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04 Jeep Grand Cherokee-electrical problem

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This forum post has messages dated from 03/24/09 through 06/09/13, please be sure to read all the messages. If you feel it is old or outdated, please follow up with a question or comment and someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

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2004 Jeep Gran Cherokee passenger windows inop and pass side electric mirror.door locks intermitant.also have different problem low washer light stays on message center first started.
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2004 Jeep Gran Cherokee passenger windows inop and pass side electric mirror.door locks intermitant.also have different problem low washer light stays on message center first started.please help is this wiring issue in door opening boots.
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I have same problem I just file a complaint with Everyone need to do the same thing and then maybe something will get done and Jeep will own up to the damn problem.
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2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo. While driving speedometer will drop, tack occasionally does the same thing as if I'm turning the key off and back on. both will return to normal then it starts again. Any suggestions?? I've ckd the battery connections, all secure. Thanks for your suggesttions
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I had the same problems with my 2004 Grand Cherokee driver side door control panel. First the door lock stopped working on the front driver side. Then after a while all the locks stopped working and finally the windows stopped working. I called the dealership and they gave me a line about replacing the control panel, etc. and the cost would be about $300.

I read some where that there is a faulty ground wire in the door. I found it. It's too stiff and doesn't bend well and over time it breaks. It's inside the boot between the door and door frame. The easiest was to fix it is to take off the kick board cover and pull back the boot from the door. I replaced the broken wire with a 10 inch wire, soldered on both and and sealed with shrink wrap.

Works like a charm. Took me 30 minutes and saved me $300

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I had the same door control problems on my 2004 Jeep and looked at the wiring in the door. The black ground wire had been repaired earlier and the other "heavy" wires had cracked insulation but were not broken. I taped them but still windows would not work. I read on another site about "Rebooting" the computer by disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes. I wasn't in a hurry so disconnected it for an hour. Reconnected and everything worked! Other indications with this problem were that the overhead digital display did not work.

Still have an air bag indicator light that won't go out; drivers side seatbelt light stays on all the time and interior light issues that I have not resolved yet.

**/**/** **:**

I am having the same problem with my 04 Jeep Cherokee as many of you are. At low speeds sometimes the engine just shuts off. While in idle or at stop, it shuts off at random sometimes too. Usually the car either time starts right back up. I have no clue how to fix this. Any suggestions?

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WOW, have gone through 3 batteries trying to figure out our 2004 grand cherokee limited electrical problem. Our issue is only the car won't start and is drained. Have to charge the battery then works for awhile. So went in the drivers door boot and found the last owner had taped the black wire together with masking tape or dealer and it broke in our hands. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!
**/**/** **:**
Crystal Dossmann Eznack

Had the same problem with my power doors, windows, locks, mirrors not working interior lights not going off, and my vehicle not recognizing that my drivers door was closed. Took everyone's advice and pulled the wiring harness and sleeve and it was the orange and white wire that was broken. I do agree there should be a recall. It seems this problem has happened quite often in of course my vehicle model the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Thanks for all of you posts. They helped tremendously and saved me a trip to the shop and a heap of change.
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Hey Everyone, Thanks for the help! I had the exact same problem. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, The Driver's door was completely dead, no power windows, door locks, mirrors, and dome light would stay on unless I completely turned it off. I opened the door after reading this post, peeled back the black rubber covering and there it was! The large black ground wire was totally broken right down the middle. $10 later, I bought a new piece of wire and a few wire connectors and it's fixed. Works like new! There should be a recall. This is terrible
**/**/** **:**

Thanks to this site, I found the black and orange wires broken.

Soldered both, windows and locks now work.


**/**/** **:**
Tom Miller

Just bought a used 2004 Grand Cher Special Addition and driver door controls were DOA. I read these posts, opened my door, removed the boot, easy. I had a connector plug in the door jam, upon disconnecting the connector wiring plug, my Orange/white 14 gauge wire was broken inside the door jam. I pulled out what I could to work with and stripped both broken ends. I added a short 3 inch piece of 14 gauge multi-strand wire to loosen the strain and a couple of 14 gauge wire crimp connectors to reconnect the broken wire. (test before you put it back together). Walla, everything works great. Cost me 10 cents and 2 beers to help me think clearly to fix the problem. Even the boot fits back in place if you are careful. If you are an impatient bull in a china shop, get a friend to do the work, it takes some minor patients because the work space it small and holding the wire ends while you prepare the connection is tricky.
**/**/** **:**

My '04 Jeep Grand Cherokee has just started having problems. My remote will not work the driver door. Sometimes the windows & locks work & sometimes they don't. It says constantly that the driver door is open, but it is not. When I turn my lights on the dome light won't go off. Makes it kinda hard to drive at night. Seems like there should be a recall. The dearlership said it sounds like the wiring in the door & cost $600. Another mechanic told me it sounds like the BC module. There is no recall the dealership told me. Sounds like we shouldn't buy Jeep anymore. If anyone knows for sure what the problem is please let me know. How can we get this recalled?
**/**/** **:**
Edwin L. Parker

Thanks to all of you who posted the electrical wiring problems and the solutions to the electric wiring problem on the Jeeps.

I own a 2004 Grand Cherokee and the windows, door locks and inside lights stopped working. Your sloutions were on the money.

I removed the passanger door wiring boot from the door side and there it was, a completly broken black wire. I made one connection on the short wire coming out of the door. I pulled the existing black wire out of the boot inside under the dash and then I ran a new black wire through the boot and made that connection to the existing black wire and the new black under dash. The quarter panel, inside under the dash, is very easy to remove and replace. You want beleive how much room you will have to work on the door wiring with that panel removed.

Oh yes, my jeep Dealer in Laurel, MS, KIM's NO BULL, said, $90.00 to analyze the problem and I have never heard of that problem.

Thanks again

**/**/** **:**

Wow - It's amazing how many of us are having the same electrical problem ! Same Here ! has anyone started having problems with the fan belts??? I haven't looked into it yet, since I don't trust the dealerships, but every time I turn on my air/heat, I get a horrible squeeling noise coming through the vents>>> I don't want to have to rely on the dealerships to tell me the problem, and take a whole bunch of money... any help is greatly appreciated !!! OH - the once proude owner of a 2004 Grande Cher - I will never buy another !
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I had this same issue, all power lost in the drivers door only but I can't roll up the windows from any switch. Inside the driver door boot there were two broken wires. I fixed them and then everything worked perfectly again. This is an absolute FAIL on the behalf of Chrysler. If this many people are having the same issue, with the same year, make and model of vehicle, I'm sure Chrysler knew about it immediately. They should have had a recall but didnt, and now you know why Americans want to buy Hondas and Toyotas and the Government now owns Chrysler.
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When driving our 2004 jeep grand cherokee it will hesitate or pause like it is not getting gas and the gages all tend to read incorrect or oscillate.Next time out it will be fine.It is a problem that is periodically happening and dangerous on busy roads.My mechanic(s) thought it was the computer or a connector.This is hard to prove as it is a off and on problem.Any suggestions.Thanks.Ray
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I have a '98 Cherokee which is RH drive originally imported from US to New Zealand with exactly the same problems as Renee #44. Drivers side windows and locking works, drivers side rear door windows work both passenger windows don't work. Central locking not working on any doors when drivers door locked. Inside the boot cover of the drivers door i found two green wires broken (previosly repaired) and 2 Turquoise wires in the passenger side broken (also broken and repaired in the past). I reconnected all wires again and still the syptoms persist. I also checked all other wires feeling to see if they were broken, all seems fine. I noted that Renee and others mention the Orange/White wire. I don't have one! I also disconnected the battery for 10 minutes as described in a couple of posts and still no fix. I tested the Black wire to earth, this wire proved ok. I am now the unluckiest Cherokee owner in the world.
**/**/** **:**
al arntz

I have the last Chrysler i will buy!! a 2004 Grand Cherokee limited, same problem with the electrical door controls, Chrysler wonders why their cars aren`t selling, well i think this might be part of the problem don`t you!! they need to fire the engineers that come up with this mess, and get their heads out of their _ _ _, and repair these problems for the people instead of putting all their money in their fat pockets! CHRYSLER WAKE UP!!
**/**/** **:**

i as well have a 2004 JGC i had the wiring problem as well it is a cut wire all u have to do is open the door and where the black ruber piece is move it to the side and put the wires back together as soon as thats fixed the wiring problem should be gone. its a stupid easy fix. My boyfriend had to fix mine twice once on the driver side and and passenger side within the year i have had it.
**/**/** **:**
Joe Mayo

Yup! Interior light stayed on, Power windows wouldn't work, power mirrors wouldn't work intermittently! This was followed with a string of hard starts and stalling when stopped at a light. Not sure yet if the later is related at this time.

I pulled the boot at the drivers door and there was the broken black wire just like the above posts mentioned. I soldered them back together and Interior lights, windows and mirrors now work.

I also noticed that the heavy orange wire with white stripe has a crack in the insulation. This might need the same attention soon.

**/**/** **:**
Rob Smith

Thank you guys very much. I had the same issues as above. It was that darn heavy black ground wire. Repaired it and now everything works perfectly!
**/**/** **:**

Follow on from #142. I Found the wiring diagram on the net. I have power going into the passenger door window/lock unit, and none coming out (the diagram shows a direct line through the window winder from the input through the closed switch to the output). I pulled this unit apart to see what's causing it, and Holly Cow, it's got more circuitry than a colour TV set! I'm not kidding! I just don't see the reason for it! I will now try and find a second hand unit.
**/**/** **:**

Re:#142 and #147. It was NOT the wiring in my case. I Bought a second hand passenger switch unit and BINGO! fixed the fault (Both window winders and central locking now works). This proves that it is not just a wiring fault that causes these issues. I hope this helps others.
**/**/** **:**

well same problem my windows stopped working door locks no reading on temp outside miles to empty etc well i fixed the ground wire on driver side and the locks and mirrors started working but still no windows and no readings so i disconnected battery for 10 minutes and it workedd:D
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