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door locks, windows, power mirror no work

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This forum post has messages dated from 05/22/09 through 07/14/14, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

Forum Post
05/22/09 20:05
be willy

door locks, windows, power mirror no work

96 grand cherokee front and rear passenger side doors are electrically dead. nothing works: power locks, mirror, and windows.
05/31/09 12:24

2004 Grand Cherokee / same problem.
07/24/09 10:11
David Clute

My driver door switches work fine. Allthe other doors have lost power? 2004 Grand Cherokee.
07/24/09 11:30
Dave Clute

The problem is a cut wire in the harness that goes between the door and doorjamb.

It looks like a wire was cut partially through during manufacturing. There is no way in my case that the black, heavy gauge ground wire broke from ordinary use.

Take the ground off your battery before you start.

Pull the snorkel from the door. Disconnect the harness. Slide the orange tab to one side and pull apart.

You should see one of the wires that were cut. If not, pull the inner kick panel away from inside the vehicle. You will see the bundle of wires that go to the door. Pull on each wire, eventually the broken one will pull out.

The wire may be too short to splice back together so use a short piece between the two ends to make the job easier.

Strip and splice the wire and run it back through the snorkel, splice the other end to the wire on the connection.

Reconnect the battery and test before you reassemble everything.

This looks like sabotage from the factory.

12/19/09 15:39
Jeff R

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the info! I ran into this problem today with my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (nothing was working on drivers door ie: door locks, mirrors, windows) I removed the boot and there were 2 wires completely cut( A black one and an orange one both fairly heavy gauge) I found some wire, spliced them back together and everthing's good!...thanks again...gotta love the internet!
01/03/10 22:56

Found this on another Jeep website as I had the same problem, a little more detail on one of the last submissions.

Originally Posted by wrench87

I work for jeep, i have seen this problem many times, dont worry about the fuses you most likely have a broken black wire in the left front door harness. next to the drivers seat you will see a plastic sill plate lift up and remove it then you will see 3 philips screws in the plastic panel below it and remove the left front kick panel (my 2000 also had a clip beside the hood latch that needed to be undone) now look to see where the wires go through the a pillar if you find the black wire most likely it is broken you will have to repair it.

i have also seen the orange wire break also. you will also have to pop off the rubber boot at the door and squeeze the taps to remove from the door then seperate the connector then you can pull the boot back to access the wires. hope that helps.

09/25/10 03:40
Dan Miller

Amazing, mine just happens to be a 2004 Grand Cherokee also. Same problem, no power in the driver door. Now that I know what to look for here we go, thanks for the info.
10/09/10 18:13
Bill Soutar

1993 Grand Cherokee Laredo. 218k miles, 4.0. blows 60 amp fuse in power center. I have no turn signals, no windows, ABS and Airbag light are on. OBD test said a/c clutch relay. eplaced it and 60 amp fuse. Told it was possible ECM by parts guy but a mechanic friend said don't jump to that yet. Any ideas?
10/17/10 14:41
Clem Morgan

I have 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, windows, locks or mirrors would not work. Founded the black and orange cut. Thank you Dave Clute
12/04/10 10:30

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Driver side door lock, electric windows, remote mirrors were inoperable. Interior lights stayed on. Reviewed the comments in this forum. Disconnected the battery, sliced open the black boot on the driver's side door wiring harness and found the broken black wire. Stripped each end of the wire back and reconnected the broken using wire connectors, male and female. Reconnected the battery cable. Taped connectors and black boot with electrical tape. Everything is now working. Thanks to everyone who provided input on this problem.
12/28/10 22:25

Found the same problem on daughter's 2004 GC. It appears a poor selection of an improper conductor is the reason for the black wire breaking. The conductor should have been of fine strand wire, capable of excessive flexing, instead of the larger stranded conductor.

I spliced in a fine strand piece on either side of the main flex area.

Thanks for the info. It really saved a lot of trouble shooting time .

01/07/11 10:29

Hi, newbie here - just bought a 2005 Jeep Cherokee 2.4 Sport and discovered a problem with the wing mirrors!

Can amend the angle of the mirror glass on driver or passenger side no problem, however only the passenger side folds in when pressing the switch which seems strange when there is obviously power getting to the driver's mirror???? Advice most appreciated, thanks.

01/29/11 12:24

i have same problem just checked mine and orange and black are cut
01/31/11 01:51

I'm in Jeep Grand Cherokee hell. I first observed the "no power" to doors windows phenomenon, only to have the dreaded window regulator failure occur first. After reading the ingenious folks on the jeep forums, I tried to fix my current regulator. Too hard for me to fix the cabling, but I don't feel bad since it's a "no fix" part in the service manual. Felt great about finding a $49 shipped new replacement at Parts Geeks online, only to spend 4 hrs installing today - bolt pattern didn't match (because they sent the '01 version for my '98) then after I drilled door panel to fit, THEN, the power failure. YEP!!! The black wire in the boot was broken and another was sliced. After I repaired that, reassembled, restored power...the window operated opposite the switch - UGH! 3 times, then stopped again. but for the sake of this reply - yes, look at those wires. I was surprised they could be broken inside that protective boot, which by the way - is harder to remove than omitted here.

Anyone want a '04 JGC Lemon?

01/31/11 10:52

I spliced my wires yesterday without even removing the boot .It took less then an hour grabbed the body side wires with small pair of vise gripps never removed boot or un plugged harness. Steve
01/31/11 21:51
Ben Johanson

My daughter has an 04 Jeep GC and her power windows and door locks quit working. I disconnected the harness and found the orange wire cut and the black wire partially cut. I spliced a new 14 guage wire in, reconnected the battery and all works. Thanks Dave Clute you were right on time!!
03/04/11 15:13

thank you so much for your help found and fixed the problems with the ground wire on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee!!! Can not say how thankful I am!!!!
03/20/11 10:02
Ian Pritchard

Thank you for the "black wire" tip. Just fixed mine. It's incredible that Jeep would use such an inflexible cable in a position where it would be flexed everytime the door was opened!
03/20/11 20:27

Thanks for this post! I had this problem about a year ago and Jeep fixed under warranty, now out of warranty failed again, i pulled the bot and sure enough Jeep's fix failed again!
04/11/11 20:50

I brought my 2004 Jeep GC to the dealer because the sideview mirror wasn't working at all. When i picked up the jeep the mirror was able to move up and to the right, but not left or down. They tell me I need a new mirror assembly and it isn't covered under warranty. Any thoughts?
05/03/11 09:09
Steff in VA

I was reading here that quite a few people are having problems with their jeep's power window controls and some with their interior lighting staying on. This is my most recent problem. 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition 4.7L V8.

It started when I bought the jeep used..for the last 2 years I've had problems with the tail lights - mostly on the left side. I never know which part of the light is gonna work. Taken it to mechanics and they have "fixed" it twice. Still not working. I noticed that the lighting in my dashboard only on the left side has been getting more and more dim and now I can barely tell how much gas I have in my tank at night unless I use the backlight from my cell phone or if the gas icon is lit up orange to remind me that I need gas.

A week ago my interior lights decided to stay on permanently. They would eventually go off after I locked the door, but could have taken anywhere from 15 minutes to hours for them to go off. Shortly there after, all of my windows and side view mirrors stopped working from the control panel on the driver's side. There is no functionality on any of the other door except for the automatic locking mechanism on the passenger side door still works and is even lit up green. NOTHING works in the main driver control panel. We have removed the plastic panel from the door and will attempt to check out the black and the orange wires that I keep hearing about in this forum.

If anybody can provide feedback on the dimming dashboard light and the tail light it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!


05/10/11 20:47

Everything in this thread sounds like the problems i'm having with my 2000 Jeep sport..but i'm not finding any broken wires or this Black and Orange wire y'all are talking about. Help!
05/20/11 12:57

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99 Jeep grand cherokee Windows/door locks not working

Windows/door locks/driver mirror suddenly stopped working one morning on my way to work and after work they began working again.

They stopped working the next day and never sense. i figured it had to be a wire because why would it just start working again. dosen't sound like a fuse to work and not work.

checked driverside door black rubber boot. Found black wire had been rigged with an extention with lots of electrical tape.

Today im gonna try and take everyones advice from this site and try to soder a piece of wire to repair the black wire so i have extra space, then if that dose not do it i will try to replace #12 fuse (50).

i'll post again after im done with results.

RESULTS = NO! black wire repaired....nothing. Fuse #12 (50) replaced....nothing. I'm at a loss now.

Also, i notice before i started the repairs that the Temperature read out on the overhead console dosen't read temperature, but dose read direction. N, E, S, W...weird.

FIXED IT ALL!I forgot to plug back together the door to body connect after repairing the black wire. DUH! Also, it didn't work right away. it fixed the door locks and mirror only, so i took the negative cable off battery and took new #12 (50) that i had just replace out and put old fuse back. (cause it still looked new) then put the negative back on battery and now everything works again.

noticing that my negative battery is loose. wonder if that had a little to do with all of this. Gonna go get that fixed now so this all dosen't happen again. I would do it myself, but it has to many wires attached.

Hope my post helps

08/01/11 16:04
Portland Or
Thank author of this post/comment"2004 jeep cherokee, door locks do not work"

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado, Started with the inside door lock working intermitently, then it did not work at all. Then it progessed to not being able to open the windows. Then when you turned on the lights and had adjusted the panel so you could see the speedometer the dome lights came on and could not be shut off without shutting off the instrument panel lights.

I did as what you all suggested and pulled the boot loose on the drivers side door and the body. Sure enough the black wire was broken. I touched the two ends and things started working. I soldered in a short section of wire. Every thing worked and put it back together and we are in business.

Thanks all for posting. Saved me $$$$$


09/19/11 22:42
Thank author of this post/comment"OBDII code and wiring issues"

Could a OBDII code P0601 be caused by this problem? We have the same exact issues in our 2004 Jeep Cherokee. After reading this tonight, my husband will be working on fixing the wires tomorrow!! We just tried to get inspected but failed because of the P0601 error=-( I read on another forum that a wiring problem could throw out a false code. I am hoping that is the case and wondering if anyone else got the code. If its not a false code, we are possibly in for big bucks because every other site says its due to a bad part that costs almost 1k to fix.


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