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3000 GT ignition issue

- Mitsubishi-3000GT

Forum Post
10/12/08 19:09

3000 GT ignition issue

No spark on two cylinders with same coil. Have tried several things including new spark plugs, wires, coil, resister with no success. Does anyone have a possible solution to this problem? Thanks for your help.
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11/26/08 12:31

same problem no spark on two cylinders 3-6 two be spacific changed coils spark plugs and wires the cpu im giving up and dont want to car has potential and i dont want to get rid of it any addvice would help thanks
11/26/08 20:05

Seems like you have a short to ground or an open in the wire from the PCM to the coil.
06/21/09 11:13

Has anyone figure out what's the problem with the number 3-6 coil misfiring, on Diamante 1995 (DOHC). It seems like a common issue with the 3000GT having the same problem. Any common denominators so far ?.
08/05/09 12:54

I have a 1993 Mitsubishi 3000 GT It does not have sparked to number three and number six cylinder. I have replaced the crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, that little control box underneath the coil, and the PCM control under the dash. I still have no spark to number three and number six.
01/09/10 21:16
Heath Judeh

It is the ignition control module.
03/03/10 18:17

Hi I got a 99 3000gt soch, just rebilt the engine and have misfires on bank2 at lover speeds or idle. when i get on the gas it kicks in and runs fine but only under moderate or hevy aceleration. replaced coil, plugs and wires.
03/21/10 22:39

I am having an ignition problem with cylinders 3 and 6. I am working on the vehicle for a friend. He bought it not running after someone else made repair attempts, unsuccessfully. I received the car with the upper timing covers removed, as was the crank pulley. There was a remanufactured PCM in the trunk and one plugged in under the dash. The coils are all new. I had replace the ignition control module and still no spark. I then checked for an output from the pcm to the 3/6 coil input at the ignition module. There is no output from the pcm. I verified no output from either of the pcm's provided with the car. I purchased another used pcm and have the same results. I checked for continuity between the 3/6 coil wire and all other pcm wires and with chassis ground. I found no short to any other wires or to the chassis. As far as I can tell, the cam and crank inputs to the pcm look good when I checked the with my scope. My next step is to remove the timing belt and inspect the cam and crank sensors. I can occassionally get the car started after prolonged period of cranking the engine. When it does start, it will not rev past about 1500rpm and no fire on cylinders 3 and 6. Any techs out there have such an issue. The local Mitsu. dealership will not work on it.
03/25/10 22:07

I have the same problem on 3 and 6 i changed coils twice and nothing. Im gonna second heath judea and try an ignition control module 3sx also gave me the same answer.
03/27/10 19:35

I tried the ignition control module today. no results... my guess is ecm maybe?
03/29/10 20:26
Irvin green

I notice some of the yhing you guy are saying mine car has no spark. I had the ecu check and it's good. The same people that rebuilt it said it was fine. what is this pcm in the trunk. can somebody let me know. I'm in bowie maryland.
09/04/10 02:37

i have a problem with my 3000gt not getting spark too i tryed alot of things and dont now what is going on need hell bad
09/27/10 22:21
taylor martin

my 93 3000gt isnt getting spark in coil 2 causing it to drop cyl 2-5 so far i replaced the crank sensor, ignition coil packs, spark plugs and wires, the ignition control module, and had all the fuel injectors tested. mitsubishi thinks its a bad PCM. i believe it may be a wire somewhere.
10/11/10 18:31

hi, guys just reading your posts, common problen on mitsubishi

is ecu remembering fault errors from timings issues. remedy is to disconnect battery and reconnect, you will find that this cures alot of problems eg , non start after timing belt replacement

rough running and misfire and so on, good luck

01/21/11 02:54

I have a 92 3000gt sl(not base, not vr4) and it was turning off. It would run good on cold start up since it is reved idle at 2 rpm cycles. Anyway, I was told the spark plug wires and the spark plugs and the pcv valve must be changed in order to fix the misfire. I did all the work myself and now it is running 100%; I couldn't believe it. I was told from professional sources. You can fix it yourself and save hundreds or possibly thousands. Here is the recommended pro fixer upper.

a. replace spark plug wires with high performance red thick wires, get it on eBay: VMS 10mm racing wires.

b. replace spark plugs with NGK V-power, no other not even bosch or other you think is better, trust me. Don't over tighten!!

c. replace the pcv valve with Beck Arnley pcv valve.

d. Get high octane fuel additive even if it says 4 cylinders cars only...remember this is to clean fuel injectors too.

e. Get chevron fuel cleaner add all together when you fill the gas tank. Only 93 octaine power fuel trust me.

A few other things like synthetic Amsoil me on all this and you will be shocked and amazed and have a smile.

Do it all, Do it yourself, all under $100 bucks baby.


01/21/11 03:28

I forget to mention you can also tune the carb and add KN filter, Blitz even better and add a Air Intake Turbonator Turbo Fuel Saver...don't bother with expensive $300 dollar turbos unless you want to race at top speed of 178 mph!!, yes even on non turbo 3000gt with overdrive!! you would be surprised...Major difference, and if you customize the ports on the engine you get an insane fast beast...check out 3sx

all 3000gt world. Fact, non-turbo and turbo engines is 24 valve v6

3.1 liter...only difference is the turbos vr4 has awd. Vr2 is faster believe it or not...instead of spinning 4 wheels it's less drag on engine spinning 2wd. The last thing is the wheel rim...get the lightest xxr, rota, enkei (expensive)...common sense look at the shipping price on ebay for 4 rims...if it is less then $120 dollars...super light rims...$160+ is heavier!!...last thing is less weight on engine just replace hood, fenders, front bumper...carbon is best all though pricey...check out cianci

that's all and good luck with your 3kgt


01/23/11 14:50
todd v

i have a 1991 mit 3000gt non turbo electronic ign. car is hesitatint big time kind of a miss but only at speed or when you let off gas. Runs fine in neutral at all rpms. replaced mass airflow sensor, computer, plugs wires and checked vacum. cant seem to narrow down problem. any ideas.
03/25/13 02:33
Thank author of this post/comment"Spark scatter"

Replace you, r cam/crank sensor. I'v made a killing off diag rookies
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    Mitsubishi 3000GT '3000 GT ignition issue'