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fan selector switch/cruise control problem

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Forum Post
08/20/08 10:02

fan selector switch/cruise control problem

My '04 fan position switch won't work (go from floor to dash to windshield, etc.), and the cruise control won't engage. I'm told both are due to a vacuum line problem, but I can't find a disconnected vacuum line anywhere. any suggestions?
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I have the same problem (and internet searches suggest it is fairly common). Does anyone have a vacuum diagram? I don't know where to check for these leaks.
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Hope this helps, I had the exact same problem with my 2001 Grand Cherokee, ((fan position switch won't work (go from floor to dash to windshield, etc.)), and the cruise control won't engage. I'm told both are due to a vacuum line problem, ). I fixed mine by replacing 1/4" hose located directly under battery mounting pan. Takes a little work but might be worth it.

First remove battery. Then remove pan, you'll need a deep socket 10mm with extentions to get at one mounting nut. Remove two nuts holding cable to fuse/relay box attached to pan. Move pan out of way. The hose that's causing all the problems is about 6" long going to servo. Replaced hose ($.77) and it took care of both problems. Total job took about 1 hour. From what I have been reading this is the hose that's causing everyone problems.

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I followed your insturctions and fixed both the cruise control and now air is blowing out of all the vents. Thanks for your help. It took me about and hour and only cost $1.00
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Mark McClure

I am having the problem with my cruise control not engaging. It turns on (the cruise light shows up at the dash) but it wont engage a speed. The jeep is a 2001 GC Limited.

Before I go this work I guess I am looking for a little more explanation on whats going on.



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For what it's worth, I'm having the same air flow, cruise control problem on my '01 Jeep. I knew it was the vacuum but I thought it was a hose inside the dash and would have to take it in to get fixed. I will try the suggestion made by Jerry. Hopefully that is all it is. Thanks.


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I have the same problem but with a 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.
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Pete M


2001 Grand Cherokee, 4.7 V-8

Same Cruise Control problem except the air/heat controls work normally. Dash light comes on but the Cruise Control will not engage.

(that may not be good, if the heater/air control stuff works it may not be the simple vacuum line under the battery someone described )

Dash light comes on but the Cruise Control will not engage.

Coincidentally, a month ago I removed the throttle body for cleaning which requires unclipping the two flex cables. Did not realize the Cruise Control was in-op for a month as I wasn't on the freeway to set it.

RELATED PROBLEM? Had the fuel pump/filter replaced last week discovered the Overdrive will not stay engaged...slight load ing and it disengages.

Wondering if the Cruise Control systems and O/D systems are related.



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Have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with Dash Control issues.

I will check the cruise control to see if the vacuum line is an issue. Thought the Dash control needed replacing. Expensive if that. $400 for the part alone. Thanks for the line idea.


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I tried the solution of replacing the vacuum line under the battery pan. I had odd results that I'm hoping someone can offer a next step solution.

After replacing the line, I did a temp hookup of the battery and fuse box to see if it did the trick. The vents worked great!

I reinstalled everything more permanently, and when I restarted the Jeep the vents were back to only blowing out of the defroster!

I took it for a quick check of the Cruise Control, and that was fixed and working! Without removing the battery pan, I can see the line connected correctly on both ends.

Any thoughts?

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Pete M

see reply #7 by me, 2001 Grand Cherokee

Same CC problem everyone is relating...indicator light goes on but won't engage. Replace the virtually inacessible vacuum line about 5/6 inches long, 1/4" hose

Glad to have help to hold wiring stuff out of the way to get the battery tray up. Did not expect to have to unbolt the buss-bar from the fuse box, took us about 2 hours moving slowly.

Chrysler used very cheap all rubber does not have any layers of fabric to keep it from cracking...poor choice of material. Used fuel line for the replacement.

Did not have the heater door problem someone else has mentioned so I can not offer any help there.

Thanks for the help.

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Clark Neal

I have a 93 GC limited and the fan blower will not engage on any speed. Also if you put the switch on auto, still nothing. any suggestions on parts to start with?
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I have a 86 grand wagoneer. Heater motor is running fine but nothing is blowing out of any of the seems to be blocked ..the cruise isnt working either. Thoughts?
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I have a 3.7l cherokee jeep 2002 and my fan only works on no 4. It did work on 2.3 and 4 but now over the last couple of months its down to just working on setting no 4 the high speed blower? Anyone had this as worried that my fan will stop working all together?
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Take off the passenger headlight. Behind it is a small vacuum hose about 4 inches long. Mine was torn at both ends. Replaced it and everything works great.

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Peter Clark

The vacuum line was the problem on my 2001 G.C. Heater fan worked all speeds. Turning the control knob from face to feet to defrost had no responce.

The vacuum hose had come off a manifold near the firewall on left side of vehicle. A hose about 1cm goes into a very small hose before going through firewall. Check that join also.

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Rick Martinez

Mine is a 1997, I had the heater control, and the CC prob. Checked all vac. found a valve on the side of the intake, its was cheap @ autozone, replaced it fixed the heater problem but still no cc. checked the hos under battery box, good no leaks. it's connected to a box on mine when I pulled it off I heard a short hiss, it was ok. guess I'll B looking at the module or ... Micheal, with the fan problem, check the switch.
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Rick Martinez

Replaced the brake switch, (brakelights were still working) and now I have cruise control. There is a circuit for the cruise that wasn't connecting, the switch is selfadjusting, and the pedal wasn't engaging it when returning. Anyway the cruise is working. It's only a $12. part at auto zone, worth a try.
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Flynn Davis

I'm having a similar issue with my 2005 Jeep Wrangler 'X'. My fan only blows out the defrost ducts, no matter what position the switch is in. All the different speeds work, it's just the positions. Was wondering if anyone had any advice or possible links to diagrams that would help?
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anytime the 'defrost vents' is the only air that comes out, it's a vacuum leak, so it's time to start examining hoses and pulling vacuum on segments of them when they run to more than one location, and see what gives. the hose under the battery box is not the only culprit for this, the real brittle and or ty plastic tubing that Jeep likes to use between the valve cover and the intake manifold, as well as the cheap rubber transition pieces from both the front and rear valve cover ports, are also very suspect at this point. bad news is that Jeep wants a lot of money for this cheap garbage and they should be drawn and quartered for making such crap and putting it in their Jeep product line. anyway, be prepared to buy 'real' hoses from either a boat dealer like West Marine or somewhere that will sell you something that will last more than a season or two and won't cost a fortune to replace. also, be prepared to use your mouth as the 'vacuum' test source if you don't own a small, hand held vacuum pump with vacuum gauge on it, you can accomplish the same kinds of checks for hose integrity without such expense.
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Jerry R.

Had the same problem with a little different twist on my 03 GC Larado. Had a check engine lite and also no cruise control and stuck on defrost. Many thanks to the above contributors, I found a bad rubber connection on the drivers side and replaced it, cured the check engine malfunction. Followed the instructions and replaced the 6 inch hose under the battery case and was thrilled to find I now can control the air and also have cruise control. Unfortunately, my check engine lite has returned. Any ideas?
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Hey guys I have a 2004 grand cherokee jeep all the options... anyway lately my vents are not working well all except the defroster under the windshield! and the cruise control doesnt work any thoughts???
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just wanted to let you know that this forum helped me a lot when my 2004 GC had the same problem with the CC and heater controls. found that a vacume near the rear of the intake had fallen off. its about 4 inches long so you guys can look there too if you have a problem. my GC has the 4.0
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help, 03 grand cherokee check engine light on, have reset several times along with replacing three hoses, have look all over the engine for any others, wondering about the hose under the battery?
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