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97 Jeep Grand Cherokee

- Jeep-Cherokee

Forum Post
09/14/08 14:23

97 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Sometimes the engine runs great, then it starts missing for no reason and eventually dies. It will start later on if I let it sit long enough. Changed the ignition coil because it was cracked but this did not help. My mechanic says it is ECU and he can't repair. The dealer says it is not the ECU and that I have "bad gas". Gas has been replaced an I still have problems. Anyone have any ideas?
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04/30/10 10:36

Have a 93 Jeep Grand Charokee Laredo, jeep tries to turn over but won't pop to actually run. repaced ECM, took key and computer to dealer to get flashed. Now told still not starting, possible fuel issue Any one have ideas for me, enough spending foolish money..
05/12/10 08:56

I have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee. The engine light has been on for months. My gauge lights do not stay on. I just mention these because they might have some bearing. When I am driving, sometimes it runs great. Other times, it either doesn't want to start or I'll be driving and if I stop at a light it will just shut off without any warning. It has 185, 000 miles. New tranny about 1000 miles ago. New battery. Last night, it wouldn't start. Finally it did and I drove on the highway for about 10 miles, no problem. Got to the exit ramp and it died. Took me 10 minutes to restart it. I drove 2 blocks and it backfired , which scared the hell out of me, then started running really rough. It felt like the whole car was going to fall apart. It stalled again. I let it sit about 20 minutes then got in to go home and it drove fine. Help!! I can't afford a new car nor can I afford to throw money at this one. My husband gets annoyed whenever I have a problem with it so I am coming here for help. Thanks in advance!!
05/31/10 12:03
Richard Highbaugh III

I have a 1999 Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo and when I turn the ignition it won't crank, nor am I receiving any power to my radio and power windows.

I used a volt meter to make sure adequate power were coming from my battery to my starter and even had my starter tested. I believe it is my ignition switch.

How could I be certain that is the problem and where is the ignition module located?

06/21/10 07:33

My jeep grand cherokee 1999 with 60, 000 miles sometimes starts but sometimes not. Whenever I put gas in I will go to start and nothing. The radio goes in and out for a second then nothing. After a few tries it will start but stall if I don't keep my foot on the gas for about 2 min. Then it runs fine. Starts fine for the rest of the day. Make sense? Any ideas?
06/28/10 07:48

i have a 92 jeep laredo it starts but than just cuts off afterwards. seems like its not gettin any gas casue even when you put you foot on the gas pedal it still dies.vit has been running fine with a problem now all of a sudden this. any help?
09/02/10 20:36

I have a 97 grand cherokee 4.0 got in it this morning turned the key on....nothing, not power to the starter, the dash, the fuel pump, stereo, power windows, or blower motor. Headlights still come on and the power seats still work.

I have already checked all fuses, relays, and power from the battery. Tried recycling the computer by disconnecting the positive cable for about 10 min. It sat all day while I was at work with the battery disconnected.It does have a dealer installed alarm system called EVS II. Not sure what else to try, any help is greatly appreciated.

10/13/10 16:01

my 97 jeep grand cherokee limited v-8 cranks over, but the gauges wont work, fuel pump works but it wont start. can sombody out there please give me some ideas.
10/16/10 02:24
kyanna mullen

i have a 97 jeep grand cheroke laredo shuts off backfired stalls while driving and the interior headliner lights blink on and off going over humps and bumps. that is while the fuse is in. so i leave the fuse out! i have invested alot of money im this truck and is very fustrated! first running fine. spark plugs and wires changed oil change faithfully. down stream(twice)and upstream censor changed map censor also. ignition coil replaced fuel pump twice (default) the fuel pump did stop the back firing that or the ignition coil!water pump went out, ac wires melted had to be replaced. another set wires melted had to be replaced. fuse under hood constantly blowing (wires replaced) I am completly lost. Next is the PCM (computer module) also for the stalling i believe the throttle position censor. i also will try to upgrade my spark plug and wires because ive had to redue alot already!thanks CHARLES MRIZEKE. four different machanics down to one good one need to be pointed in the right direction.
10/16/10 02:43
kyanna m.

also my radio the channel it self (doesnt matter which) goes out in different areas and will come in go out sometimes static and can barely hear. have to use mostly cds, told to change the antenna wire, also told wire is connected with/to the ground wire, so is that one in the same? another wire issue? i say flush it out replace all wires all new wire harnst?!!!!!
10/19/10 13:50

I have a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo i just replaced the motor and now it is hard to start and at 1500 rpms it starts to backfire and i cant figure out what is causing it can anyone please help me out thanks.
11/14/10 02:51

97 Grand Cherokee 4.0. Started breaking down under load. Slowly got worse until it got to the point where backing out of driveway staring missing and backfiring. Felt like running lean. Replaced Map sensor. Replaced fuel pump with second hand for testing (Thankfully) checked for leaking vacuum hoses, replaced fuel filter, replaced plugs. Pulled hair out and nearly jumped off a cliff. Sat down and thought about it for a while. Replaced O2 sensor before cat converter. Car has not missed a single beat and has not run this well for years. Here in Australia the O2 sensor was $ 85.00 for a universal one. Jeep wanted $ 265.00. Before you start replacing bits and pieces with that bottomless pit check the O2 may be glad you did.
11/15/10 14:00

i have a 93 grand cherokee lerado with the 5.2 liter engine. it has 250.000 miles on it . was running great then all of a sudden, no warning the ignition coil went out and would not start again. after having it towed home my buddy who is a mechanic was sure it was the crank position sensor. i told him that i read some where that a yellow spark from the coil was the same as no spark. well he changed the crank position sensor anyhow. no crank. so i told him just for the hell of it i was going to go get a coil.after getting the coil and installation it cranked and ran great except a noisy injecter which quited down after a couple of days. two weeks later while taking off from a stop it misfired like the coil quit but it didnt die. the misfiring gradually got worse but it would not misfire until it reached normal running temp, we have changed the coil again, no difference. we then changed the cam sensor in the distributer and rotor button, cap , wires, and plugs. still spits and sputters at times but not all the time. sometimes it runs great then other times it runs like crap spitting and sputtering sometimes a ping can be heard like the timing is off.please tell me what is wrong with this jeep. i love it but sometimes i want to run it off a cliff, lol. thanks for any help or direction. thanks steve
11/17/10 07:48

96 Grand Cherokee 5.2L died while driving not getting signal to gas pump. Pump works but it's not getting the signal. Manual and others on line suggest Crankshaft Position Sensor or Camshaft Position Sensor but I don't want to spend $130 for a new Crank Sensor just to test it. Tests require special equipment and I'm 60 miles from a qualified garage. Please help.
12/20/10 10:44

ive got similar prob , , R-reg 4.0 lpg coverted , , runs great on lpg, but on petrol it backfires and missis, , , i think it might be fuel filter , pump , , , , , check wires and stuff , but as it runs all good on LPG, , it must be summet like fuel pump related ?

thanks mark

01/06/11 16:04

Solved my problem. Bought a new crankshaft position sensor on ebay for $30 from a parts guy in Florida. A bugger to change but once you know that the mounting bolts also take an Allen wrench it gets easier. You need small hands, just remove coolant reservoir and two computer connectors. Original post #28
01/14/11 14:59

Help, I have a 97 jeep grand cherokee v8 limited edition and it just all of the sudden started dying while driving. I put it in park and turn the key over and it starts back up. It also dies while I have it in park giving it gas.. I have no clue about cars and I do not know what to do. HELP ME PLEASE! Any suggestions I will greatly appreciate. Thank you so much. Please email me
01/28/11 23:47

Chris is absolutely right about the Champion Spark Plugs!!! I have a 97 Jeep Grand Chero Limited, 5.2L Engine. I've been having problems with it stalling, not wanting to start at times, for over two months. My Jeep would stall idling, or going 45 MPH down the road...I replaced the ignition coil, improvement...I was told it could be the PCM, replaced improvement...Took it to a mechanic friend of mine who couldn't figure out the problem...I read Chris's post and remembered that when my Jeep started stalling was after I had done the tune up on it...I had used the Bosch spark plugs...decide to replace them with the Champion brand...Now my Jeep hasn't stalled once for over a month...I couldn't believe it, but it's true!!!Anyone having this issue, try replacing the spark plugs with the Champion brand ones...I'm glad I did
01/30/11 20:20

02/03/11 03:46

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix joe merrill 97 jeep please reply to I'm loosing my mind trying to figure this out. I would apprecate any and all replies very much thanks, Joe
03/07/11 17:16

Help anyone.

I have a 97 Jeep Grand Cheroke Larado, it stalls randomly, and sometimes won't start back up after it stalls at all. I replaced the sparkplugs with the Champion brand and it still does it..but it hasn't backfired since last time when it blew the muffler off. Does anyone have any ideas besides changing the crank positon sensor. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!i'm almost out of funds to fix this #*$W(!......

03/13/11 16:39
jason early

I have a 93 jeep grand cherokee laredo 4x4. and it wants to stall out evvery time I slow down under 10 or come to a stop. I have to put it in neutral to keep it from cutting off. Is this a bad transmission, torque converter or something else? Thanks for the input
03/16/11 12:54
Dan Nelson

A quick test fix for your stalling and missing Cherokees is to clean throttle body with carb cleaner and a tooth brush. This will clean oil and crap off the sensors located just down the throat of the throttle body. Watched this done at the dealership. Try it
03/17/11 19:44

I have a 92 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4 and it cuts out going down the road likes it not getting enough gas.We have changed the fuel pump 4 times because it whines all the time and we thought that was the reason but its not we even changed the fuel filter 3 times and thats not it. We need help thats our only way of going.

03/31/11 18:55

We've had similar issues with our 1997 JGC. Here's our story:

Wife drove to AZ and Jeep wouldn't start. Took it to a mechanic who brought up a bunch of codes (catalytic converter, misfire, etc).

Changed plugs & spark plug wires and changed the catalytic converter along with fuel sensors & PCV valves when she got back to California.

Starting stalling 2 weeks later from time to time when she stopped at red lights. Check engine light comes on and codes say several misfires are occurring.

One mechanic says it may be the wire harness on top of the engine... Huh????

Now it seems to be stalling every other day...

Been spending lots on this vehicle.

Love this Jeep and could use a bit of advice to keep it from the junk pile.

04/13/11 17:15

hey i have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee. every once in a while it stalls out but if its still moving i can feather the gas and it will start back up. when it totally dies it can take up to a half hour to start back up again. also every once in a while it will jump like it has died for a split second and started back up again.... i have no idea whats goin on with it but if anyone has any ideas please let me know!!! i love this car i juz want it fixed
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    Archived Replies

    This post has a total of 40 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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