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controls on heating and ac

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06/10/10 21:22

Hey you guys were right. Took battery out and found the hose and it cost me $1.87 and air and cruise works, and to think I was going to the shop with it tom. Thanks
06/17/10 00:12
Carl McGraw

AIR CONDITIONER PROBLEM. 1998 Jeep Wrangler, 4.0, Sport. My air conditioner will only run for about 20 minutes then the clutch stops spinning. If the Jeep sits for a couple of hours then the air conditioner clutch will again spin and put out ice cold air for about 20 minutes. The relay for the compressor was very hot when I touched it after the clutch stopped. I switched relays with the horn (same number) with no improvement. I ran a jumper wire on both the low and high pressure switches for the compressor...NO improvement. The engine would slow when I unplugged the switches and then speed up when I ran the jumper wires...but the clutch would not spin, until several hours later.
06/18/10 13:50
Eddie Greer

How difficult is it to replace the controls in the dash on 05 Rubicon?
06/22/10 15:14

I have a 97 wrangler and at high RPM the air will move from the dash vents to the defrost vents. Once i back off the trottle the air will move back to the dash vents. Any thoughts on what may be causing the drop in vacuum?
06/23/10 16:09

AC blower motor quit, then worked a day later, now has stopped completely.
06/23/10 16:14

AC blower motor quit, then worked a day later, now has stopped completely.

This is a 2000 Jeep Wrangler. Any suggestions on fix, and how to remove dash or expose blower motor.

06/23/10 21:10
Tim Lavender

I have a 02 Jeep apex that is being flooded by my AC. At highway speeds the run off is coming in on the pasenger side and pooling up. Is there supposed to be a hose on the drain spout on the fire wall? I have a 2" length of pipe that drains straight out of the firewall.....does not look right. Any tips greatly appreciated.
07/19/10 05:52

The blower knobs appear to be stripped. they just keep turning. I have been turning with plyers. Now I can not turn on at all. How can I get access to the knob handel?
07/22/10 18:56

I had the same problem (only would blow through defrost)...there was a very small hose that comes in to the engine compartment on the passenger split off and one went under the battery and the other went across the engine...I traced that one and it was unplugged...put it back and everything works like a charm...thanks to all for the info, that was way easier then I thought!
07/25/10 07:19

I can't even get my aircon compressor to kick in. 1999 TJ.

everything else works ok but the compressor does not engage.

i turn the direction knob to where it shows the ice symbol but no cold air.

am i missing another switch or something?

i just updated from a YJ and the aircon is completely different. Can anyone help me? Thanks

07/25/10 23:19

I have an 03 Wrangler X and when I run the AC i get a puddle of water on the passenger side. I thought it was only when I ran the AC for long periods of time, road trip, but I've noticed it does it every time I run the AC. Any help would be great.
08/01/10 09:19

I'm looking for a used compressor for my Jeep. In the town that I live in there are only two junkyards. Northern of them have any Jeeps. I was wondering if a compressor from another make and/or model of car would have one that would be compatible?
08/01/10 12:24

I have a 2007 Unlimited. My ac is blowing air but 3 of the dashboard vents are just blowing air temperature air. The middle passenger side vent is blowing cold.

Any ideas?????

08/03/10 22:52

97 Wrangler, the air con. works fine at times and is liable to start blowing hot air at any time. The system has a full charge though it was down 1 can when we bought the vehicle last summer. I am leaning toward a moisture problem and changing the dryer and orfice tube. I hade it in a shop but the air worked while it was there.
08/04/10 23:20

Just wanted says thanks to those that posted the suggestions on getting the vent control to work properly. Found a disconnected vacuum line under the battery tray, cut away the cracked portion, reconnected and zip tied. Now the cool air is blowing through the upper vents instead of out the defrost vents. Nothing like a couple of 105 degree days to motivate you to fix a cooling issue...
08/05/10 14:26

Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. My ac was only blowing out the defroster vent, no matter what the control knob was set on. I was dreading taking it in to the shop. Came here on a whim, and bam...problem solved in seconds. Found a dangling thin hose with an L shaped connector at the end, found the metal nozzle on the side of the engine, placed the L shaped connector back onto the nozzle, problem solved. Supposed to be 103 degrees today in Southern New Mexico!!!
08/14/10 16:45

problem with A/C on a 2006 wrangler 4 cylinder model. Was blowing cold air yesterday morning, then went out again in the afternoon and now it only blows warm air. It doesnt look as though the a/c needs a charge PSI level shows full. Any ideas?
08/20/10 01:45

blower motors works then stops, then works again-when it stops the air bag light goes on-also now the control knob for vent, a/c and defrost doesnt click into positiion any more when i turn it, cannot shut off a/c-help
08/22/10 19:59
Billy Mac

Have a Jeep Wrangler X with fan control problems the #1 and #2
08/22/10 20:05
Billy Mac

Have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler X with fan control problems #1 and #2

have stopped working until vehicle is in motion #3 and #4 are

still working any help would be appreciated

08/24/10 19:38

01 wrangler...a/c stay on even when turned to heat mode...compressor also...pulled the fuse to the compressor but it just doesn't wanna go into the heat mode, continues to blow cool air....switch...relay???
08/25/10 20:10

Thanks so much! I love when something that seems big is actually simple. I love you helpful forum people!
08/25/10 21:57

My air is only blowing out of the defrost. I read eveyones post and I can not find any hoses that are not connected??? Help cause its hot.
09/03/10 21:02

97 TJ, NOTHING comes out, no hot no cold air. Compressor kicks in and runs and sounds fine. Not sure what the problem is, considering all I did was disconnect the controls when replacing my dash from spice to agate!.
09/10/10 19:49

I had the "only defrost blowing" problem with my 05 Wrangler. There was a vaccuum disconnection on the driver side of the engine block. The hose comes through the center of the hood as stated from replies above and I found the cap right near the center firewall. Quick easy fix with a zip tie. Thanks so much!
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