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controls on heating and ac

- Jeep-Wrangler

Forum Post
10/24/08 16:33
Jim Angelos

controls on heating and ac

Hi if anyone can help me with this problem, I give my thanks. On the motor (fan) speed is on high or off. The other is the control for the defroster, floor, middle.It's stuck on defrost. I would like to see a diagram on each of these control.

I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler, with 6cyl..

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08/22/10 20:05
Billy Mac

Have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler X with fan control problems #1 and #2

have stopped working until vehicle is in motion #3 and #4 are

still working any help would be appreciated

08/24/10 19:38

01 wrangler...a/c stay on even when turned to heat mode...compressor also...pulled the fuse to the compressor but it just doesn't wanna go into the heat mode, continues to blow cool air....switch...relay???
08/25/10 20:10

Thanks so much! I love when something that seems big is actually simple. I love you helpful forum people!
08/25/10 21:57

My air is only blowing out of the defrost. I read eveyones post and I can not find any hoses that are not connected??? Help cause its hot.
09/03/10 21:02

97 TJ, NOTHING comes out, no hot no cold air. Compressor kicks in and runs and sounds fine. Not sure what the problem is, considering all I did was disconnect the controls when replacing my dash from spice to agate!.
09/10/10 19:49

I had the "only defrost blowing" problem with my 05 Wrangler. There was a vaccuum disconnection on the driver side of the engine block. The hose comes through the center of the hood as stated from replies above and I found the cap right near the center firewall. Quick easy fix with a zip tie. Thanks so much!
09/25/10 00:15
Jason Redrup

I have a 1999 with multiple problems with my heating system. First I am getting a smell of anti-freeze through my heating vents. I assume that my heater core is going bad.

My other problems are, the fan motor blows only on the lower two speeds and my vent control does not seem to work. I am getting heat through all the vents at the same time. any help would be appreciated.

10/01/10 15:56

I took battered out of my 2007 sahara and when I reconnected it my ac doesn't work.
10/05/10 22:10

I changed the radiator on my 1999 sahara because it was lraking from the top seal and now, only warm air comes out in heat? any help would be appreciated.

10/26/10 18:20

i have a 2002 jeep wrangler with no air blowing on heat or ac. Checked the fuses and they seem fine. Ive tapped the blower to see if the paddles are stuck still nothing...any advice


11/09/10 11:38

07 Jeep Wrangler heat is blowing cold on left side and heat on right side with any setting of vents/defrost. Air conditioning works perfect. Read the responses this is similar to #26 from Tom...didn't see a response. Please help!!!!It is cold!!!!
11/12/10 18:38

I have a 1999 jeep wrangler. Whenever i switch over to heat or defrost all i get is freezing cold air. Looked under the hood and my air conditioner was still running. The vents work just fine, get air where ever i send it but its always cold. Anyone else have this happen or heard of it before.
11/12/10 23:33

having the trouble with the air just stayin on in the middle vents where air condition is suppose to come out. will not change to defrost or heat ducts. vacuum lines are good all the way to the black box under the battery. how do you check this box. also cruise will not work. light comes on but thats in. thanks.
12/08/10 21:06

I have a 02 tj the heater is stuck on defrost, checked all the solutions in this forum. no luck. looked under the dash right above the airbag on off switch an found a piece of plastic broke with a metal rod on it came to the conclusion that it broke off the bottom of the door. has anybody had this problem or know how to fix it.
12/09/10 11:18

I have a Jeep 2000. My heating system blows warm air on low and as soon as I increase the temperature, it starts to blow cool air. I have replaced the Termostat twice, so I know that is not the problem..Please help. I need Help here.Thanks guys
12/10/10 00:47

I have a 97tj with the slide heat and ac controls. How hard is it or is it possible to switch the controls out for the newer nob type? Thanks
12/11/10 21:05

2008 Jeep Sahara Unlimited. The blower motor runs when first started then goes off. I still get heat our the vents while moving. We can not get the blower going again unless we pull over and shut off the engine. As soon as we re-start the engine the blower works again. Any ideas?
12/19/10 23:29

I have a 2000 Wrangler. My fan only blows on low. As soon as I move it to med or high it stops blowing...except for natural flow from driving. On low it will blow hot or cool, temp is adjustable, it just shuts off when moved to any other speed. any ideas??
02/11/11 07:24

I am having the same type of problems as #'s #70, #75, #80, mainly identical to #75 smell of coolant, compressor does not seem to disengage, slightly warm air at idle, but only gets cooler as i drive, please help it -4 here in Oklahoma! 99 Wrangler 4.0l

02/12/11 18:12

In response to the lunging after reconnecting the vacum line to the manifold. . . . . . .

I had the same issue with lunging. Check your conncetor on that vacum line. Mine was very lose and the luning was horriffic. I replaced the "L" shaped connector with another, slightly tighter fighting rubber elbow. Lunged slightly at first, then dissappeared.

I am willing to bet that the vacum line isn't sealing properly on the fitting and the outside air is the culprit.

Thanks to everyone responding! You have all been great help. Now if I could just fix the "death wobble".

03/22/11 14:16

Don your a bit off topic... but check your your tie rods... most importantly check/replace the shock absorber in your steering, its probably shot.
04/21/11 21:45

have a 06 Tj Will only blow hot and cold on high setting of control knob. Any Ideas????
06/07/11 08:52
Cumming, GA
Thank author of this post/comment"Fixed my issue"

I too had the same issue where AC would only blow thru defroster and floor. Found the hoseless nipple on the driver side of the engine area, between the engine and driver-side front fender firewall area. Did a little looking and found the house was tucked away. Secured the hose with a cinch tie and poof, AC blows out the front panel vents again. Even when I plugged the hose back onto the nipple, still did not have AC blowing out the vents until I used a cinch tie to secure it. Considering we've hit summer early in GA this year, it's been 90+ for a couple weeks staight, going into Atlanta in business attire was NOT fun without having AC blowing on me. And just couldn't put the top and windows back on...THANK YOU for posting the solution here! :-)
11/01/11 10:35
In the Hills
Thank author of this post/comment"I am having problems too"

I have a 2002 wrangler, most of the air comes out the vents on the dash however some air does come out the defroster. I have replaced the switch and I can see the actuator working but nothing changes where the air comes out. I have tried looking into the ducts for blockage but I cant see anything.
06/13/12 18:42
Sun City/Peoria AZ
Thank author of this post/comment"Thank you very much!!!!"

I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler X that was only blowing out the defrost vents. I was told by someone that it was a big job to fix. They said you had tp pull the whole dash out to fix it. I was really stressed out I came to this sight just by luck and found out it was as only a vacuum hose that came off. It was just like I was told. on the drivers side a small black hose coming off the fire wall leading to the side of the engine. I put it on and it was good as new. I did also use a zip tie to keep it from coming off again. This really made my day thank you all for your help it means a lot to me and my family.

God Bless you all

Brian Hunt and Family

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 93 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: controls on heating and ac archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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