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Front End Shaking

- Jeep-Wrangler

Forum Post
07/02/08 16:28

Front End Shaking

I was driving on pavement hit a rough spot in the road(no pot holes) and the front just shook and bounced real bad. Is it the axles??
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04/02/09 03:17

I had the same problem yesterday. It felt like one of the tires went flat. Pulled over and checked. Everything was fine. Didn't have any problems the rest of the trip.

Did you ever get a response?

05/08/09 18:28
Mel R Harper

You have experienced "Death Wobble" a well known and documented occurance in Jeep Wranglers. There is a ton of information up on the web, some good, some scary. If your jeep is lifted and you used a economy kit, it can take awhile and a bit of money to get rid of it. If your Wrangler is not lifted then check your Track Link bushing and tie rod ends for excessive slack. If everything seems tight in your front end you can purchase a heavy duty stearing stabilizer which may take care of the problem. You should replace the stock unit anyway as even Chrysler has determined the original units are too weak and have come out with a stronger unit. You can get a Rancho for a little over $50 whereas the Chrysler unit is $156.
07/08/09 18:45

I had the same problem, but as I hit the bump, my steering wheel shakes for only about 3 seconds and is fine! Is this something allignment can take care of or would this be something more involved? It doesnt happen alot!



09/21/09 19:27

HAd this happen two years ago replaced the stearing stabilizer and all was fine...But it happen again today on interstate...Had to pull over on side and stop to keep the wheela from shanking so bad almost lost control...

04/08/10 15:48
Christine Landry

I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler 4 doors and we had the steering dampler changed and the front tie rods changed due to excessive shaking when hitting a hole at a speed higher than 40. The problem is still there. I need to bring it in again, but am worried that thay might not be able to fix it. I called Jeep Chrysler in Windsor Ontario, they have opened a file on my name but said that I had to pay the wheel alignement each time as it is over 20kms.
12/30/10 12:48

Front shake....the questions are here 1) does it shake below 50 mph or over 50...Anything below 50 is a front end problem over 50 is tires and balancing. also you might want to have a front end alignment. Good luck
01/22/11 20:22
Buzz Clark

I have experienced the "Death Wobble" on my 2005 Wrangler X off and on for about four years. I replaced the original tires at 10, 000-12, 000 miles, had the front end aligned and it eased up although wasn't totally gone. Put on Michlin MXT/MS tires. Took it to Chrysler and they said there was nothing wrong with the steering stabilizer. Six months later it was doing it again. Chrysler told me the tires were out of balance and they were so out of round that they couldn't get them balanced. I took it to a place where they specialize in Jeep Wranglers. They aligned the front end and balanced the tires. It was fine for about three years. Started it again recently. I replaced the tires and still wasn't gone but improved slightly. I had the front end aligned and its better. I don't believe that the tires had anything to do with the problem. I purchased a lifetime alignment policy and plan to have the front end checked every three months. I'm convinced it's all about the front end.

I was told by some hard core Jeep Wrangler guys that you just chalk it up to having a wrangler TJ. I agree that if you are looking for a smooth ride you are in the wrong vehicle. A Jeep Wrangler is a Jeep Wrangler. I keep mine because I like it and its fun to drive.

02/28/11 21:51

I can't believe what I've seen so far about the "Death Wobble!"

I'm on my 2nd Wrangler. 1st was a 1996 4x4 with custom wheels and manual transmission. Not lifted just a wider wheel base. Now I have a 2007 4-door Sahara with all factory parts that's NOT a 4x4 with automatic and 32, 000 miles. I've never been off-road with either in my life.

I had a HORRIBLE wobble with jeep #1 and never found anything that would help. Just this week I thought I felt "slight" vibrations in my new Jeep. Then today as I reached 45-50 mph it hit with full force! I was amazed! I came home and went online looking for answers

I'm not a "car guy" so I can't work on it myself, and having just gone through a divorce my $$$ is limited. I do own the car however. I'd planned to drive it till the end of time - being a Jeep and all... Though I didn't know the "Death Wobble" was EVERYWHERE! I thought it was unique to my 1st Jeep.

QUESTIONS: I know that I need new tires (still original) but what are the other most likely things that I can check that will help without costing me a month's salary? I aligned my 1st Jeep's tires SEVERAL times and saw almost no improvement. Maybe a week at best. I'm beyond overwhelmed... Thanks! I appreciate ANY help you all can give!

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