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94 wrangler won't start

- Jeep-Wrangler

Forum Post
08/30/08 15:42

94 wrangler won't start

94 wrangler 4.0 won't start no spark. Replaced crank sensor same thing. Code 11 comming up. Doesn't seem to have any power to coil. Any ideas

would be greatly appreciated.

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01/10/09 02:27
brandon stefanac

hi tom, did you find out what the problemm was, im having the same problem with my 2000 mdl thinking computer...


02/02/09 20:23

Check or replace the crank position sensor. worked on my 94
04/13/09 18:57

95 jeep wrangler replaced crank sensor...still wont start so replaced computer...6 months later, same problem...replaced crank sensor again, it started but only ran for 2 mins and burnt crank sensor again :( h.e.l.p
05/15/09 05:17
brandon stefanac

hi all, i had no electrics with my jeep wrangler 2000 model, it ended up being the crank angle sensor, too test it all you have to do is disconect it, the the power will come back on(you will get your dash lights back)

its a real easy job to do your self guys, email me if you need a hand...

have a great life all...


08/03/09 13:10
edward jama

hi check the fusebox under the hood. my large fuse (i think it's the 30 amp)blows all the time. it sounds like the same problem. hope it helps. ed
11/01/09 22:04

Jeep Wrangler won't start and sometimes it will.

I spent a whole weekend figuring out what makes it start. Still don't know why it won't start. If you supply a ground to the Autoshutdown relay or fuel relay it will start. The problem is that the computer is not throwing a ground to the relay coils.

My question is why does the computer think the engine needs to shut down. I have searched the internet and don't find any answers. Is there a list of things that can tell the computer not to let the car start???? Nobody seems to know.


06/29/10 09:28
jimmy b

My 97 jeep wrangler not start, , I check no fire or fuel..I replaced the crank sensor/cap/distr/ still not crank, anybody know what wrong??
09/01/10 21:49

94 Wrangler 4.0. Starts when it is cool, and starts sometimes when it is hot. Other times when hot it Cranks and cranks but will not start. On occasion shows code 54 (No fuel sync or high data rate signal detected during engine rotation) and or code 11 (no crank position signal detected). I have replaced the fuel pump, and the crank position sensor and still having the same problem. Planning to replace the pickup coil in the distributor next. Will post results. If that does not work will likely consider replacing computer. If that does not work I will likely replace the Jeep. :-) Does anyone have any other suggestions????
09/09/10 22:41

indyran, check all the ground wires on your jeep chassis and make sure they are clean and not oxidized. after cleaning them a thin coat of grease will keep them sealed from oxidizing air & moisture.
10/24/10 09:48

I have a 1995 Jeep Wangler it will not start after my son reversed the battry calbles. When you tirn the key it clicks bit does not start. Not sure what to do
12/11/10 19:58

I have a 93 wrangler and since its gotten 30 degrees or lower cranks forever and sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't.

Today it was 35 degrees and cranked until the battery died. I recently changed the plugs and fuel filter and distrib cap and rotor

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    Jeep Wrangler '94 wrangler won't start'