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Battery/Starting Problems

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This forum post has messages dated from 07/23/08 through 01/17/14, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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I have had a lot of the same problems that everyone has been encountering. About 8 months ago, my wife's 2007 Altima refused to start. I tested it and the battery level was low. I put a charge on the battery overnight and it ran fine for a day until the battery completely died. I took it to the auto parts store and got a new battery. The car had problems here and there starting, but after pushing the brake as hard as we could, it would start up. Two nights ago the car was in the driveway and it did the same thing. I pushed down on the brakes as hard as I could, and it started up. We contacted Nissan and they came to pick it up this morning. They called me to tell me it was ready and sure enough it was the brake light switch.
**/**/** **:**
Eli J

I bought a used 2007 Altima SL - really nice car - but now after owning it less than 6 months it is having the same starting problems and I just want to register my complaints too. Three (3)jumpstarts by AAA, one by a friendly man and a new battery ( do not get the anti-corrosive!) and several trips to the Nissan service dept. - we are frustrated! We will try the tips given above. I esp appreciated #82 Scott, #18 Michael the mechanic, #19 Marcus - we were told the same story- (so, I can't have my cell phone in the same location as my keyless remote??), #86 Michael has a good idea for everyone to contact Nissan - address given.
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ok .... im not sure about the new 2002 and up models, because i have a 99'altima gle, but it seems to me that my car began having starting and battery issues when the rear "drum" brakes wore down, the e-brake light comes on and the e-brake is not engaged(weird). It is a possibility that the rear brakes could short a sensor which discharges the battery and causes all sorts of electrical problems: including discharging the battery and shorting out the grounds of the vehicle causing alternator interruption and eventually shutting off the car. So try making sure your rear brakes are in good condition first and then see what happens. this is just an idea but ill try it today and see what happens.
**/**/** **:**

Guess I am one of the lucky ones. Bought a 1998 Altima new.

Now have 215, 000 miles on it. All I have ever had to do was normal maint. that I do myself. Still on the factory starter and alternator.

I have changed the oil and filter every 5, 000 miles.

**/**/** **:**

Just wanted to say thanks to those who posted about their issue and possible resolution.

This just recently happened (intermittent start) to my 2008 Altima 2.5S. Turns out it was the break switch. If I pressed down hard enough on the break pedal or wiggled the break switch wires then it would start up without issue.

I took the car into the dealership today, told them what was going on, and they replaced the switch. The guy at the shop said that Nissans have been known to have these switch problems. Thankfully the car is still under warranty, but this issue is definitely making me think about an extended warranty.

It's kind of ironic that my 2002 Ford Ranger with no power windows, power locks, or even cruise control has never had an issue. Sometimes too much technology in a vehicle is not necessarily a good thing!

**/**/** **:**

I have a 2006 nissan altima 2.5s..and bet you can guess..I also am having starting problems. It's on the intitial startup hot or cold. It has plenty of power, but struggling to turn over. I have gotten it checked on by my dealer. No codes/soft codes cominng up. Checked all the wires..nothing. Does some please!! have suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your time. Good luck to all, you are not alone.
**/**/** **:**

I have a 2009 Nissan Altima that I bought brand new. I just (a few hours ago) had the same/similar problem that's being reported here. I went out in the morning, went to start the car, all the dashboard lights came on, and it clicked once and everything died. Got a jump and it started right away. Checked the cables and everything else I could, nothing obviously wrong (terminals are clean). Tried to drive around for a while to charge up the battery, stopped and tried to restart immediately, died again. Advanced Auto has a free check (checks battery, alternator and starter)so I went there. The battery check came back fine (full charge) so he told me to start it for the next check. Guess what Ė it started with no problem! The check he finished with said there were no problems. Itís started a couple times since then with no problems. This leads me to believe that it has to some kind of intermittent short. Replacing the battery may temporary solve the short problem, but probably only because the wires are being moved around. I hope it doesnít happen again, but Iím not going to bet against it. I would bring it to the dealer, but if the starting problem isnít happening, it probably would show everything working fine.
**/**/** **:**
Tosh OKC

Seems like I too have the same issue w/ my 2005 altima. This problem is really starting to stress me out. have gotten a new battery, fuel pump, crank and can senor, the ecm or whatever it's called reprogrammed. since no engine isn't on, no seems to know what the h*** is going on. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!still will not start sometimes...
**/**/** **:**

Just had a similar problem with my 94 Altima. I went to turn my car on, the radio and all the lights worked, but it wouldn't even start, wouldnt even turn over.

I walked home, researched online, found this site. walked back to my car, jiggled the wires down by my brakes, and it started right up perfectly.

Incidentally, i just got the car this week, and right off the bat i had a brake light go out, and i also noticed that sometimes when i hit the brakes, the clock just turns off. when i let go of the brakes, the clock turns right back on like nothing happened.

**/**/** **:**

I have a 2004 Altima and need some help! A while ago the battery light and the brake light came on on the dashboard. No problem for a while - it would come on, but sometimes when you restart the car it won't be on. Found out that when the lights showed the battery was not holding a charge, but if the lights weren't on it was. Battery is not the problem - it checked out fine. Replaced the alternator and it was fine for a couple weeks, then started showing the lights again. Could this be a sensor or some sort of electrical problem? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

The dealer is really no help - had it there before and they charge $100 just to hook it up to the diagnostic machine and then tell you nothing is wrong!! This is my first and last Nissan.

**/**/** **:**

I have a 2009 NISSAN and am having the same problem listed above - a car that will not start and I have to jump start the battery. This happened for the first time 5 months ago. I took it to the dealer's repair shop and they tested the battery. They ran some diagnostics, said the battery was fine and to return if I had another problem. While at the repair shop, there were two other customers with the same problem. Now, the car is not starting again! Since Sunday, I have had to jump start the car 3 times. I am taking it back to the dealer tonight. I am thinking of trading it in - and will never purchse a NISSAN again - Toyota and Honda never gave me any problems!june05
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Well, I see i'm not the only one with this issue. My wife has a 2007 Altima 2.5S. It has 33k and has really been a good car. This is my 5th Nissan that has been bought new. She picked me up at the airport and when we went to leave the car would not start. The brake pedal would not move at all. She then tells me that it happened earlier in the week, but she tried it a couple of times and then it would start. Sat in the car for 30 minutes with no success. Called roadside assistance and a booster pack started the car right after hookung it up.

This morning I put my load tester on the battery and it was showing that the battery needed replacing. It is the original battery from purchasing the car. So I put a new battery in. I also called my step-father who works for Nissan and asked him to get with some techs at his place and hopefully will get some inside info. If I get anything useful I will be sure to pass along.

**/**/** **:**

seems I have the same problem 2007 altima stuck brake pedal was pressed hard down by itself and car would crank over but not start will check brake switch left me stranded in heavy new york rain
**/**/** **:**

Hey guys I see im not the onlt one with this problem... Maybe my little bit of info can help.

My 2007 Altima has over 112, 000 miles..The car has been great to me. Still is but im having a problem starting my car as well. I just brought a brand new battery 3 weeks ago the care cranks fine. Friday morning it took a few times for it to turn over, when i got off of work it would not start. we jumped the car and it started right up, took cables off and tried to restart and it wouldnt. So after i got a jump i went back to the place i bought my battery from. Tested the battery and altinater..everything was fine.....Then we checked the starter...theres the problem its the starter... the man showed me a trick that while the car is off turn the timeing belt which will turn it over (starter) and the car will crank..did it once and it worked but im not that strong to do it all the time so im going to replace the starter and i will repost to let u guys know what has happened..... Good luck Nissan Drivers

**/**/** **:**
Melody Henry

I have a 2008 nissan altima and it has been experiencing starting problems. It has around 30, 000 miles and has been happening for the past four months. We had to boost it alot and the dealership could not find anything wrong and they said the battery was good.

Wouldn't start tonight and the lights were blinking dimly. Tried to boost and wouldn't start, so left alone for about 20 minutes and then boosted and started.

taking it back to get the brake light switch checked and battery cables cleaned.

**/**/** **:**

We have a 2008 Altima, We had the same starting problems. I jump the battery and it would start.. Took the car to the dealer, they can't find anything wrong..Finally, the original battery died 2 months ago.. I put 7 yr exide nascar battery in..The car would not start last night..I put a charger on it, I checked the brake lights, pushed the button and it started.. I think we bought a lemon..
**/**/** **:**

Your starting problem may be that the system does not think the car is in park. AAA auto service checked my battery and it was OK. When he finally moved the gear shift back and forth in Park it started. Since then, I have gotten it to start by holding back on the gear shift in the park position while starting the car. I just called a Nissan dealership and they said that it could be the break switch (mine is a push button start that requires the break to be depressed to start)that would cost about $240.00 for parts and labor.
**/**/** **:**

08 Altima 35K miles 2.5S. Love the car, HATE that it has not started on 4 or 5 separate instances in the month and a half that I've owned it. I've gotten to the point that I pray for the car to start every time I get in.

Thanks, all, for the tips. I hope Nissan will get their crap together and fix this issue.

**/**/** **:**

I have a 2010 altima with about 5000 miles and have gotten stuck three times with dead battery. Dealer says cant find a problem.
**/**/** **:**

My daughter's 2008 Altima is doing the same thing. It just wouldn't start one day. We had to have her side mirror replaced and thought maybe the body shop had messed up. It ran fine, then did it again. My husand replaced the battery. She drove it one day and it wouldn't start. The battery was completely drained. My husband is a mechanical engineer and cannot figure out what is wrong. We have an appt in the morning with the dealership. It is one week out of warranty. He is going to try the mechanic's suggestion in an earlier post about the brake switch. I cannot believe a car with less than 34, 000 miles will not start. Her brakes have always been loud even when I drove it brand new. I am going back to Honda's myself.
**/**/** **:**

Hey Guys!! I have some great news!!! I posted back in October. The problem in a car is a faulty break switch..Allow someone to stand behind the car and see if your break lights come on...if they dont thats the problem... I played and played with my car until i figured it out. There are two little buttons by the brake. if one of them does not pop out all the way the car wont crank.. it was the white one on my car.. Replaced it this morning.. the piece was $44 and took only a hour to put it on. Tell them its the brake switch! Hope this helped
**/**/** **:**

I have an 08 Nissan Altima and an 07 Honda Accord and I will tell you that Nissan is a piece of crap car!!! On 11/5/2010 my Automatic transmission on my Nissan broke into thousands of Pieces, my serpentine belt needed to be replased and the fule lines were shot out oh and the battery was completely dead, thank the lord i have 100k or 10yr power train warenty on the motor and transmission if not then i would have been 4k more in debt. My lil experience with nissan cost me 400 almost 500$ that i cant really afford at the moment. Honda on the other hand is an amazing and reliable car and i am so happy to have purchased an accord but the wife wanted and Altima, anywho NISSAN YOU SUCK!! Super bad reviews on all your nissan models/years. Lets all get togethere and try and sue the crap out of Nissan for selling Lemon's!
**/**/** **:**

talk to a nissan mach and he said to check if the breaks lights come on when you push the break pedel. mine do not come on when the car wont start when the car will start the break light work....bad break light switch...good luck
**/**/** **:**

you need a new Cam Shaft Sensor. the part is 58 dollars, i paid almost 100 for installation.

My Altima wasnt starting up quickly, and one day it just wouldnt start at all. Got it fixed, but I wish i knew what it was before i had a problem.

**/**/** **:**

I have an 05 Nissan Altima 2.5s and this morning my car wouldn't start. I tried 3 times but all i got was a grinding sound like the car was already on but worse. On the fourth attempt my car shook erratically and tried to stall until I gunned the accelerator. I have had many problems mentioned above with what I thought was the battery, ignition or the starter solenoid, but it turned out to be a crankshaft sensor that had failed. I bought the part for 35 dollars but Nissan wouldn't install it because it was aftermarket and they don't cover that work. All in all it cost me 350 for labor and a part I already had. So far on this car I have spent close to 4k. Now it would seem I really do have a starter issue or something worse. I have heard that the fuel line can be damaged or moisture can be getting in so that concerns me. Has anyone had this same issue? I can't afford to keep taking my car to the dealer or mechanic for them to tell me nothing is wrong or to replace another part.
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