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fan selector switch/cruise control problem

- Jeep-Grand Cherokee
Forum Post
08/20/08 10:02

fan selector switch/cruise control problem

My '04 fan position switch won't work (go from floor to dash to windshield, etc.), and the cruise control won't engage. I'm told both are due to a vacuum line problem, but I can't find a disconnected vacuum line anywhere. any suggestions?
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This post has a total of 168 replies. The most recent 25 are shown below, you can view the complete archive here: fan selector switch/cruise control problem archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

This forum post has messages dated from 08/20/08 through 07/29/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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Worked great!! The leak in the vacuum line was not the cheapy piece under the battery, but I followed the line and found the break at the other end.

Advance Auto parts gave me the part for free and am back in action before the FL heat sets in!

**/**/** **:**

I had the same problem with my cruise control not working. I went the route of pulling the passenger headlight module (only required removal of one screw). The hose to the cruise control actuator which comes off the "T" in the plastic supply line was shot. The other short hose which also comes off that "T" and runs to the vacuum canister was also shot. If you don't replace both of them, you could still have the problem. The hose to the canister comes off easily but getting the new one back on was tough, since there is no clear view of the canister when just removing the light module.The canister is right below the shelf upon which the light module sits when installed. I ended up taking off the big plastic moulded bumper to be able to view the cannister and connect the new hose. The bumper is held on by two screws and nine of those plastic push in fasteners. It only takes a few minutes to pull off that bumper. Once completed, I checked the integity of the vacuum by inserting my hand vacuum pump into the end of the supply line at the intake manifold. There is also a check valve in the line at the intake manifold end which can also be checked for proper operation. Vacuum held solid once repaired and the cruise control now works fine. I did not see any other hose going off that supply line which might run to the inside of the car to run the climate control. Is it possible that on the Grand Cherokee Limited with climate control that the line going to the cruise control actuator only goes to that unit and no where else? I did not have a problem with my air circulation while I had the bad hose and no cruise control as others have noted. Maybe that combination is only with vehicles without dual climate control. I have never been able to chase down a vacuum schematic but would like to know where I could find one.

**/**/** **:**

I had same exact problem - fan was blowing only at the windshield and cruise control didn't work.

I did everything what Jerry said in replay #2 and everything is working just fine! It took me about 40 minutes to go to the store, buy a hose and install it. It really cost me 97 cents with tax.

Than You Jerry!

**/**/** **:**

Hey everyone with vacuum/ cruise control problems be sure not to over look any hoses. After I removed the battery pan by the way the light is so much easier I checked it will save you some bloody nuckles. It didnt fix the problem. So I came back to the house and noticed on the the driver side on the intake a house had fallen off do to dry rot and had fallen behind the engine. Thanks for every bodys help. Prob would have be charged like $500 for a less than $10 job.
**/**/** **:**
Bill Johns

Thanks for all the advise. Found mine that was causing the problem with the AC vent control. It was a small pencil lead size hose coming through the firewall (I assume the one coming from the switch). It had come loose from a "T" on a larger line. Plugged it back in works fine now. Thanks again for all the advice.
**/**/** **:**

I have a 99 GC Limited and the fan wasn't blowing at any speed so I bought and replaced the blower motor resistor (dealer said that was the most likely culprit) and it worked great for 3 weeks and now its back to no fan at any speed. My cruise control works fine. Has anyone had this problem or know what it could be? I would rather avoid a repair shop.


**/**/** **:**

OK so I replaced the 6 inch 1/4 inch vacuum hose under the battery tray. Selector now works but the fan speed switch now only works on full speed. Any ideas?
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Jim Denver

Thanks to all of you save us a few bucks...... six inch line made our cruise control work!!
**/**/** **:**

Hi, I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0 - straight 6 engines. Many times when I use the brakes, the brake lights are still on; either I turn the engine off. Other problem is that with keyless entry (remote control) I can unlock 4 doors driver and passenger doors, but not the trunk door. Also its making some growling noise. Could you tell me please what can be a problem and how can be fix? Thank you so much. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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South Jersey
Thank author of this post/comment"Saved alot of money!!!!!!"

We want to thank absolutely everyone on this forum for all the information about the fan selector switch/cruise control problem. We had taken our Jeep to a mechanic and was quoted a minimum of $700 to fix an actuator problem...we decided to research this and that is how we came to find this forum. Well, thanks to this forum we were able to save over $700.00 and it was just the vacuum pump which was fixed for $50.00. Again a big THANKS!!!!
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"I've tried the vacuum hose replacement behind the passenger side headlight..."

but, I'm still getting no vent control on my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. That's until I saw the the main hose running into my intake manifold (at least that's what I think it's called), was totally rotted through! Needles to say, I have to replace it, but I'm not too sure what part number it is...

I've tried to included some links to some photos of what I see, but this forum won't allow links. if anyone could help me out, or point me in the right direction, that would be great.



**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Vacuum Leak"

First of all, thanks to Jerry for the info. I have a 2004 GC, and had the same a/c / cruise control problem as everyone else. I looked everywhere I possibly could, including behind the headlight and still did not find the problem. I forfeited and took it to my mechanic. He ultimately found my problem behind the computer module by the firewall(same side as battery). This was the only spot I could not see. So, if anyone else has had the same problem, I suggest looking there if nothing else seems to make sense.
**/**/** **:**
Denver, CO
Thank author of this post/comment"Thank you!"

THANK YOU! I was quoted by the dealership $400+ for a $1.77 fix. Both AC and CC are now working beautifully. It only took 1 hour and a little elbow grease. THANK YOU!
**/**/** **:**
Las Vegas, Nevada
Thank author of this post/comment"fan selector / cruse control"

The fixit worked great. now I have air and cruse. the mwchanis told me he would have to take the dash apart to get to the control box for $1000 is he a thief or just stupid? I found a hose that appeared to come off the back of the headlight assm. can anyone tell me why a vacuum hose would attach there?????
**/**/** **:**
alma, Missouri
Thank author of this post/comment"So far So good, need more advice, 2003 G Cherokee lerado 6 cyl 4.0"

So far the ideas have been exactly what I discovered from other forums over the past 3-4 years of working on this jeep. My friend and I have spent COUNTELSS hours under the hood of this P.O.S. that I still owe money on (bought used 35k miles on it, made it to something like 40k before it started giving up the ghost).

I did several hoses. It's been a real pain. Got it worked out and down to the actual jeep throwing a "map sensor" code at me. Well that's 70$ to fix. I'm wondering though, it just doesn't seem right.

I did the battery pan hose fix, but didn't think to look under the headlight recently. We repaired a hose under the rear tire (well I think 3) up under the bumper somewhat. I even replaced my gas cap. Everything to repair a vacuum leak the easy cheap way I tried first and foremost.

I went to the manifold and looked around, each joint connection is clear and seeming to be just fine. Sprayed it with Ether and nothing happened which is a good sign. Each hose got a nice big smelly dose since it's the only trick we could come up with.

Cruise control doesn't work, in fact, if you're used to the way the jeep feels as it drives, when you kick on the cruise, it tries and it bogs the whole works down like it has a sudden loaded trailer dropped onto the hitch. The idle changes from that point for the entire duration of the drive till I shut if off and start it back up, sometimes I have to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes to reset the battery and reconnect it. That seems to help for a few minutes, sometimes a trip or two and saves me a couple extra gallons of gas.

My gut has told me that the speed sensor (which I found a sight for an oem replacement for 16$, well worth the wasted cash if it helps). However everyone has told me I'm wrong. I think that's true. I think the vacuum leaks have all been fixed but the map sensor code just bugs me. Why is it the only code being thrown after all the work that has had to go into the jeep? I know the o2 sensors are 3 years old (a new record by at least a year and a half), and the TPS was replaced.

Overall just 2 years ago I had about 5 grand worth of electronics, excluding the two grand of the water pump, fan motor relay, thermostat, radiator cap combo failure, and that was a WEEK after all 3 o2 sensors were replaced. I had a rental car for 5 days of a 7 day week for 2 weeks in a row. In 40 below weather in downtown Minneapolis driving two and from work really sucks with a front wheel drive car you're not used to lmao.

This "SHOULD" repair my final issues. I'm not certain. Anyone know if the Map is the way to go?

Next issue, the jeep dealership screwed me on my breaks, failed to tell me I had an issue with my suspension, and other issues I've had.

My jeep is now either needing the radiator cap, or the thermostat replaced. Either is cheap, however, I know for a fact neither should have gone bad in this short of a time. I mean sure, about 2 years next month, but I've barely put 20k miles on it, and it's not been ran in an adverse conditions, for the most part weather has been within normal ranges compared to MN. Should I contact a freaking lawyer? lmfao.

Thanks all for any responses, I'd greatly appreciate the help, also, if you have a question on the 2003, please be sure to contact me, I have had EXTENSIVE experience working on this clunker.

**/**/** **:**
alma, Missouri
Thank author of this post/comment"forgot one other thing"

When I'm driving at a steady speed, often the gas pedal will develop a "dead spot". It will jump in RPM's and attempt to shift either up or down about 500-1000 rpms and it will lurch, usually speeding up and slowing down some 5 mph each time (not a huge jerk but enough to notice). It's rapid enough to keep a steady pace for the most part, but it certainly isn't good for the engine or transmission.

Does that sound like a map sensor, speed sensor, or vacuum hose? Also, is there a vacuum line or switch/sensor probable or possible behind my heater relays inside the dashboard on the interior of the vehicle? If that's possible, could you send a link, or directions to a "quick" access? I have installed an mp3 auxiliary input for my stereo behind my stereo unit, come to think of it, the timing things went out was within a month or so of putting that in years back. Is it possible I clipped, crimped, or bent a wire?

I put the unit, about 3 inches square, and a half inch thick to the right of the stereo between the glove box and the stereo unit located above the actual housing for the heater/ac relays.

Is there a vacuum hose to check above the gas/break pedal under the dash to check? How about on the passenger side? Any of these that are easily accessed that I am unaware of that would normally be twist tied, clamped, or otherwise out of sight out of mind, would be GREATLY helpful. Also, there is, on the firewall, a single output vacuum hose missing from what I can see. It's a single maybe half inch hole, nothing attached, and no apparent missing connectors anywhere else on the vehicle. I suggested it's a possible heater core overflow/drain off in case the core went out?

**/**/** **:**
North Carolina
Thank author of this post/comment"99 Cherokee heat / ac problems...Please help."

I just bought a 99 jeep grand cherokee limited with the v8 4wd. My cruise works fine, but my ac/heat will not blow out of the vents...Only floor or defrost. I checked the vac lines from the intake manifold followed them to the bottom of the battery box and took out the passenger light.Could not find anything wrong with them...Now what?? Any ideas??
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"vacuum lesk"

Glad I looked at this forumn. I have a 2001 TJ. I was able access the vacuum hose under the battery by just getting under the jeep.fixed the problem in 5 minutes and .25 cents for hose.
**/**/** **:**
United States
Thank author of this post/comment"just the fix i needed"

wow you know how you can search for hours on the internet and never find the answer , i'm going to try this in the morning ye ha
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"Fan selector switch / cruse control problem"

My 2001 jeep Grand Cherokee had the same problem.I checked under the battery plate all of the rubber hoses were ok. I found under the cruse controle module the hard plastic line had woren in half it was out of sight ahd hard to find hope this helps.
**/**/** **:**
Thank author of this post/comment"4" 1 / 4" rubber hose behind passenger headlight"

Hi guys found the offending piece of rubber hosing related to this problem. Have come up with a temporary fix ny blocking the bottom connector t-valve. I cannot find where the top end of the 4" hose connects. Does anyone have a diagram of the hose placement? Please advise.
**/**/** **:**
Maryland Heights, Missouri
Thank author of this post/comment"04 jeep grand cherokee- no heat"

temp control was not operating the blend door, so I looked at the temp control and discovered by moving the electrical plug on the back of the temp controlpanel the blend door (which controls the hot and cold) was responding. Soldered the pin conectors from the sub panel that plugs into the temp control panel. all works fine now!

**/**/** **:**
Houston, Missouri
Thank author of this post/comment"03 Cherokee, no cruise, whistle sound and no a / c heat through vents."

Me and my dad did as everyone in the forum has mentioned about the hoses needing replaced.We replaced 4 of them. All totally shot. It made the air vents blow (before, it just blew from the windshield and not the floor vents or front). But I still don't have cruise control. It turns on just doesn't engage and we have a small whistle sound. Anyone have this same problem or have advice?
**/**/** **:**
Tampa, FL
Thank author of this post/comment"Exactly where you said"

I know this tread is old, but I'm feeling it's a life (and money) saver.

I went in from behind the headlight and it's close to what this post describes in my case. The 6" 1/4" hose is fine, dry, so I will replace, however it splits into a T-connector there and has very small plastic lines coming out from there. They are both rotted and cracked, one that seem to go towards the bumper is completely ripped in parts so I can not see where that one goes. Any Ideas?

**/**/** **:**
air vent control not working
Thank author of this post/comment"Air vent control not working"

I believe we are talking about same switch, My air vent only blows air thru windshield vent. I did check and it appears my CC is not working either. This maybe a coincidence but before this stopped working my jeep would not start, like it was a dead battery. By the time I found someone to jump my battery it was working, so not sure what happened there. I followed the advise and removed my passenger head light. Found the 4 inch tube that goes from Vacuum switch to T connector. This hose looks fine does not have any cracks and it is still supple. Could the round can looking vacuum switch that the hose connects to be bad. ? Any other ideas on where to look next ? Help also mine is a '04 GC Laredo.
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 168 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: fan selector switch/cruise control problem archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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    Jeep Grand Cherokee 'fan selector switch/cruise control problem'