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liftgate open indicator problem

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Forum Post
09/05/08 15:53

liftgate open indicator problem

I have a 98 Grand Cherokee with 170k miles. Periodically (especially when it is below freezing) the computer tells me the liftgate is open and the interior lights come on (like opening the door) when in fact it is closed. Usually this happens when the car is cold and driving around makes it go away. The latch works fine, the latch switch was just replaced to make sure it was not the problem. When the indicator would not go off, depressing the latch switch did nothing. Where should I start looking for the source of the problem? By the way, going over a bump while making a right turn also makes the indicator come on momentarily.
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I have had the same problem with my 98 Jeep G Cherokee. it would especially be troublesome right after a rain or if I opened my rear window. once it started it would beep every time i took a turn or went over a bump. I figured it had to do with the window sensor so I undid the rear liftgate trim and unhooked the plug that I assumed that was the window sensor. Its oval and is held by three latches on the oval. That seemed to fix it. if you need advice on how to unhook it try the link in my reply
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I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the monitor indicates the lift gate is open causing the chime and interior light to come on. It is difinitely closed, anybody know the problem.

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That just happened to me while I was driving. When I got home I had my dad open the manual lock/unlock with a screw driver. This is located on the inside of the trunk under the rear window it is a small box that pops right in and out. I manuallyu pulled the never back up to lock the liftgate and everything went back to normal.

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Walter Moore

I have a similar problem with a 98 Grand Cherokee. I'n my case the liftgate interior trim had been cracked and was banging on the harness connection of the window open sensor causing the dome lights to "strobe" while driving. I unplugged the harness and am trying to find a replacement trim piece - alas, having no luck finding one.
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Hi everybody. I had a problem with the latch mechanism on a 2000 Jeep Laredo, could not open the tailgate, was stuck in place. I dimantled the interior trim from the inside, had to break the bottom part of it since there's a screw holding it in place. Then I had access to the latch mechanism from the inside of the tailgate. I had to force open the tailgate and then could dismantle the right and left latching mechanism. They were so rusty that the steel latch itself was swollen by rust. I just removed the plastic covering, buffed it to steel and reassembled it with plenty of white Lubriplate grease, it now works like brand new, but will need grease from time to time. The latch mechanism assembly is riveted and I had to buff off the head of the rivets, I reassembled the whole thing with 1/4-20 stainless steel bolts with washer, nut and lock nut. Don't tighten too much, the mechanism won't work. Each mechanism on the right and left comes with a little limit switch used to indicated that the tailgate is ajar and turn the roof lamp on. Hope this will help.
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Ok so I have a 96 JGC and My information center tells me that the rear hatch is open...

It is closed and the light stays on...

Where is this switch located and how can i fix the problem...

I took everything apart on the rear door and I can't seem to find any kind of switch that would control the lights...

Please help...

If you know the answer email me at



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Cindy McArdell

I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have been experiencing the same problem with the liftgate light coming on and all the interior lights. There is actually a recall from Chrysler on this problem. However, I have had my Jeep back to the dealer at least 6 times (tomorrow will be the 7th). The problem does occur when it is cold and it appears there is water leaking from the gate in to the latch.
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My wifes 2000 Grand Cherokee has the same problem, just started, with 17 degree day last week and the read hatch indictor and interior lights have not gone off as yet. Thanks for the information that there is a recall, I will check on that.

As to the person with the stuck rear hatch. I had the same problem. at first it was intermitant then it became permanantly stuck closed. The drivers side would open but the passenger side would not.

I took the two trip screws off that were accessable on either side of the rear window latch assembly and was able to lift the plastic up and way far enough that I could reach down and grab the release cable (in its sheath) and by pulling it up while I pulled on the door handle I was able to open the hatch.

After lifting the hatch I was able to to take the interior trim and sound barrier off and found the side of the cable attached to the handle was threaded and I was able to adjust the cable enough that the hatch now opens and closes easily.

Took all of 30 minutes once I was able to getthe hatch open.

Hope this helps someone else.

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My wife is having the same issue with her 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Liftgate sensor will pop saying the liftgate is open and cause the alarm to go off. Will also keep flashing on the info station on the dash that it's open. It's not. She took it to the dealer and they said they fixed the problem. Was good for a week, and then it snowed last night. Alarm was going off in the backyard.

Going to look for a fuse to pull out to remedy this for now. But was wondering if anyone found any information out about the recall? Can't seem to find anything. Thanks.

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E.L. Aloia

Have 2008 with indicator light and chime going off. Also has triped alarm system twice. First time was summer, trip to dealer he could not find what caused it but reset several faults.

Now winter time and it has gone off again.

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G Dann

I own a 1997 jeep grand cherokee 4x4, 4.0 liter. The lock mechanism on the rear hatch almost always gets stuck . Aside from lubing and some banging along with some partial dismantling of door area the problem still persists. I would like to try and resolve this issue myself but have limited knowledge of said mechanism. Any help would be appreciated.
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I have a 1997 Grand Cherokee. The rear hatch won't open. My husband side he can fix the problem but we can't figure out how to get it opened. We can't figure out how to remove the interior panel.
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Stacey W

I drive an '01 JGC Laredo - the "hatch" lock makes a horrible noise when it's locked and unlocked and as of yesterday I can't get it "unlocked"/opened. I noticed the noise about two weeks ago when the temp outside started to get HOT...Honestly does anyone what the deal is and how I can get it fixed without demantiling my ride or paying out the rear to have it fixed? Is there a fuse that could be going bad? Is it my remote/autolocks?

As much as I love my JEEP, I'm getting tired of weird things always happening...


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From what I have been able to determine, The liftgate open sensor is mounted within the latch mech. It is a spring loaded switch. I will know more about it tomorrow when I tear mine apart.

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I would be VERY pleased to hear what Gary (above) discovered when he tore his latch apart. I couldn't find a contact/lever, either. Battery slowly draining... getting urgent.
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My tailgate latch wont open the tailgate. I need help and advice. Anyone have suggestions. It is like when you lift the handle it wont open and cant get the key in lock either
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If you have a glass door that opens you may have to disconnect that sensor as well as the one on the latch.
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Hey guys,

i have the same problem on my 98 JGC 5.2L

It started recently, everytime i go over a bump it starts beeping saying my liftgate is open.

Where is the sensor that we need to disconnect? can someone please show us a picture of where the sensor is ? i don't care having the sensor disconnected all the time.

Thank you for your help guys


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I am also having the same problem with the liftgate. I drive a lot at night and the interior lights keep coming on every 7 seconds and Im just waiting to get pulled over and get ticketed. Any help would be appreciated!
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I have a '96 grand cherokee. If you just want the interior lights to stay off instead of flickering, try opening the liftgate. Then push on the rear dome light and it should turn off the interior lights. This may work as a temporary fix. -- Cheers
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Hello folks. I've owned a 90, 93, 97 and 04 Jeeps and I can tell ya. After this one, I'm done! Always little problems. The same thing about the Liftgate and passenger being open while driving but it was not. For the 97 lift gate, I placed a thick 6"X2" piece of paper between the latch door and the panel on the side. This seemed to stop the problem. Cold temperatures will start it back up. With a manufacture built in alarm, you better turn the alarm off at night cause it will go off. I'll sell my 97 and 2004 shortly. I'm going to a new brand of vehicle.
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If the latch unlocks but won't open you have to gain access through the lift gate trim. Open the glass gate. Remove as may screws as possible in the lift gate trim (about 6-10 including 2 in the lower outside corners of the carpeted panel). There are several in the sides that can be removed even with the gate closed. Pry the top section of trim away from the lift gate as far as possible and brace open. Pull back the moisture barrier and using a coat hanger with a hooked end pull up on the bottom of the rod that connects the handle to the latch mechanism. Once you get the tailgate open, remove the interior panel and barrier to access the components. The handle mechanism is probably the culprit but best to just replace both the handle w/switch and the tailgate latch while you have everything opened. After hours of frustration, this worked for me.
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can any one help me how to get rid of the ''tailgate is open'' as this will have interior lights ON and is killing the battery.i need a solution ( i changed the latch).


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96 jeep grand cherokee.liftgate indercater light stays on and interior light flicker and stay on
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee 'liftgate open indicator problem'