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controls on heating and ac

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Forum Post
10/24/08 16:33
Jim Angelos

controls on heating and ac

Hi if anyone can help me with this problem, I give my thanks. On the motor (fan) speed is on high or off. The other is the control for the defroster, floor, middle.It's stuck on defrost. I would like to see a diagram on each of these control.

I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler, with 6cyl..

10/26/08 18:57

I found that under hood very center is a small tube that

can come off and that makes all the air only come out of defrost

vents. I put it back on and used a small zip tie to keep it on.

I also have the 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited w/ 6cyl...

hope this helps

11/03/08 17:06

2005 Jeep Wrangler. The fan motor for either the heat or air conditioning is STUCK such that all air comes through the defroster vents below the windsheild. How do I correct the problem???


11/26/08 08:00

You have a vacuum line leak, or the line itself is disconnected. The leak can be in the diaphram, but it is most likely a dried/cracked line under the hood. If I remember correct, the lines run along the firewall to the left fender area. The shop fixed mine ('02 TJ), but when they showed me the problem, I could've noticed and repaired it myself.

BTW, mine was doing both the problems listed above: fan on either high/low; or the air was only coming out of the defrost/floor. The vacuum lines are controlled by the switches and they get too weak to move the switches/diaphram.

12/21/08 14:31
Bill Haney

2006 Jeep Wrangler blowing cold air from heater. Have changed thermostat, and heater hoses feel hot, but not getting fluids to heater core or that is what I assume. Please help with any ideas. Thank s Bill
01/19/09 20:18
Marty Douglas

I have a '95 Wrangler. I have had a chronic problem with water leaking in through the hood vent. I finally concluded that the air vent doors are not being closed properly, related to a lack of vacuum. I replaced a cracked hose under the hood, to no avail. I believe that it is the vacuum switch on the heater control assembly. Has anyone had similar problems?
02/04/09 16:53
pat mcadam

I have a problem with my blower moter switch (high med low).I own a 99 jeep wrangler . I have had to replaice the switch 3 or 4 times in the past three years. It will work fine for a while then goes out. Any sugustions. ITS A JEEP THING YOU WOULDNT UNDERSTANS.

02/04/09 17:43

I have a 2000 Wrangler. My fan only blows on low. As soon as I move it to med or high it stops blowing...except for natural flow from driving. On low it will blow hot or cool, temp is adjustable, it just shuts off when moved to any other speed. I've heard this is a common issues recently. Any help would be amazing. I am trying to avoid the overpricing that is Portland.
03/07/09 20:19

Hey guys, can anyone help with an a.c problem? A few days ago the switch that regulates the vents on my 2003 wrangler sport stopped working (I couldn't switch the vents around and was only getting air through the windscreen demister)The fan was working fine. The next morning I checked the relays and fuses which seemed fine and when I tried the a.c again the fan stopped working as well? Could the switches themselves be faulty or is there something I'm missing somewhere? Has anybody had a similar problem? Your advise would be greatly appreciated...
04/22/09 20:17
gary sheets

I have a 2004 jeep the crouse control light comes on but thats it dont work allso the heater will only blow out defrost turn the knob and it still stays on defrost try checking the vicuim lines uder the battery. i replaced them didnt help, HELP
05/07/09 16:07

#8 & #9 see reply #3

It's on the driver side of the engine just put the hose back on and use a ziptie to hold it on.

fan not working check for a

bad blower resister Passanger side under or in glove box. black box type thing, $15 bucks to replace. Well see?

05/16/09 13:21

I have a problem where there is no air coming from the defroster. What could the problem possibly be?
06/01/09 17:22

I just wanted to say - THANK YOU! so much to misti - you saved me $50 from running a diagnostic check & possibly more $ if they were not honest - thank you, thank you, thank you

Reply #1 misti ( - Sun Oct 26 18:57:42 2008

I found that under hood very center is a small tube that

can come off and that makes all the air only come out of defrost

vents. I put it back on and used a small zip tie to keep it on.

I also have the 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited w/ 6cyl...

hope this helps

06/19/09 15:04

1997 Wrangler A/C all of a sudden strated blowing hot air (even when outside temp is in the low 60s). It neve went from cold to less cold, then warm...right from working to hot. Any ideas on what to check? Thanks
06/28/09 13:56
Jim Tapp

I have just brought a 2005 Jeep wrangler unlimited, every time it rains heavy there are puddles on the floor on driver side and pasenger side, the seats and facia are dry, where is the water coming in from?
07/09/09 15:57

how in the heck did you get the black tube center under hood onto the white acceptor near the engine- it is way down there and my hand wont fit- ouch.
07/15/09 21:40
Steve, NJ

Hi, I have a 97 Jeep wrangler TJ and the vent only will blow out hot air, not warm, hot, Hot, HOT. I could really use some fresh air because my soft top door is safety pinned shut because the zipper broke. I love this jeep. Please Help
07/19/09 19:20

Thanks to all that shared info on the vac lines, it helped me fix a problem that has been cooking my brain here in AZ (literally). Mine is an 02 wrangler X, following the vac line that T's off into 2 vac lines near the battery, the one that goes down ends up by the passenger side wheel, get underneath and you can see about a 3 inch rubber hose that connects it to a plastic housing, mine was split at this connection. Trim off 1/2 inch and it works like new.
07/26/09 23:45
Ron Troutner

Just wanted to thank-you all for the tek-tip about the loose vacume line & air only coming out of the defroster vent. I had this exact problem & I was able to quickly discover the problem thanks to your info. I just had to put the vacume line back on the connector it dropped off from. I have a 2003 Jeep wrangler rubicon.
08/06/09 08:35
Jane Jones

Thanks for the tip on connecting the black tube, I have an 05' Wrangler and it worked! Yeah, now if I could just figure out how to fix the control for the fan. It only comes on when it is on high. Any tips or hints? I would greatly appreciate it! And you guys are great!
08/19/09 15:53
Dennis DeLong

My 05 Jeep Wrangler Sport was blowing air out thru defoster vents even if I changed vent selector to front vents. Found small vacum line disconnected from engine.
08/19/09 18:18

Just wanted to thank everyone for their help with my 05 Wrangler Rocky Mt! My A/C was stuck on defrost and would not switch. There was a small vacum hose that was disconnected from the engine. It was a simple fix and only took me 2 minutes. This site saved me time and $ from going to the shop! Thanks again!
09/02/09 21:00
Mike Renfro

I have a 2000 Wrangler. My fan only blows on low. As soon as I move it to med or high it stops blowing...except for natural flow from driving. On low it will blow hot or cool, temp is adjustable, it just shuts off when moved to any other speed.

Anybody have a fix for this

09/04/09 19:48

My 2004 Jeep wrangler x vent control knob is loose and won't change the air flow in the vents any suggestions would be helpful.

09/12/09 18:47

Have a 05 Unlimited that is blowing air only either thru the defroster or floor vents. I have read the answers about the vacume line and it was connected. At least I think I found the right line. However, problem isn't solved. Any other ideas you could share??
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