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Won't start but Battary good

- Jeep-Wrangler

Forum Post
12/21/08 14:40

Won't start but Battary good

There is a device on the "fire wall" that "chatters" when you try to start it and no "turns" of the starter. All other electrical items have more than enough battery power. Any ideas


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07/07/10 15:58

I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler with 30k miles. For the past 30 days I have been having problems starting it. The first time this happened it would not turn over and would make a click sound. I brought it to the dealership and they replaced the battery which didn't fix my problem. The second time it happened I brought it back to the dealership and they cant seem to find the problem. Well it happened again and this time it wouldn't start for 30 minutes. I called roadside assistance and it started up. I went to the dealership and spoke with the service manager and he said there is nothing he can do unless the car acts up for them. Any ideas what this could be?
07/13/10 19:22

I have a '04 Jeep Liberty that seems to have the same trouble as many of the posts listed above. Periodicaly when the key is turned, there is a single click followed by a quiet buzz for a couple of seconds. No start.

We just had the starter replaced yesterday but today, the same thing. Sometimes it will start in newtral, sometimes not. Sometimes it will start after rolling the car forward a few feet and sometimes not. Sometimes it just sits for a while, then it will start.

I have had the battery tested (with and without a load) and it appears fine.

I'm close to just buying a horse. Any ideas?


07/15/10 12:12

A friend of mine has a 2008 Jeep Sahara does the same thing starts sometimes other times it won't still under warrenty been to dealer several times new starter new shifter cable new battery and so on one time sitting in his jeep and it won't start I pushed the shifter forward into park and held it forward and it started now my friend does this every time it won't start and it does the trick I think its the park switch that needs ajusting maybe this will help some of you people!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to you all

07/20/10 19:12

I have a 2000 wrangler that one day it would not start. Started great before that now its dead.Jumping didn't work. Turn the ignition on and nothing, no clicks, guages don't work, no lights. the only light on the dash comes on is the brake light and it is very dim. I had the battery checked at Autozone and it was good. Checked the crankshaft position sensor by unpluging it from the harness( a suggestion from someone) and still no guages. ANY help is greatly appreciated.
07/22/10 19:14

Same issues as Rick and the gauges acting up like everyone else on my 2000 Jeep Wrangler. Replaced the starter (after having it tested), this would at least allow it to crank, but it will not stay on (I have to give it gas to stay on, else it shuts down)???? Battery is good, I started it with another battery but the same thing happened would not stay on so this rules out the battery, Next I might go check some fuses and hope it is not the alternator not holding a charge??? I will keep everyone posted, if I can't fix it I will have my brother whom is a mechanic have a go at it.
08/12/10 17:49

90 Jeep wrangler that wont start.I put in a new battery, a new starter and selinoid.Checked battery with volt meter and it shows plenty of charge but when you try to start it everything inside lights up good but the starter never turns over.When doing this I noticed the voltage gauge inside never drops like theres a load on it.The only thing you can hear is a relay that clicks under the hood when you try to start it (had wife try to start it while i found what was making the clicking noise to make sure it wasnt the selinoid on the starter).Jeep is a 5 speed manual trans. Any ideas?
08/20/10 13:16


Just had the same problem with the needles bouncing on tacho/odometer, no dome light. This happens without even putting key into the ignition just from opening the doors.

Just had to clean up my terminals. Now starting great

08/20/10 17:09

2007 sahara 4 door,

coming back from a camping trip, vehicle wouldn't start. Same as others, clicking noise when turning the ignition. Had to get a jump 3 times to get home.

Brought in home to the dealer when I got back. they couldn't find anything wrong. Appearently they reset my computer, put my battery on a test and a re charge, now I'm out $225. Any way of getting my money back. The way I see it, they didn't really fix anything.

08/30/10 20:54

Thanks Nik, et al.

Battery it was. Someone else posted about the bad cell.

Got the flicker dance, cleaned all terminals down to bare metal and got lights, radio, etc, but no more than that the solenoid machine-gunned.

One new battery made it start like a charm.


2001 Wrangler

08/31/10 04:52

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09/15/10 20:40

Check your cable connection from the battery terminal back. When the needles dance, it usually means your battery cables from the terminal back on the positive side are corroded. keep cutting back the insulation, you'll find the area., replace and you will be good to go for cheap.;
09/19/10 17:30

I have a 92 Wrangler, I ran it yesturday and noticed smoke from a mouse storing stuff in the muffler. Drove it home turned it off. I turnded it back on and it worked fine. Cleaned it out and went to turn it on and the engine tries hard to fire but it does not happen. Battery is fully charged. Thinking distributer cap?? Thanks
09/26/10 19:51

Hi guys. Thanks a lot! My jeep wouldn't start. We replaced the starter. No help. Thought maybe it was the security key because I have been having trouble with that. Sometimes when it won't start I have to put it into neutral to start it and it starts immediately. Not this time. The battery read full charge and all lights, bells, radio, fans worked. Saw on here the same problem and was suggested it was the battery anyways. So...I jumped it with a buddies car and it started right up. I went and bought a new battery and it works just fine. Thanks ROCK!!!
11/28/10 12:48

I have a 04 jeep wrangler sahara and when I go to start it it starts to start (normal sounds) then a big clank, makes the bottom of the car shake. All my fluids are fine and the battery is fine. This just started happening to me today, but yesterday I went to go get gas in it, it took a a second to start it (figured cold weather but I'm in Texas so about 40 degrees) then as I'm driving does a bit of shaking (figured I needed gas), then started decent at gas station, drove off and it felt like the car stopped when I reved the engine but it was still running, had to let off the peddle. Now it won't start.
01/08/11 23:21

Hi, i have 96 TJ Jeep Wrangler and the car won't start and some sort of alarm is going off from the glove box area. I went to start the car and it did not kick over so i am thinking that it is the battery but i don't know why some sort of alarm is sounding. Any ideas?
01/31/11 10:58

Had a problem similar to many of the posts here; jumping speedometer and tach even when key was removed, could change the jumping by closing the door switch, no dome light, etc. Battery gage showed that there was sufficient charge on the battery. Would not jumpstart. After reading many of the posts here from people who solved similar problems, I took my battery to O'Reilly, they put the battery on a test stand and confirmed that the battery was not providing enough current. Replaced the battery and problem solved!!!

Thanks to all on this thread. What an unusual set of symptoms. Take care all.

02/26/11 14:24

Hey i have a 1998 jeep tj 4.0l 5 spd, went to start it this morning and it wouldnt start, all gauges work, radio, lights, etc, battery is charged but the oil pressure gaugue doesnt move very far when i turn the key over makes like a vacumn sound when i turn the key over, no click no winding nothing, can anyone help please!
03/02/11 14:17

I stalled out in my driveway turning around, I tried to start my 2004 jeep wrangle, all the dash lights came on but no noises what so ever. A month passed thinking it was the sentry key was bad or something else. Then I heard from an older mechanic to "tap on the starter with a hammer to make it turn off the dead spot". I tried this and it started right up.(success) yay. so I replaced the starter and no problems since.
03/19/11 23:12

Its a bad battery, even if its new. I've been through the random start, possessed guages, thing twice- both times it was a bad battery. One battery had worn out over years, but the other was "new" and costs a hundred bucks, and started strong- mostly. It still tested bad and was replaced free. Don't assume the "new" battery is good- check it at autozone free. So my rule of thumb is crazy guages = bad battery. All other of the sudden random failings to start I've ever experienced, were overcome by simply removing the positive cable from the battery then reattaching it. sometimes I've been certain it was a loose connection to start with, but usually this just seems to "Re-set" something, and its normal again.
03/23/11 01:00

2006 Wrangler X I had a problem starting the car today after getting gas, driving for 45 minutes and then letting the car sit for 3 hours while at football practice. I came out to start my car to go home and it does everything as if it's about to start only it doesn't. It makes all of the right sounds but the engine doesn't seem to "turn over" I tried to get a jump but that didn't seem to work. Others think I have "bad" gas in the car. Or that the fuel pump is clogged. Any ideas?
04/26/11 11:39

I had a similar problem with 04 Grand Cherokee this weekend. Found that if it won't start, I just push the unlock button AGAIN as I am sitting in the car and it starts right up. Try it, took me about 7 hours and an accidental push on the fob to figure it out LOL
04/30/11 10:32
Tony Smith

Purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokk 2002 around 3 months ago, it has been back to the dealers around 7 times and they can't or won't find anything wrong with it, but the dam thing will start OK from cold, but go for a long run in it and try to start it again within the hour and it takes around 3 cranks to get the dam thing starting and when it does it sounds rough.

It runs well apart from this, have just had it back from dealer under warranty and it now runs from cold at 1000 revs, when you first start it up, and then slowly goes back down to around 600, when it is at 1000 revs and you put it into reverse the gearbox snatches and kicks you in the back, if you leave it and it goes down to 600 revs it goes into reverse great without a problem, any suggestions?

apart from this check engine light was going on but this has been cured, at least for now anyway, all other gauges check finr, and the car has only done 86, 000klms

09/17/11 19:18
severn md
Thank author of this post/comment"jeep just died?"

you need to have the car computer reloaded

for some reason computer losing memory

06/16/12 19:00
vancouver bc canada
Thank author of this post/comment"JEEPS WONT START"

my wifes jeep started the one click issue a while ago, then coincidentally the battery died around that time. however, the battery was shot and would not hold a charge anymore(it hit that age where leaving any light on for a short time would drain below ability to start, this problem happens eventually to some batteries). HOWEVER, after replacing battery, this problem disappeared for a while but has resurfaced again on days that are damp(the original problem also started on a day with lots of rain). i could not get jeep started this morning by turning key, yet it started with the remote start. there is obviously a moisture issue. and before replacing fuel pump and filter, when first turn ignition key to run(listen for the fuel pump, it is loud enough to hear when running without engine running, rather check for spark first). Before we bought the jeep, we owned a dodge stratus(loved the car, fast, extremely good handling, good gas economy) but the weakness was that whenever having driven through a puddle whether at highway speeds or in town, the car wood run terrible until whatever got soaked had dried off.....sound familiar to moisture issues with dodge. first consider tapping the starter relay to see if engine starts, maybe switching relays around if any matching(do all the simple things first before having to go to dealer). the dealership software should know what the error code is but make more money selling parts, and the recall would be expensive is my guess. also when battery is disconnected, i would think that computer resets itself back to factory specs and that allows for engine to start (as if battery was replaced). hope this helps.
06/17/12 18:59
so. illinois
Thank author of this post/comment"jeep won't start, battery is good"

2nd time for this same issue, all lights come on and starter just makes a clicking sound. last time the jeep dealer said it was a sensor issue from the key fab to the starter, a "safety" feature so someone else's keys can't start your jeep.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 71 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Won't start but Battary good archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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