while it will eventually crank.We were in town and the car stopped and it would not crank, my boyfriend hit on the fuel pump and it crank right up, any suggestions to this problem, the check engine light is also on.I bought an airflow sensor, and that didn't solve my problem either
04/03/11 20:31
Derrick Richardson

I have a 95 maxima, It keeps dying on me. I come to a start and the car starts shaking and idling. the problem occured recently after i bought it off this kid. It passed air care. I'm confused on what the problem is, i dont want to waste money if it's not needed. Could some one email me with some help?

04/09/11 23:15

I have a 95 Maxima, V6 standard. It cranks over fine and sounds strong. I have replaced battery, starter, alternator, plugs and wires. But it still will not start. Any ideas? Please let me know.
04/11/11 08:45

Okay, similar problem, but slightly different. '97 Max GLE, AT. 190, 085 miles. Car will start, but coughs and sputters. Small puff of black smoke upon turnover. I have to crank it for probably a good 5 seconds, as well as press the gas pedal. After I get it going, runs like a champ! Smooth, plenty of power, and no lag. I'm thinking it's the Throttle Position Sensor (it creates a flooding condition). I've checked the coils, and I got fairly consistent readings. Thoughts?


04/11/11 22:52

1996 Nissan Maxima cutting off, stalling. Smells like gas when you first start it but no check engine light. Most likely culprit is the computer temperature sensor. This is not your radiator temperature sensor. Usually you can only get it from the Nissan dealer no other store will have it such as Autozone or Advance Auto Parts. This identical problem happens to alot of Toyota Camry between 1987 to 2004. I have fixed a lot of them, its actually a common problem for them. The sensor is usually less than $60.00. Best of luck.
04/15/11 15:44

ek het n 1996 nissan maxima 3l e 394000 km waneer ek ry sny die masjien net uit en na n paar minute start hy weer en is normaal vir n km of 3 ek het die petrol pomp vervang maar geen sukses nie
04/18/11 19:52

i have a 96 maxima with sputtering and stalling issues. Replaced plugs and MAF sensor but still doing it. Sounds like a common thing is this temperature or coolant sensor. Not something I was thinking but will try replacing this next.
04/20/11 21:53

I have a 95 Maxima was in storage for approx 1 year, new battery engine will not even turn over it is not seized.
05/01/11 00:40

I have a 96 nissan maxima with 190k miles. it ran great until about 3 weeks ago when my throwout bearing went out, i just finished replacing the clutch and throwout bearing and now the car wont start, i was able to get it to start by push starting it and it ran great untill i drove it for a while and then when ever i would push in the clutch the engine RPM's would drop down to about 300 RPM. Does anybody have any ideas
05/07/11 01:21

I have had thesame stalling problem for 2 years. Nobody could fix it. My 95 maxima runs great, well maintained and all but there are times that for no reason it stalls . There is no particular reason, place, running, at a light, idle in a parking lot...... Anytime it wants to it will stall.

Reply # 39 EVans IS CORRECT!


$ 23.99 at Autozone . Part #. SU4072 ( Duralast)

Sounds too good to be true, but it fixed my car 100%

the simplest way to check it is:

In the morning ( AC off, when engine is cold ) the auxillary fan sometimes switches on the moment you start the car.... The fan should ONLY turn on when engine is hot.... That means the sensor is malfunctioning.

It will tell the ECU to shut off the engine.....

You can can install it yourself if you have the time,

See youtube video " checking/replacing ECTS 4th gen Maxima"

05/16/11 15:27

I have a 98 nissan maxima 5sped, with 225k, runs great! Ve been having this stall problem for some time now, I replaced the fuel filter, new plugs, new boots when necessary, I topped off the transmission fluid, I JUST DON'T KNOW! I will drive and it will just bog out, the rpms drop the whole car bucks! And sometimes It will just stall! Other than that the car is gr8! I'm going to try the coolant temperature sensor this week and get bak to you guys, thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm a diehard maxima fan this my2nd 1, awesome cars! I won't let this one go!
05/21/11 19:10

Ok so after a bunch of bs I think I fnally figured I out! I got a code for my MAF, which is the Mass AIr FLow sensor, if its not working right it can cause the car to buck and choke lik that, so after I bought a NEW 1, DON'T GET A REMANUFACTURED 1 IT WON'T WORK, than I reset the cpu and I was fine for a day th next day it was doing the same exact thing, I did some more research, its the Throttle Position Sensor TPS, you can check it buy removing the harness clip on the left if you're facing the car, test for ohms between the middle post and the left post on the TPS, its supposed to read .5 when the throttle is closed, and 5.00 when the throttle is open, if you don't get those readings than its defective, if the TPS is defective it'll thorw everything else outa wack! Check it out or go buy a chilons manua 20$ and go to the engine emissions section and see for yourself! GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY
02/01/12 11:11
Thank author of this post/comment"NEED HELP!!!"

i have zero power to my car(95 maxima). changed battery, negat what else it could beive battery cable, and the ignition switch. alt is only about a yr old. all my fuses are good and i cant dont kno what else it could be. if it was the starter wouldnt it at least crank? new battery and no head/dome lights. also where is the starter solenoid at in this car, could it be the problem?
07/06/12 23:06
Thank author of this post/comment"SAME PROBLEM"

07/06/12 23:08
Thank author of this post/comment"Where is it?"

Where is the fuel pump located on the 95 Max?
08/22/13 14:51
Tampa FL
Thank author of this post/comment"Maxima Stalling"

My problems with stalling and cranking got resloved with the following steps taken:

1. I took the car to the Dealership, paid them 92USD to diagnose what's wrong with the car (this after several mechanics failed to diagnose)

2. Replaced a cracked mass air flow hose

3. Replaced the AIC valve (shopped around and got it replaced for 400USD with parts & labour)

4. Nissan recommended to change the ECM on the car. To date I did not have to do it. Once the step2 &3 were taken..the car is running smooth as silk.

Good Luck to you folks.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 50 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 1995 Maxima having trouble starting and stalling out.. HELP!! archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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