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2006 Grand Cherokee

- Jeep-Grand Cherokee

Forum Post
02/10/09 11:06

2006 Grand Cherokee

The check engine light on my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee keeps coming on and all of my dash board lights and controls go to nothing. I stop and turn off the vehicle and re-start it, runs fine, but going down the road this keeps happening. I have the vehicles serviced every 3000 miles. What could be wrong?
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08/09/10 11:50

Julie, Try removing both battery cables from the battery for three hours. It might reset the computer.

08/09/10 12:02

I got my 2006 Jeep grand Cherokee back on Friday and they told me that they reset the computer to solve the problem with losing electrical power. Today idiot lights came on and stayed on. I took pictures with my cell phone. Every time I start the Jeep, differant idiot lights came on. I took it back to the dealer. Now what? Warranty runs out in three weeks. They always seam to find out what the problem is after the warranty is over.

Any one see the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee ? WHO CARES ! SAME OLD JUNK.

08/17/10 00:56
Linda Lavent

I was told I need a Electronic Shift Module for my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee is this the same as electronic shift control unit?

My insurance will pay for the electronic shift control unit but not the electronic shift module.

09/03/10 22:41
Cpl Rivera

my 2006 jeep GC has a the CE light on. when i took it to pet boys they said that they cannot check it because the program that they use is not pick up jeep 2006, but then they told me that if i gave them $80.00 that they could tell me whats going on. so i took it over to Auto Zone, they told me that it was low voltage (its a NEW Batt) and that there was a Fuel contamination. short of getting some bad gas in cali i don't think there is anything to worry about, if the O2 sensor was out it would be smoking and it is not. i just think its messed up that Pet Boys would try to pull some stuff like that on on someone that defends the country they live in. and further more how do i get the light to go off.
09/07/10 13:35

I havne only had one problem since buying my 06 jeep grand cherokee in 07. Neither my driver side, nor passeneger side windows will go down. It started off just being that i couldnt put the passeneger side down from the passenger side switch but now i can't put either down from either side. Also, the passenger side window will go down by itself at times, so i had to disconnect it. Now i can hear a clicking while driving like my switch is trying to make the window go down. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution.

I tried replacing the master switch but that didnt work. Im thinking theres a short somewhere.

09/14/10 12:20

I have an 06 grand with the 5.7L The vehicle will sputter when it is first started on a cold start. when warms up it runs fine. Then today just driving normal everyday. pulled out from a red light got about 18ft out and the car just died on its face. went to restart and nothing. waited another 2 mins tried to restart again and its started and drove fine. replaced 02 sensors 5k miles ago plugs 5k miles ago. anyone have this issue before?



09/29/10 04:24
Joshua Scott

Purchased an 06 (3.7L) just over a month ago. The check engine light began to light for about 2 weeks, now nothing. Instead another light is now on but I don't know what it is.

Located on the upper left side, looks like a upside down horseshoe with an exclamation point inside. any idea?

Also, had the vehicle die on me a few times as if the battery was dead. Tried replacing the starter, but that wasn't the problem. No idea

Any solutions to my 2 inquiries?

10/06/10 20:55

I have an '06 JGC, and the 4x4 wd service soon came on the information center. Does the 4x4 fluid need to be changed or is the 4x4 starting to go out?
11/20/10 16:35

For those that are riding along in their Jeep, and the lights flicker or gauges thrust back and forth...Try to examine the main wiring harness to the PCM. I have '03...the wire cluster was sitting and rubbing against a bolt located near the dash under the hood. Silicone and electrical tape.
11/29/10 16:27

I have a 2006 grand cherokee laredo and last night I drove home around 730 PM everything was fine. Went outside 2 hours later and the car wouldnt start. Lights, radio, clock all came on but it would just click when I turned the key all the way. Had to get it towed and its costing $350 for a new starter.

Also, sometimes the heat does not come out of the vents. I turn on the heat and it doesnt work. Then later in the day for some reason is miracuously works again. Doesnt make any sense at all!

Who has this problem????

12/28/10 02:56

I have a 2006 grand cherokee that I bought in feb of 2007 with 23k miles on it. I now have 98k miles on it and all I've had to replace is the battery and the throttle position sensor. I too have have the problem where the service 4wd, traction control, and abs lights come on at the same time. Through internet research, I've learned that this is a problem with the steering angle sensor. I asked a friend who works for a local jeep dealership about it and he agreed. It's a 600 dollar fix. The sensor is part of the the steering clockspring. Nothing is affected by the sensor being shot. My abs and traction control still function just fine. I don't plan on replacing the sensor until I sell the vehicle. I hope to get 200k out of mine like everyone else I've talked to has out of theirs. Hopefully the diamler transmissions hold up. For me it's been a great vehicle, but it seems like all of the problems I've seen online have been electrical or computer related.
01/03/11 16:22

Got a 2006 Grand Cherokee Laredo shes got a mind of her own cuz she only starts when she wants too I've been lucky I've been mostly at the house when this happens it can take from 30min to the whole day for it to start but none of the lights come on at all, it just wont start, radio and everything else works , We were told it could be the TC system we're lookin at a grand here. If any one out there can help out plz do so . I want to make sure this is the problem before investing that much.
01/27/11 10:04

I have had some problems with my 06 Grand Cherokee and this is what I have found out:

Airbag warning light coming on with passenger seat unoccupied? The sensor under the seat needs recalibrated or replaced. What I do is reach over and push on the seat until it goes off. This also turns on the airbag to the passenger seat while it is not being occupied. The sensor seems to work properly when my ten year old daughter sits in the seat though so I am not taking any corrective action as of yet.

Are your dash lights flickering? Does your heater blower only work on high? These seem to be related for me. The blower resistor is going bad or has gone bad. It may melt the plug on the wiring harness as well. Fire hazard? Should be recalled? I think so. Replace both by removing the glove box door to gain access to them.

Check engine light on and/or all positions on instrument panel gear indicator highlighted? The transmission will only go into low gear or "limp home mode" as I was told by the dealer. Turning the ignition off then back on might temporarily fix it. This happened on my Commander and needed repaired but is only intermittent with my Cherokee. There is a problem with the electronic shift control module or ECM. Mine was under warranty when it went bad so not sure what the do it yourself fix would be if there even is one. Probably a costly repair. Another item that should have a recall.

02/11/11 11:14
Troy Sainsbury

I had the same dash lights flickering. Replaced the turn signal stick (~$70) myslef pretty simply with a long torx screwdriver to get the steering column apart, and the problem was fixed. I also have had to replace a tiny light bulb in the thermostat module (not easy--small soldering), tighten the antenna that was leaking into the roof liner, auto-up windows don't go all the way up, transmission was replaced due to water in it, and no dealer is able to diagnose the resulting clunking sound from the transmission (and subsequent transfer case) replacement. Front-end also has new clunking sound which the dealer told me was a sway bar link. ALL THIS around 60, 000 MI. Replaced the sway bar links, but the front end clunk persists along with the clunk shifting into reverse, and the auto-windows that don't work even after two dealers have "reset" the computer. I bought a lemon.
02/20/11 09:32

i have an 06 jeep also and my engine light is on and gear light (P R N D) lights up at the same time and now my abs and traction control light is on ...... does anyone know why that happening the car has 40.000miles
02/24/11 23:02

Tonight after work I tryed starting my 06' Jeep G.C. Limited. It turned on right away and then turns off. I have all electric power "lights, radio, windows". I had my engine light, oil light and a small red circle light come on that I've never seen before. I checked my oil and its fine. Also it was telling me to check my tire sensors. This is my first problem with it. If anyone has a clue please let me know.
03/27/11 17:13

My passenger tail light on my 2006 GC will not come on when I turn the headlights on. It works when I use the brakes and when I click the button to lock/unlock. I have changed the bulbs but no luck there. I have tried the option of taking the negative line off the battery for 20 min. and still nothing. Any ideas would help. Trying to think if I should go buy a warranty for $1987 and then take it in for them to look at it.
04/08/11 16:08

I had the same problem with my 06 JGC where when I turn the key I hear a click but the vehicle doesn't start. The instrument lights and radio come on fine. The vehicle just doesn't start. This had been happening on a daily basis usually in the morning throughout the cold winter season. I fixed it with advice from the "2005 jeep grand cherokee does not start" forum. I basically replaced the mechanical connector that slides on the tab for the solenoid ground. On the other forum specifically look at entry 76 (username Brigada) and entry 151 (username Will I Am). It is a pain in the butt to do it and I recommend paying someone else to do it.

Good Luck all.

04/24/11 18:59

I have a 2006 Grand Cherokee with 90K miles on it. Twice in two days, I have experienced sudden loss of power while driving on the interstate at about 75 mph. Both times, it started back up and drove fine. What the heck? Thanks for any input!
04/28/11 15:48
Stephanie Wyler

i just bought a used '06 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L Hemi. it has 60, 000miles. Today the panic alarms were going off and i couldnt get them to stop so i started the engine and shut it off, hoping maybe that would stop the panic alarm..? well now my jeep wont turn over. if i put the key to Accessory or On, the dashboard lights, music, a/c and everything come on just like they should, but if i try to start it the lights flash and go off and there is a loud click. tried charging and jumping the battery, but if Accessory/On have power wouldn't that mean the battery is just fine? could this be a starter issue or a result of some security system failure. im so confused.
11/14/11 15:07
Chicago, IL
Thank author of this post/comment"Electronic Shifter Module"

While I was driving, my check engine light came on and all of my gears lit up on the dashboard. I took my car to the dealer and they said I need to replace the Gear Shift Module. The quote I received was $867+tax! This is a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with only 52k; I have only owned this vehicle for 7 months and have had more problems than I would have liked. I had all my speakers replaced when I first bought the car and have also replaced the radio because the sound was absolutely horrible. I was able to find the ESM for $592 and have a mechanic friend who can install it for me and from the research I've done, this is a common problem and I will be calling Chrysler to hopefully have them foot this bill! Not happy with the Chrysler vehicles I have owned. Had a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica that was a POS too.
03/04/12 18:15
Thank author of this post/comment"Thumping wheels"

I just bought a 2006 jeep grand cherokee yesterday and after 3 hours of driving it started making a thumping noise when i am not excellerating, it sounds like its coming from the wheels? Anyone have any ideas?
03/30/12 07:16
Western Australia
Thank author of this post/comment"Jeep wont start, no noises - possible fix"

To SETH, Sarah King & JML

I recently had a similar problem where the car would start, drive it somewhere, then go to start it again & nothing. All the dash lights work, radio etc, but absolutely no action from the engine AT ALL, no noise, nothing. I too was told it was the battery or starter motor.

Turns out, my Dad - had Jeeps for YEARS, said it would be the ingition switch. My husband took it apart and the housing was cracked through meaning the pin that connects to the switch to tell the car to start was simply not being pushed = nothing happening.

The Jeep dealer I went too told me they could not get the part and I would have to replace the entire drive line assembly in the order of $2500 AUD, I got the ignition switch from Jeep Engines Australia for $176.00 freighted to my door & my husband fitted it for free!

PS: Jeep Warranty told me that if I had tried to jump start the car I could've done major damage to the electrics which in turn "may" have resulted in weird electrical errors or a fried relay... so for those of you who have this problem, have jumped it a few times and now have electrical problems, it would be worth getting a mechanic to take out the ignition switch to check it!!

PPS: It took my untrained husband 30mins to get it out & 15mins looking on the internet to separate the screws holding it together to find out the housing was cracked. If he can do it on wits & YOUtube videos, I'm sure a trained mechanic should have no problem removing, checking & refitting it in under an hour!

Hope this helps someone :)

Michelle from Australia

04/09/12 16:05
Thank author of this post/comment"2006 jeep grand cherokee"

i have just had same problem with all dash lights and warnings flashing on and off intermittently, plus loos pf tach and speedo.

Whats the problem

04/18/12 15:56
Thank author of this post/comment"2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee"

When we first got our Jeep the traction light would come on and then the service 4wd light, we took it in the dealer found nothing wrong with it, we drove it up north and along the way the service 4wd light came on again, and the car would drop out of drive while it was in motion, the dealer replace the 4wd motor and the car was fine for a while, the the service 4wd drive light came back on while we were on a trip and the check engine light, and the brake lights stayed on even when the vehicle was off, we took it in and the mechanic said we needed to replace the brake switch, he wiggled it and the car worked fine again, this lasted a year then same thing, service 4wd and the check engine light came on, took it in replaced brake switch( cost less than $100)and every thing was fine again , its been 6 months touch wood. Hard to believe that the brake switch affected all those systems.

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 52 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 2006 Grand Cherokee archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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