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liftgate open indicator problem

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This forum post has messages dated from 09/05/08 through 08/18/12, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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I had this same problem, lights coming on and liftgate showing open when it was close. I unhooked the wire at the window on the liftgate, its the top wire on the hatch to pop open the window. This solved my problem. Hope this helps others.
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working on inside of tailgate of 1998 jeep grand cherokee, there is a 2 wire switch that plugs in by tailgate handle and looks like it attaches to tailgate handle, has 1 little mounting screw, appears to pop something open ?? about 9 inches long with wire and plugs, what is it???where can I get one????does it come with door handle?what does it do????
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I have a 1997 cherokee, and my talgate latch is also stuck and won't open no matter what. I wouldn't know how to begin tearing it apart from the inside, nor do i have the patience for such a stupid undertaking. What's worse, I have a brake light out that can't be replaced with a closed hatch door and am due for an inspection. I see this whole mess costing me a couple hundred bucks easy, and it's due completely to ridiculous, shoddy design and workmanship. I know the truck is old, but give me a break. It's obviously a recurring problem with this model of vehicle. Between this truck and the Fords I've had previously, I doubt I'll ever buy "American" again. the problems are annoying, constant, and indicative of half-ass commitment to quality--period.
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My rear hatch of my 97 Grand Cherokee wont open. However the dashboard computer says that the rear hatch is open when infact it is definately NOT. The interior lights stay on and dont go off unless I disconnect the battery, which is what I do each time I drive the vehicle, then park it. Is there another solution???
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I had the same problem with the "liftgate open" warning and the interior lights flashing for over a year now in my 1997 Grand Cherokee Limited. I'd torn the back door apart several times trying to find the answer but never could find the problem.

This afternoon I dug into it again and think I have located the problem, at least in my particular case.

The latching mechanism for the rear window had the window latched securely but there is another arm/lever that engages the latching mechanism. It appears to be the arm that opens the window when the solenoid is activated. It was not properly in the position that prevents the latch from being opened. When it's not in the proper position the other end of it allows part of the solenoid to jump around freely. That would explain why hitting bumps would make the warning come on or go off.

Since getting the window latching linkage all in the proper closed position I've had the Jeep out for three test drives and there has been no more "liftgate warning" at all. Prior to that it was almost constant. It would even make the alarm go off when the car was parked. Killed the battery a couple of times.

Instead of looking at the door latching I should have been looking at the window latching all the time.

By the way, disconnecting the wires did no good in my case.


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I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I have the same problem with the lift gate indicator. It only does it in the winter, but does not stop until the warm weather is back. I took off the interior cover and sprayed cleaner in there to see if it was something just sticking when it freezes outside and that still has not helped. I took it to the dealership and they can t figure out the problem either. I dont know what else to do. Does anyone have the resolution to this problem? Thanks!
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Same issue, 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Just started happening randomly. Will take it to the dealership tomorrow and see what the deal is.
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sal frohreich

yeah just started happening to me with my 2007 Jeep Laredo.
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Ray H

Apparently I'm not alone with this problem. 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with lift gate indicator and interior lights on. It is definitely closed. Just drove half way across the country with the indicator and interior lights on. Got home and tried WD40 to no avail, then Googled the problem and found this site. Is there a Recall for this issue? Is there a quick remedy?
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Im having the same problems with my 07 jeep, how can u fix it!!!!
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You can shut the interior lights off it's on the stalk. Helps for driving.
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Ray H

I corrected my problem by disconnecting the sensor plug inside of the liftgate so the dash "liftgate open" indicator light doesn't stay on. Everything else works properly. The "liftgate glass" still works right-different sensor. The liftgate interior panel was pretty easy to remove, using the link below for the process. With the panel off and the liftgate open, look inside and locate the latch. There are two plugs going to the latch. Unplug the long skinny white two wire plug what is on the vehicle interior side of the door. As simple as that and the sensor is disconnected. This doesn't really correct the problem, but it shuts that dash light off. The interior lights work properly.

I called Jeep and they said there is No Recall and they never heard of the problem. Sure are alot of people on this thread that have the same problem.

Good Luck!

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Ray H

Here is the link for the liftgate interior panel removal process. It also has great information for other projects you can do yourself. (Don't put the spaces between in the below address. I had to put them in this thread because it rejected as a word that was too long) interior_trim. htm#LIFTGATE

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Patti B

the link does not work.....can anyone help....?
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I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have the same problem. Except my lights flicker while driving and my security system goes off in the driveway. In my case the dash says nothing but, by tapping the rear hatch they go off and on. I pulled apart the trim and have disconnected the harness on the left side of the latch but, I dont think thats doing it. For now I'm just going to pull the 10AMP fuse in slot 12 on my vehicle for the interior lights. I guess it will be a good short fix for now. If anyone comes up with a remedy let us all know. Thanks
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Susan L. Jones

I've had the same problem. The first experience was on a 5 hour drive with constant rain. 15 miles from destination the interior lights started flickering on and off and then stayed on for the rest of the drive. Parked the car that night at the hotel and was called out of a business meeting the next morning because the alarm was going off in the parking lot! Just a little embarrassing.

I've had to have the latch mechanism ($450.00) replaced and the switch($120.00) that controls the lights. My mechanic tried silicone on the switch and the gap in the window gasket to no avail. I currently have the switch wire unplugged and hoping for a better answer.

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dale thacker

i just found some info from alldata there is a bulletin from jeep bulletin # 08-022-07 you have to swtch the connector wires in the door ajar connector
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The Link listed above has 2 spaces in it. You need to remove them. This site won't allow more than 24 characters in a word, so I'll make it a little easier to see where the spaces are. I put them between the .com and the / (forward slash), and the .htm and the # symbol. /interior_trim.htm #LIFTGATE

I have the same issue as everyone else in this thread. I thought I had all of the wires disconnected but it took me a while to figure out which one is the correct one. It's a purple wire with an orange stripe on my 2007 Grand Cherokee. The other end of the sensor wire is at the bottom of the liftgate and has a black sleeve over the wire making it difficult to find it. The connector on the end was white. It isn't pictured on the diagram in the link and is on the actual latch for the liftgate.

Sure enough the connector was full of water and starting to corrode. I think I'm going to clean it up then just cover it in silicon to keep the water out of the connector. If it continues to act up I will probably just unplug that connector.

There is also a service bulletin for this issue saying that the wires might need to be flipped on the connector to keep it from accidently grounding out. This part is under warranty.

Removed the space between the .com and the / in this link. /tsb/tsb_xk_0802207.pdf

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Yep 07 Jeep Cherokee has the same liftgate thing happening. Then the car alarm goes off..Then my dome light randomly goes on and my gear headings as in P N R D are fading away...and now my lights by my ac and heat are burning out. i mean wtf

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Also forgot to mention i had my heater core replaced 2 weeks ago and this means they had my entire dash off..i am headed in today to raise hell...I am sure its something they did having my dash off? and good thoughts anyone?!?!?!?!?

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I have an 07 jgc and I went to close my hatch the other day and the latch it not locking so I've been riding around with lights going off and sounds and signals really annoying any idea how to fix the problem..... Thing will not lock
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the liftgate in my 05 cherokee will not unlock but the glass does. so i cant open the gate, but i can open the glass. any answers on this?
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Naples, FL
Thank author of this post/comment"Liftglass / gate open indicator problem - 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee"

Liftglass open indicator was lit in instrument cluster and the rear wiper and remote start wouldn't work. Alarm was also randomly going off.

Here's how to fix it:

If latch monitor switch checks out okay, do not waste time tearing the gate apart. Remove ceiling/roof trim just inside rear hatch. It just snaps off, there are 4 clips. Where the wire harness comes out of body just left from center, pull down headliner to access wire harness. Wrap wire harness with electrical tape and add padding between body and harness to prevent wires from being cut further. This should solve all problems with liftglass/gate and the rear wiper. Hope this helps!

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Thank author of this post/comment"jeep grand cherokee lifgate open indicator problem."

I thought I had the problem fixed before, but didn't. Now after more research I have finally fixed the problem. The culprit is the latch on the tailgate window. Open back tailgate and window. remove the tailgate window trim. Then remove the small plunger that is depressed when the window is closed ( runs from side to side in the latch and has a plug or electric wire attached to it). The problem is is that the plunger insert switch is not being pushed in enough to make the switch activate permanent while it is closed. So, remove the plunger and bend the bracket that it runs through together thereby causing the plunger to protrude out a little more, allowing the plunger to be compressed further when the latch is closed, allowing the contact to stay closed when the window is closed.

Take a look at the bracket and plunger and it will become obviuos.

Guarentee this will work as I have been 4 wheeling since and the lights stay off.

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Thank author of this post/comment"Liftgate open problem / Alarm going off"

I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I just started having the same issue as all the other posts. My alarm will go off for no reason. It started the other day it was sunny and around high 70's. I relized today that the open liftgate indicator was on. I opened and closed the back and the alarm went off again 4 1/2hrs later. There is no exact time when this happens or particular weather when I have the issue. I am leaving my Jeep unlocked so the alarm will not go off. I am bringing my Jeep in to the dealer tomorrow and I will show them the posts I am reading on this issue.
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee 'liftgate open indicator problem'