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Grinding noise.

- Jeep-Cherokee

Forum Post
10/04/08 15:48

Grinding noise.

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport that makes a awful grinding noise when making a sharp right turn. Please advise.
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01/24/09 12:00
Lou Camaro


I have a Cherokee Sport 1998 that makes much noise when turning right, mostly like is pieces of metal are "banging" against each other.

I found that, in the case of my car, it is the left coil spring banging against the frame rail that holds the steering track bar.

My car have this noise since long ago, but the problem increased a lot after I replaced the steering system bushings.

I feel that the suspension arms must have their bushings replaced too, as when they are worn, it seems that they allow the front axle system to shift a luttle to the right, moving the left coil towards the car frame.

Of course, there is no noise in the right when turning left (I conclude) due to the fact that there is no frame rail mounting in the right side.

I hope it helps; aftert all, this car is a workhorse, and I am stackig already about 150Kmi on it, with a permanent load of about 1/2 ton and she goes as realiable as an old shoe - I had to reinforce the back suspensiom, which may have collaborated to the problem, as it throws more weight to the front suspension.

02/17/09 09:23

my 1987 commanche makes a loud grinding or clicking noise when turning right and or starting out from a stand still. This only occouer in 4_wheel drive, not at all in 2_wheel drive. Also goes into amajor league "death wobble" if I hit a series of minor pot holes or bumps. This is very scarry, to the point that I hit the brakesA.S.A.P. and look to see if the bed is still attatched. Is there a chance these two problems are related??
07/31/09 16:09

Death wobble, thats a good one!

Your Steering Stabilizer Shock is going out if they happens.

usually near the front of the vehicle i bought mine from pep boys but any reutible auto parts shoudl have them.

08/15/09 02:23

Same with Lou, had a prob with the coil spring spacer and didn't have a choice but to replace it. There, a link that follows this should be helpful..
08/15/09 02:26

Sorry, I think the link did not show up on the first post. Here is it. I hope it helps as much as it helped me.
08/22/09 17:52

Hi All

My 1998 Jeep Grand Cherkee Larado makes a grinding, cracking noice when ever I turn hard left or right, and at low speed. It does happen in 2wd and 4x4. Is it possible the U-joints are going?

01/12/10 16:11

I have the same problem as Rocker. i was hoping to find the answer when i scrolled down a little more but nothing was there. someone please answer haha =]
01/12/10 16:12

my jeep is a 2000 by the way. i dont think it would change anything though.
01/26/10 12:20

I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2 Liter V8. Whenever i make a left turn and accelerate through it i get a grinding noise somewhere in my front end. I had the left front axle and ball joints replaced. It fixed some of the problem, but i can still hear it. Any ideas????
04/03/10 12:06

I have the same problem as joe and rocker with my 1989 jeep Cherokee. at first i thought it was the bearings but the noise is more like a crunching cracking than a grind. and it only happens while im turning while the car is in motion. help would be much appreciated.
04/07/10 15:18

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee makes a loud sick grinding noise when I turn right along with a vibration that can be felt in the passenger side floor board. It makes some noise at all speeds when turning left but it is still coming from the right side. There is no wobble but the steering wheel is a little tight. I took it to a shop and they replaced the brakes, rotars and shocks and it still doing the same thing.

Any suggestions?

07/24/10 16:02

1998 Jeep Grand cherokee Lerado $.) L

When turning left and accelerating I have a rubbing sound (a thump, thump, thump).

Sound heard inside of vehicle, not outside

Replaced yesterday...

C V joint

Stub shaft

Dealer now wants to replace rear-differential

07/28/10 11:22

I think carls problem is a common one that as a mechanic i have incountered before. get the dealer to drop the transfer oil out of the transfer box if it comes out with a yellow tinge to it and smells of vynle get them to replace it should cost about 40$ the noise your hearing is transfer box judder and the dealer should know about this because it came out on a bulleton hope this helps dan
08/04/10 20:38

jeep cherokee 2004 ;makes a grinding sound when turning left only
09/09/10 21:59
Michael A. Wilson

When I hit a bump in the road, (even as slow as 20 MPH) I hear a sound from th right rear side of my Jeep that sounds like a small cow bell. The sound has the same frequency and volume level at any speed. I looked under my Jeep and I can not find any loose connections. The performance of my Jeep seems normal. Any hints as to what this could be?
11/04/10 15:15
Penny Saloy

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2002. We bought this jeep new. from the very beginning it has made a grinding with jerking everytime I back up or turn left even from a stop. I have had this in under warrentty several times. They have told me it is normal and does not hurt anything. I have a hard time believeing this answer since I have had 4 wheel drive several times before buying this jeep. It is loud and people actually stop and stare when I pull out or turn. Has anyone seen warning or problems with this?
12/20/10 14:43

Check your emergency breaks especially if its an older jeep. My pads were completely worn out and the pads broke and made it squeek..

However, I'm starting to have a noise as well in the wheels. Not sure where its coming from. Sounds like the muffler is going out mixed with bad breaks. I changed my breaks so its not the breaks it just sounds like a rotor being torn up. Only happens when I slow down and hit breaks....any ideas?

SHocks are good and new

breaks are good and new

Alignment is alittle off- but not much

wheels are new

fluids are good. break/defer/steering etc

12/26/10 17:43

Had a grinding noise while turning aswell and couldn't find anything wrong. Checked my power steering fluid and that was low. When I filled it that fixed the issue.
02/26/11 23:13

I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler X we bought used. It seemed to be in excellant shape other than the normal tire sing you would hear going down the road. We noticed sometimes when stopped to turn left that we could hear a grinding noise like gears with no oil on them and it seemed to be coming from the rear end. We have replaced the pinion bearing and had the 1st gear replaced in the transmission but we are still hearing the noise. Both mechanics that I have taken it to say they can't hear it when driving. It only occurs when turning left. I don't have over size tires and I checked to see if the ones I have on it are rubbing or not and they are not. We are at a loss as to what it might be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 99 Jeep Wrangler that I bought new and have never heard this noise at all.
03/19/11 22:31

05 GC limited hemi 4x4. I get a click, click, click sound from the rear end when i break or turn at low speeds. no lights or codes but it is loud and it sounds like something is rattling around. wierd, i will take it in but didn't want to get hammered by locals until i had an idea of what it was first. break system, axle, rear dif? has anyone heard of this type of thing?????
03/25/11 03:54
Dave M

Hi I've just had the right side hub seal changed and all the transmisson fluids replaced on my 1997 lerado 4.0 and now it's has the grinding noise as discribed at low speeds whilst turning left or was ok before so a little baffling....
03/25/11 23:08

My 04 GC made an awful grinding noise only during right turns. Found out, there is a heat sheild that is between the body and the muffler just behind the transmission. The heat shield broke free and when turning right would slide over and grind against the drive shaft. Removed the bolts and added washers to hold the heat shield up and fixed the noise.
03/26/11 14:13

I was driving my jeep grand cherokee 4.7L the other day, went a round a corner, her a clunk. Went to stop and got a clunk, clunk with a jerky stopping motion. Wouldn't move after i stopped, shifted in to reverse nothing, back into to drive and clunk, clunk and it moved got it off the road. Had it towed, when we went to put on the truck, driver had me try and back it up a little so we could get it lined up. The jeep moved with no clunking or jerking just a bad grinding noise. A mechanic friend of mine suggested the transfer case, so we changed it. Went to drive after that still have the same grinding noise in the rear. Any Help Please.
03/28/11 06:15
Dave M

Hi All

I've now sorted the clunking/grinding problem, it seems the garage that did the work on my jeep tried removing the driveshaft with a sliding hammer without removing the pinion pin and C clip which holds the drivshaft in place. this caused the C clip to become mishaped and when it was replaced allowed the driveshaft to move just enough that when turning the differential splines were slipping on each other causing the grinding/clunking noise so now they have replaced the C clip with a new one 17.15+vat from Jeep it's back to normal...I hope this helps as those of you with similar noise from the rear axle could have a worn C clip.

06/08/11 23:03
Thank author of this post/comment"2004 Grand Cherokee Rear Differential Noise Fixed"

My Grand Cherokee rear diff was making a rumbling/grinding noise first thing in morning on sharp left turn. Then after last rear end service by Jiffy Lube it got really bad even after highway warmup. If felt like the rear diff was locking and releaseing with a loud noise over and over.

Finally I went to Kennedy Transmission. We drive the car around the block and he says he can fix it. He cleaned out the Synthetic Fluid, flushed it with Mineral oil, and put new non-synthetic 75/140 oil plus limited slip additive. After a couple of miles of driving the problem was completly gone, when cold or warmed up. Maybe the thicker non-synthetic oil is just covering up a problem . . . or maybe its fixed

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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 26 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Grinding noise. archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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