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mitsubishi eclipse radio code

- Mitsubishi-Eclipse

Forum Post
10/11/08 17:24

mitsubishi eclipse radio code

hi all I both a used mitsubishi eclipse and I wasn't given the anti-theft radio code. there is a video on youtube where they say you can call 888-MITSU-2008 to get the code for free. I tried but the number seems to be incorrect. charges 30$ but my radio probably worths 20$!!

can you guys help me??


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Easy fix!!!!!!!! I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse and had the battery changed and lost my radio. i went a couple weeks without it and it drove me crazy. I didn't wanna pay $75 that the dealer wanted so i just did it myself.

~Unscrew 2 screws at the bottom of the radio panel

~Take the panel off (might have to unhook the Panic lights to get the panel completely off)

~Serial number should be right in front saying, "SERIAL #"

~Call or take your car up to a Mitsubishi dealer with the serial number and they'll give you the code. (Might ask for proof of ownership just to make sure you didn't steal it)

~Enjoy your music again

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Go to and they tell you on there exactly what you need and a number to call to get your code for FREE!!!!!!
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I have a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I changed the battery after it died and now the thermometer on the radio display no longer works. Any ideas?
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if u know the code but have enter the incorect code 3 times and now the word (off) is on the screen here is what u shoul do. turn the key on to cc position turn the radio on it should say (off). leave it like that for 1 hour and than turn the radio on again and its going to say (code) so now enter the code
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Tareq Hindiyeh

I need your help! I have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse and the radio went dead after I changed the battery. the radio information is "MR 337271" and the serial # is "98235158A"


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need radio code for 98 Eclipse
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Thanks guys for you input. You really helped us out!
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i have the rite code and entered it the rite way. cuz my battery had died b4. but now it will not work. it just says code, then i enter it and push the cd button as i shld, and it does nothing, just stays ther. then i push power button goes bak to code. i know radio works cuz wen i push power button and cd eject button @ same time it turns on to am radio only for only 3-4min then it turns off. goes bak to code. pls help. i already tried turning key to acc for 45min it still wont work. and i hav the rite code. battery died cuz i left radio on all nite
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if you put the wrong radio code in 3 times it locks up but if you leave the car on for 45min to a hour it will reset You will still need the wright code
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dont have owners manual for 2001 mitsubishi spyder. had to jump and now have no tunes. dont have code and pushed buttons and now says error. how do i reset and where do i find code for free.
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hello.. on my spyder 2002 when i put a cd to play music i get a number 3. no music nothing.. put in the cd sveral times .. to no avail.. can anybody help??? thx..
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Answer for Mitsubishi vehicles

When you purchased your vehicle, you should have received a card that lists the four digit security code for the radio. If you are unable to locate this card (sometimes owners find it inserted in the Owner's Manual or glove box), the radio will need to be removed so that you can locate the Part Number and Serial Number for your specific radio. The Part Number typically begins with the letters "MR" and the Serial Number is generally a string of digits and both numbers can be located on the audit unit's chassis.

Please contact your local Authorized Mitsubishi Dealer if you need assistance removing the radio. Once the Part Number and the Serial Number are in hand, your Dealer can access the security code for that radio. You may also contact our Customer Relations Call Center at 1-888-MITSU2010 (1-888-648-7820) and one of our agents will be happy to provide you with the security code and steps to reset the radio as long as you have the Part Number and Serial Number for your radio unit. Agents are available Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PT).

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i have a 2000 eclipse and the battery died and of course i lost my radio, could you give me the code if i give you the VIN #?
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curtis lord


My 1997 eclipse's radio is locked due to alarm going off, i have all the numbers on it just need the code and dont wanna pay the dealership $75!.

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Juan Carlos

I have a 96 mitsubishi eclipse gst and my radio is asking me for a code, could you give me the code if i give you the VIN #?

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Help, how do I get my radio working. And who the heck adds a feature like this to a car?????
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christia ortega farias

soy de CHILE tengo un mitsubishi eclipse año 2000 se me bloqueo el radio y necesito el código para desbloquearlo , el VIN del vehículo es 4A3AC84L5YE103098 , si tienen alguna informacion se los voy agradecer muchisimo desde CHILE un saludo a toda latinoamerica.

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i have a 2002 eclipse and need the code for the stereo if you kno one send it to me pllzz there is no dealerships where i live and they wont give it to me over the phone
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I have a 2001 Eclipse GT Spyder and the radio is out. The screen is completely blank and does not ask for code. Actually all electric is out on my consol - clock, cigarette lighter etc. Anyone know what this could be or a fix?
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@tc, thats kinda strange haven't heard of that but on my other cars i fixed a fuse and it fixed that you should check all your fuses go to autozone and buy a little fuse tester with some fuses for like $6.99...seems like it must be something else......just my opinion..hope that helped.

i just bought a 2002 Eclipse and my radio said code on it when i tryed to play some music like everyone here. but then i tryed a serial which i shouldn't have ever tryed i shouldv'e just looked at my radio for the MR# and serial# ..and then calll mistubshi. Now i have to find out how to Reset the damn Radio to show Code on it AGAIN so i reccomend you people to not mess with it just get the correct code first then do what you have to do to fix it because everyone on here seems to say that if you leave it on acc (almost turning your car on position key) that supposebly if you leave it on there for 45mins or as some other ppl say 1 i don't know what to believe .... What my question to all you people reading this right now....... Can you please let me know if i can just change my Radio because im going to just buy a New one instead and Put a brand new one in with mp3/usb cd player and ipod jack and cd player ..will i have any trouble with that ??like will i get power to it from the main power+12 and acc etc...if you know what i mean....will it power it on ?and everything will be fine? let me know ..please thanks hope all this stuff on here helps everyone out cuz i know how much headache it gives me!its really pissing me ok everyone have a great day

Thanks, Alex The realest,

From Orlando, Florida Orange county!!!!!407 Represent!!!!!

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Ok... this is driving me nuts! My transmission went out on my car 2 weeks ago.. been in the shop for a week.. just got it back on Thursday evening. All hyped up cause my car goes again.. but now with no tunes! :( lol I went to my car dealership that's right across the street from the trans place to see about a code.. and well their shop closed 30 mins before i pulled in. Next day found out i needed the serial number, and model number to get the code. Finally when we got it.. i tried to hurry and call the mitsu place.. to find their office has already closed for the day. Waited all weekend.. called first thing today.. to find now they're still closed for labor day. Now I'm about to have to make another 4 hrs drive.. with no tunes.. and only hearing my tires and muffler. *cries* Hoping this is the last day I have to go without!
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SOS! I need my code for 1999 Mitsuibishi eclipse!
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@TC- I had the same problem w/ my 2002 Eclipse. Crazy enough, it turned out to be a PENNY stuck in part of the facing cover for the radio/heating buttons/cigarette lighter, etc..

As far the radio deal goes- DO NOT PAY FOR THE CODE, it's free.

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for the off prob just turn on the switch witn out the fan turn and turn on the radio for 1h, and to retreive the code pull out the radio and get the serial and the "MR" number and call 1-888-mitsu2008 or 1-888-mitsu2006 for it takes only 5min have fun
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I have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse. my stereo needs a code and i cant afford to pay for it. my serial number is 98235026a and the mr number is 337271 can someone please help me?
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 51 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: mitsubishi eclipse radio code archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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