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Won't start

- Lexus-LS 400

Forum Post
08/14/07 22:02
Jeremy Brown

Won't start

I replace the water pump the other day. Now the car will not start. i replaced the crank sensor today. Still no start, cranks but does not fire. timing is dead on. still can not figure it out someone help me out
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08/29/07 00:11

did you happen to find a resolution because I'm going through the same crap with my lexus.

02/28/09 12:18

I have 94 LS400 lexus and lock myself out and had to get a man to unlock it. Then I go in the car and it wouldn't crank. The battery is good and lights and everything works but when I turn the key it want fire. Please help..


03/24/09 02:35

I am having troubles starting my 91 sc400. It started with a sound similar to that of low p/steer fluid but all fluids are full and clean. Anyway, next i noticed during driving that same day, the gas pedal felt a little rough. Then driving the dashlights started to dim, the stereo lost power, the "check engine" light came on and i lost p/steering. After stopping and turning off, it wont start again. Does anyone have an idea what i should check?
05/09/09 00:18

I'm going through the same issue. see my posts on the weblink

I think I've narrowed mine down to the camshaft position sensor. Good luck! I can't wait to get mine fixed so I can drive it again!

07/03/09 08:20

I have a Lexus LS400 that won't start.

It's been sat on my drive for a couple of years without a battery connected.

The engine cranks now much faster than I remember it doing when it was in use but inspite of that there is no sign of it firing at all.

The only other thing that has changed since it was in use is that the drivers door won't open using the outside handle so I have to open the door from the inside. the other doors lock and unlock normally with the key button.


11/29/09 12:49

Ok guys, i have a LS400 1990, it has been sitting with out a battery for a couple months, got a new battery and turn the key but wont start, i have the thought that the antitheft system had kicked in, do any one know how to disarm it pls?
02/26/10 19:22

I have a 1994 Lexus ls400 sometimes when u try to crank it she does fine. Then other times like now it won't start at all I checked my fuel relay and it's good I checked the fuel pump and it is pumping my cam sensors are checking good and i replaced my crank sensor i even replaced my mass air flow sensor I also replaced my coil because the motor turns over fine but it doesn't sound like it is firing but none of these things have helped at all. Is there anything else that could be the cause for my car not running???
03/03/10 10:19

i have replace almost everything that needs to be replace, first it was the door driver side and persanger, then when i start it will not start then i put a fuel into the gas tank then it stated running for two weeks and now it stop again.please help dont want to buy any car rigth now.
03/07/10 17:43

Suddenly the car won't start. even after driving an hour and shutting down only to find within a few minutes it will not turn over, get a jump start and it will run for a day or week and then suddenly will not start. new alternator and battery. PLEASE ANSWER. John
04/01/10 22:15

I have a 90 Lexus LS 400. I pulled up from work into my garage and later car did not start. It goes click, click. Battery is good, lights and horn works. Would it be the starter or silinoid?.. Thanks
04/07/10 23:24

I have a 00 SC300 that just finished changing upper intake . the last time I started the car was some 3 years ago . now when I put the key in the ignition to crank the engine the security light wont go off and also the fuel pump wont get power . would any body help please ?


07/23/10 18:48

does the ecu act up on those lexusls 400
07/23/10 18:49

does the ecm act up on those lexusls 400 after repair

09/06/10 14:08

i bought a lexus and it ran when i got it. i parked it for a few months with no battery and no it wont start. it cranks over but it seems like its not firing. it will start if you let it sit over night but it shuts itself off after a couple seconds. then it will only crank again. i was thinking security but i dont know how to fix that can somone help me please.
09/20/10 11:57

I had a power steering pump put on and now it wont crank just tick. I put a new battery in itbecause the other one tested old. It started right up. 1 min later wont crank. Any help

10/21/10 19:14
olene mccoy

I have a 96 ls400, now mine want start, put new battery, it started up, now next day want start, i had a 93, it was the alternator, this one run fine, then the next morning it wouldn't start. don't know, any ideas. mccoy
01/14/11 08:43

why lexus 1994 ls400 wont start after changing transmission
01/22/11 20:40
thuong nguyen

my ls 400 94 i been park for 2 weeks then i start the engine crank up good i drive for 15 minutes then stop and park for about one hour after that the engine wont crank i have to jupm the batery and they start up and i drive for about 2 hours , the next day they wont crank up , i check the batery is good , can you tell me what wrong with my car THANKS

01/28/11 16:43

Ihave a 1991 lexus ls400 That cranks fast but won't start never remember it to crank this fast can anyone help.
02/15/11 10:56

my car sounds like a tractor trailor when I start it up, or more so like I am reving up the engine. What could be the problem??
05/01/11 08:13

i have a 1991 ls400 and it cranks fast but will not start. timing belt replaced several months ago . car ran great until two weeks ago when it would not start
05/05/11 07:36

I have a 1992 LS 400 Lexus .... Locked my keys inside the car and used a coat hanger via the side window to open the drivers door. Once I got the door open the horn alarm went off for a few minutes until I put the key in and the horn stopped blowing. The problem I have is the car will not start, not even turn over and there is no clicking noise will I turn the key. All electrical items are working, lights, windows, radio and so on, new battery. Any suggestions Mark
06/10/11 07:48
garden village
Thank author of this post/comment"1995 LS400 will not start"

cannot disarm with the fob-can Idisarm it by any other means?
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    Lexus LS 400 'Won't start'